Lose Weight Without Dieting

Nothing  Tastes  As  Good  As  Slim  Feels

Successful  weight loss  requires  a  new  set  of  habits.  Your  current  and  past  habits  have  created  your  current  weight.  A  different  set  of  habits  will  create  a  different  result  –  ideally ,  some  weight  loss.

STOP  DIETING  –  form new habits    

Being overweight is not a crime. It doesn’t lower your value as a human being. Weight , however, can affect your health. It can affect your ability to do and/or enjoy activities. It can affect your self-esteem. It can affect nearly all aspects of your life.

If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself, don’t do it because you’re “supposed to be thinner.” You must want to lose weight so that you can play with the kids without getting winded, you can look in the mirror and feel good about what you see, you want to live a long and healthy life or you want to improve your overall quality of life or look good in spandex. These are all fine reasons to lose weight as long as they come from you. 




A  lighthouse is a powerful light which directs ships on their journeys along rocky coastlines and in stormy weather.

I have a powerful book which can direct us  along what can sometimes be the rocky coastline of weight loss.

There are two parts to “my” book. Part one covers weight loss: current popular methods why they’re broken, how the brain and body naturally change, how weight loss works, and the resulting best approach.

Part two covers strategies that are based on the conclusions of part one. Part two begins with the ideal psychology of weight loss. How  should we think about our weight loss journey in general? How should we approach food and fitness? Once these questions are thoroughly gone into you’ll have a sound idea of not only the best way to lose weight, but the best mindset for weight loss. For example you’ll know that processed food is a major cause of weight gain but also that you shouldn’t try to resist it directly.

At this point, you’ll be ready to formulate your mini habits plan, and there’s an in depth guide to help you create a plan that suits your lifestyle. Unlike dieting a mini habit plan is completely flexible and adaptable to you. Once you’ve got a mini habit plan we’ll talk about situational strategies like how to handle holidays, snacking, temptation, peer pressure, eating out and buying groceries.

Some books give you recipes. Some books give you a list of foods to (not) eat. This book (Click !)teaches you how to change your behaviour to loose weight permanently, and that’s more valuable than the world’s greatest recipe book or most accurate list of weight loss foods. When you can change your behaviour you can become the person you’ve always wanted to become.

The techniques in this book are powerful and transformative and yet they’re so simple that anyone can succeed with them.


Part 1

1. The  Unhappy  Marriage  of  Weight  Loss  and  Dieting: Dieting  and  Smoothie  Cleanses  Are  Effective  For  Weight  Gain.    Wait …  What ?

2. Brain  Change  Before  Body  Change.

3. Weight  Loss  Speed :  Beware  the  Counterattack.

4. Everyone’s  Wrong :  Weight  Loss  Is  Not  About  Carbs,  Fat,  or  Calories.

Part 2

  1. General  Strategy:  Look,  If  it  Were  Intuitive (instinctive),  We’d  All  Be  Slender  Billionaires.
  2. Food  Strategy:  Here’s  a  List  of  Foods  to  Eat  and  Avoid.  Just  Kidding.  Let’s  Do  Something  Smarter.
  3. Fitness  Strategy:  Let’s  Make  it  Fun.
  4. Mini  Habit  Plans:  Everyone  Laughs  until  They  Experience  the  Results.
  5. Situational  Strategies:  Rules  Can  Be  Broken,  Strategies  Are  Forever.
  6. Conclusion:  You’ve  Tried  Dieting  Many  Times,  Try  This  Once.
Thoughts from the “lighthouse”

Every person has a diet (noun), but it’s only if you are trying to lose weight that you diet (verb).

Why it’s a terrible idea to forbid junk food.

Why eating fruit is essential to losing weight (for lots of reasons).

How the body’s change process mirrors that of the brain,and why that is great news for losing weight.

In his book  (Click !)Stephen lists  7  possible strategies you could use to, individually or in combination, to stop drinking soda, and I’d like to share these with you.

  1.  Stop drinking soda (direct resistance)
  2. Limit soda consumption and pare down until eliminated   (“weaning off”)
  3. Stop buying soda  (starve the source)
  4. Create a consequence for drinking soda  (negative reinforcement)
  5. Choose a comparably enjoyable replacement drink and make it readily available.  (substitution)
  6. Delay drinking soda for 10 mins. (establish control, reduce temptation, and wait out craving)
  7. Require yourself to drink a full glass of water before every soda (healthy obstacle and semi substitute)

Isn’t that refreshing ! You’re not trapped into trying and failing with the same one every time. In theory, any of them could work. In practice, some of them will work better, and some will depend on the person.

Situational   Strategies:   

  •  Temptation   Strategy     :    Mini  Routines  
  • Grocery   Store   Strategy   :   Healthy  Swap
  • Home   Eating   Strategy
  • Snacking   Strategy
  • Eating   Out   Strategy
  • Peer   Pressure   Strategy
  • Parties   and   Holidays   Strategy

After reading this book (Click !)you will be armed with strategies that can take you the distance. You will be able to apply these strategies seven years from now as well as today, because they are designed for lifelong use and success. If you’ve tried the frantic , motivation-driven push to lose weight quickly, you know how that ends. If you’ve tried to change your diet overnight, you know how that ends. Try this way, and you’ll see a different happier ending.

To make real, lasting progress, you need to make changes you can sustain. And these changes are not going to become more difficult over time, but easier to do as your brain familiarizes with them. When they finally become habitual, they will be your new preferences , and then you wont have to operate under any plan. You’ll just be living your new lifestyle.

Lasting weight loss is possible, not through dieting, but through small and consistent changes that mesh with the way your body and brain prefer to change. If a behavior is “too small to fail” and so easy that you can do it on your worst day, what can stop you from doing it? Nothing, and that means that nothing will stop you from changing your behavior and getting healthier.

Mini Habits for Weight Loss (Click !)is success and practice-driven. Too many people set goals they cannot reach. That isn’t fruitful. We get better by practicing hitting targets, not by failing to hit targets out of our reach. Imagine succeeding every day, not just when you are motivated. Imagine growing in confidence every day. Imagine losing weight over the next year without having fear of regaining it because of how you’ve changed from the inside out , rather than from forced , conscious -only, willpower-draining outside -in dieting programs.

This is your chance to try a weight loss strategy that can actually work long-term. I hope you take advantage of the opportunity before you. As the saying goes, once you go mini, you don’t go back.

**  Another little quote from this great book: (Click !)

Never mistake Your Goal for Your Strategy –  use them both properly.  Your Goal is where you’d like to go.  Your Strategy is how you plan to get there. 

Processed food is terrible. It is the bane of weight loss. Therefore. the goal is to stop eating it. The best strategy, however, is not to stop eating it, since a “junk food ban” will make you feel deprived when you don’t eat it and shameful when you do. Our book will give you a number of possible strategies for achieving this goal.

Am always dipping in and out of the information in this  book. It truly was a good buy and my guiding light on this my weight loss journey to Looking Good and Feeling Good. My mini habit regarding my reading is to read at least one page a day every day. Usually read a lot more than that I tell you.

Thank you for reading my article. I do hope that you have enjoyed it.


Email me :   Bleddyn_Roy@yahoo.com

WOULD  LOVE  TO  HEAR  FROM  YOU  !          roy









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  1. Your drop down header makes its extremely difficult for me to judge/ analyze your site properly In fact it is so obstructive, it is to the point that I cannot read your content without the header getting in the way. As a viewer, this is beyond frustrating, consequently I have lost all interest in your site. If there was any remote possibility of me purchasing a product on your website, it has vanished.

    A little bit of advice for the future..,

    1. Remove your header
    2. Rhyming “telly” with “belly” is unclear and a tad awkward.

    Please take my suggestions into consideration. This will be a monumental step for your site.

    1. Hi Larissa, thanks for the constructive criticism of my site. The drop down Header is distracting, obstructive and irritating I know. The truth is that I’m not sure how to get rid of it. Hopefully Support are going to help me solve this problem.

      Once again, thank you for being so honest and open. Your comments have been very helpful.

      Hope you will return to my site once the problem has been solved.

      Kind Regards,


        1. Hello Roy,

          It makes me very pleased to see that you took my advice into consideration, and got it fixed. Your site looks wonderful, and the photo you put is very inviting. I am excited to see the success of your website. Goodluck!

          All the best,


  2. It was refreshing to read your content and to the point messages; sometimes a little provocative but not in a negative way I am not aware of your “bible’ but will make a note of it.I have never considered myself fat but definitely overweight; I have gone from 200 lbs to 170 in the last year, mainly through exercise and a plant based diet.On your comment on people’s perception of calories etc and weight loss; I recently read a study that says the timing of the food we eat is crucial. large breakfast moderate lunch and small dinner.what are your views on that? By the way I was accepted for the Teachers College in 1964 in Buckinghamshire; loved the countryside but was too isolated; went to Coventry instead.Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Courtney, and for your comments about my post. Well done on your weight loss, and now your mission will be to keep it off. I agree that the timing of the food we eat is important. The large breakfast, moderate lunch and small dinner theory is spot on provided that it fits in to our daily time scale. Some folk are too rushed in the morning to have a large breakfast for example. I prefer to eat smaller meals throughout the day at this stage of my weight loss journey. Will start tomorrow with a banana, an apple, and sliced orange. A small glass of juiced grape fruit & honey to wash it down. Half-way through the morning depending on how I’m feeling, I might have a few cashew nuts and a small heap of raisins with a cup of green tea. Lunch will be a slice of toast with marmite and salad followed by a cup of tea at around 3.30-ish with a ginger biscuit. Supper is scheduled to be chicken & veg., but not a large helping. And then before supper I’ll have my tea cup full of Juiced grapefruit + 2 tsp apple cider vinegar + 1 tsp of honey.

      I packed in the full time teaching in 2015 five years before pension age. Kids would have killed me off  🙂   🙂

      All the best Courtney, and please stay in touch.


  3. I really like this book and I am very impressed by it even though I didn’t even read it yet. It is true that most weight loss goals feels practically unreachable. The reason is because we are all shooting for the stars too early. We have too develop micro habits where our brain can slowly get used to rather rather creating harsh discipline all at once. We are all motivated by targets we can hit. Thanks for the recommendation. What is the most crucial result you gained from this book?

    1. Thank you for visiting my little “shop” and I’m pleased that you found a book which interested you. I have this book on my desk in the study and find it extremely useful as a guide. Am continually referring to it. Bite Size is the answer. Easy to digest and apply. 

      You are so right when you say that many of us want things to happen instantaneously. I call it the “MacDonalds” approach. And weight loss is no exception. But in reality that can’t happen with weight-loss. We are dealing with the health of our bodies when we set out to lose weight and it can’t be a hit and miss scenario. The program we choose to follow needs to be healthy and safe and sustainable. Success and confidence comes from achieving targets and if the targets are reachable, chances are that most of us will succeed. 

      And once we get into the habit of doing something, it’s very hard to break the habit. So if we apply this as the book suggests by creating small weight loss habits, it can only be positive !

      The most crucial result I have gained from the book at this point of time is that it has taught me a number of strategies which I can use to lose weight. My biggest success thus far has been with the time strategy : I love a full cream Latte coffee with three or four teaspoons of sugar and use to have one each and every day. It actually became a bad habit. I am now down to two a week and want to make it even less than that in the immediate future. How did I do it ? Answer- by applying the time strategy: When I get that wanting, I do other things for 30 mins and that wanting disappears into the mist. I managed to get the wanting down slowly. My first little goal was to skip one a week, and once I got that going I’ve slowly reduced my coffees using the Time Strategy. Today was a case in point. Was out this morning in the car and had felt like a latte. Said to myself, “I’ll be home in 40 mins, I’ll have one then.” When I arrived home, I no longer felt like drinking a Latte and had a large glass of water instead.

      And there are many of these little strategies in the book, Win.

      Thanks for visiting and hope you learned something.

      Keep well my friend.


  4. Hello Roy,
    I find the layout of your site to be a little bit hard on the eyes. For example, some of the items in your bulleted list are in bold and some are not. There also seems to be too many spaces in some places. That being said, I think the content is fantastic. The strategies that you offer such as the 7 different ones to stop drinking soda seem to be put together in a unique, comprehensive way. To find something unique to say on the weight loss topic is unique, but I think you have done it! Love the info here!

    1. Hello and thanks for visiting my page.

      I will definitely take your positive criticism on board and see what I can do re the type and spacing.

      The book has many useful strategies for all areas of weight loss. I refer to it often. Very much a reference book and my “soulmate”. 

      Am pleased you enjoyed reading this webpage and that you hopefully that you hopefully learned something new.

      Please pop in again. Would like to see what you think once I have tweaked the page.



  5. I absolutely loved this post. This book is EXACTLY what I need. I loved the 7 possible strategies to use, and it seems like a gradual process to get from tapering off of something, to totally blocking it from my diet. Great concept for sure! So glad I found this information. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom and thank you for your thoughts and opinions.

      I have the book and can honestly recommend it. Has given me direction, knowledge and confidence .



  6. I’ve tried out a lot of diet (verb) methods and one that i see working for myself is definitely implementing some mini habits or routine which you would get your weight loss slowly but not immediately. So it does help for those who are serious into losing weight as per mentioned in the page. The book itself will be extremely helpful in realising what are the mini habits that you should follow or don’t. Great sharing.

    1. Hi and thank you for your thoughts on Mini Habits.

      As I mentioned, this book is what will get me to my ideal body weight. Like you, I have tried plenty of different diets, and I have lost weight for a short period of time. But it has always returned. We just cannot deny our body’s needs for any length of time. Maybe 1 in a hundred people are able to but most of us just cannot.

      What we need are strategies,and the book gives us these. Mini Habits is definitely the way to go. I have the book and know what I’m talking about. It’s working for me.

      There is a brilliant experiment in the book which proved that by losing and regaining weight repeatedly (as with humans who go on diets) the rat’s bodies became more than twice as resistant to weight loss (2 identical diets) and almost three times as prone to weight gain ie the body takes longer to lose weight the second time but picks up the weight + more very quickly the second time.

      In my opinion you wouldn’t be disappointed with your purchase, but of course, that decision is yours and yours alone. Please keep in touch.



  7. Totally agree with your heading. Most overweight people are so focused on dieting instead of forming new eating habits or lifestyle. And also they think they need to lose in order to look good for other people. So instead of taking the steps to shed some pounds because they want to be healthy, they resort to some crash diets to be accepted by people.

    I personally think that the key is living a healthy lifestyle. Of course it will definitely include maintaining an ideal weight but it should include the over all well being of a person and not just losing weight. I’m sure anyone having weight issues would find this book helpful.

    1. Hi Alice,

      Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions. What I love to hear. This is how we learn.

      I agree with you when you say that the key to a healthy life is a healthy lifestyle. I’d also add balance to that, and to do everything in moderation. Don’t become an exercise fanatic where your whole life revolves around exercise. Have a Coke every now and then but don’t become a Coke fanatic etc etc.

      Was great hearing from you Alice. Thank you for making contact. Please stay in touch.



  8. Hello Roy,
    First, I want to congratulate you on trying to lose weight that affects so many people in the world. I agree 100% with everything you express especially when the post begins. From what you describe the book is for those people who actually want to lose weight forever. As you say you have to change the mentality and be a person in a movement that does so much good to our body. Thanks for the book. Regards!

    1. Hello my friend,

      Thank you for visiting my little “shop” and I’m pleased that you found the book on the “shelf”.

      It is so important to take care of ourselves and not abuse our bodies, and weight loss control plays a vital part in keeping us fit and healthy.

      Should you purchase the book, please get back to me when you’ve studied a couple of chapters and let me know what you think.

      Take good care of yourself.


  9. What an interesting article. I think that mini habits really help to pave the way towards what we want to achieve. I am excited to read the book on how you use the power of mini habits to achieve our desired weight. The 7 possible strategies seem to be really effective – can’t wait to get my hands on this book as I think the strats can be applied to other areas in life as well. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Lily and thanks for your thoughts on Mini Habits. It’s a book which I read every day. You wont be disappointed should you choose to purchase it.



  10. Lots of gems in your post! Thank you! I guide lots of clients through cleanses and detoxes twice a year. Many of them are over-weight and fail to see the correlation between their mindset and what they eat. This looks like a very good book to recommend and I like the idea of simple tips to form new habits.

    1. Hi Jackie, so pleased that you enjoyed the article. I would honestly and confidently recommend this book to anyone. Have the book and it has given me a completely different outlook on weight loss.

      Keep well.


  11. The title of the book definitely intrigued me. I am trying to lose some weight but my love for sweets stands in the way. I like good quality food, and in our household we try to stay away from processed food or sodas. I found a great replacement for drinking soda…water with squeezed lemon or lime juice taste amazing. I am very interested of finding out easy ways to avoid (or limit) cravings for pastries and other sweets. Mini Habits for Weight Loss book might just have what I am looking for. Thank you for your interesting article.

  12. Intersting article. It is nice to read a different approach to weight loss rather than the usual eat less and exercise more rule. Little changes that you can easily fit into your normal routine will help anyone loss weight at a healthy rate.
    So many people try crash diets because they want to see miracle results quickly, but these are not sustainable and the weight tends to go back on just as quick.
    I like the idea of raining your brain to think differently, hopefully so you dont feel you are missing out.

    1. Hello Ken,

      Thank you for your thoughts, which incidentally are spot on. It’s all about sustainability ! Mini Habits For Weight Loss is the way to go. Willpower will take you so far but more is needed ie strategies, and there are plenty of practical strategies in this great book.

      Look forward to hearing from you again down the road.


  13. Hi there

    This was a nice read and i totally get it. You cant make overnight changes or go into a diet without an end goal or strategising properly. it will go pear shaped real quick. the book that you are talking about has some good points in it and for someone trying to lose weight, it would really help them.

    I personally am trying to gain weight and build muscle but eating healthy foods is a must whatever your goals are. thanks for the great post and would like your input on how to gain weight properly to build muscle even though your speciality is weight loss.


    1. Hi Mubs, thank you for your thoughts and opinions on Lose Weight Without Dieting. Always good to hear from other folk.

      Now your needs are exactly opposite to mine. You want to gain weight and I’m in the process of losing weight. Can’t we swop ?  🙂

      With weight gain, Mubs, I’d say that it too would be gradual. You know folk who are slim and trim are slim and trim for a reason. It has a lot to do with someones metabolism ie ability to burn food. It also depends on anxiety levels . My wife is slim and trim and it’s because she moves like the wind and never seems to stand still. She could also afford to put on a few lbs.

      Weight gained because of chocolates and biscuits and burgers etc is not healthy. The weight will take hold, but it’s the kind of fat weight which we don’t want. I don’t know whether you are like my wife or whether it’s just your metabolism that keeps you slim and trim, but I would suggest that it’s muscle that you want to build and whatever the exercises are that you choose to do, Mubs, they should be done slowly. If you walk, don’t rush your walks. Those rushing their walks want to trim down. Id you are going to do push-ups for your chest and shoulders, do them slowly. Up slowly and down slowly. Quick reps are for those wanting to slim down, slow reps are for those wanting to bulk up. So slow would be the name of the game.

      As regards eating, eat slowly and eat often. Guys who are wanting to build muscle eat lots of meals throughout the day, even when/if they weren’t hungry. I’m not suggesting that you eat six full on meals every day, but rather 6 satisfying meals. There are diets out there which advise on what should be eaten for weight gain. Pasta seems like a great favourite of guys wanting to put on muscle weight. You might not enjoy pasta. There are many other foods to choose from.

      Protein powders and lots of beef steak are also good for weight gain. Again, it would be a case of exploring and investigating what is out there. Just simply google “Foods for building muscle” and you’ll get plenty of guidance.

      You might not want to be the body builder with bulging muscles all over the place but you could just be a body builder with a surfer’s build.

      So in my opinion it is muscle that you need to build slowly, Mubs. And the slower the better. Exactly opposite to weight loss where the quicker the weight is lost, the sooner it reappears.

      You might consider going to the gym., but then again the gym might not be for you. I’m not a fan of the gym myself.

      Well , there you have a few of my thoughts. I wish you the best of luck.

      Keep well and maybe we’ll chat again soon.




  14. I love your site,very rich in Ideas to achieve a long turn weight loss,without unhealthy dieting, and the rollercoaster affects,certainly exercising and proper nutrition , at the right time is key

    1. Hi Jack,
      So pleased that you enjoyed the site. Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions. Always good to hear what others think.

      Wishing you good mental and physical health.

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