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Overwhelmed !!!

Don’t  you  often  feel  like  this  ?  There’s  just  so  much  information  out  there  on  a  topic,  that  you  simply  don’t  know  where  to  start.  Why  can’t  someone  just  guide  me  along  a  simple  route,  all this  information  is  doing  my  head  in.  And  please  say  it  using  easy  to  understand  language  for  goodness  sake. And  I  don’t  want  to  use man-made pills or  powder.

Today’s  Topic :    Feel  Good

So  let’s  go  simple.  What  do  we  need  to  do  in  order  to  feel  good ?  Part  of  it  has  to  do  with  our  emotions, right? And  emotions  are  our  feelings.  Which  makes  perfect  sense.




So  what  are  some  of  the  emotions  we  don’t  want  to  feel?


Now  it’s  a  fact  that  we  will  all  experience  these  negative  emotions  many  times  during  our  lifetime.  We  need  to  experience  them  in  order  to  grow.  They  are  “places”  that  we  visit  from  time  to  time. (Not because we want to but rather because others sometimes take us there.) They  build  our  character.  How  will  we  know  what  fear  is  until  we’ve  experienced  it?  The  same  goes  for  the  other  places. And  they  aren’t  happy  places.  And  we  shouldn’t  stick  around  in  unhappy  places  for  too  long.  Why  would  we  want  to?  They  should  be  places  that,  when  we  “land,”  we  say  to  ourselves, “Hey,  this  is  a  place  that  I  will  just  be  passing  through.  Might  just  spend  a  moment  or  it  may  be  longer, but it wont be too long before I’m out of here. There  are  better  places  to  go  and  stay.”  Would  you  stick  around  in  a  fleabag  hotel  ?  Same  thing.

Now  what  are some  of  the  emotions  which  we  do  want  to  feel ?

The  places  we  do  want  to  visit  and  stay  for  a  time. Positive  feelings (emotions)  are  one  of  the  core  elements  to  have  in  your  life  to  enjoy  well-being  and  happiness.


JOY –  Joy  is  when  you  feel  happy,  safe,  satisfied,  and  comfortable.  It  is  a  feeling  of  great  happiness  and  pleasure  that  lifts  up  the  spirit.

INTEREST –  When  you  feel  interested  in  something,  a  person  or  a  place , you  instantly  become  more  open  to  the  adventure  and  experiences  of  life.

SERENITY – that  place  where  our  minds  are  at  peace, where we feel relaxed  and  calm.

HOPE – this  is  where  you  feel  and  believe  things  will  change  for  the  better  and  the  future  is  bright  and  beautiful.

GRATITUDE – Gratitude  is  about  appreciation,  for  certain  things  and  people  you  have  in  your  life,  such  as  good  health,  great  friends  and  family  members,  the  talents  you  might  possess,  fortune,  fame,  and  more,  and  being  thankful  for  it.

KINDNESS – Kindness  often  involves affection,  and  warmth  and  this  emotion  is  about  being  considerate,  being  generous  and  friendly  to  other  people. 

ENJOYMENT – When  experiencing  or  doing  something  that  you  like.

LOVE – Love  is  without  a doubt  the  most  frequent  positive  feeling (emotion). Love  is  an  extremely  strong  feeling  of  affection  for  a  person,  place  or  thing ,  and  it  is  the  feeling  that  makes  people  feel  good,  feel  happy,  and  it  makes  life  beautiful. 

These  are  some  of  the  Feel  Good  emotions.  Great  places  to  visit  and  spend  time. And there are others. Just like there are physical feel good places in this world in which we live.

Now  we  need  to  look  at  these  and  work  out  our  own  strategies  for  how  we  will  visit  these  places  on  a  Daily  basis . I  call  them  “Magic  Moments.” Need to search for them. Sometimes they do just come out of the big blue but at other times we have to make them happen.

e.g    Let’s  take  JOY  as  an  example.  There  are  many  ways  of  getting  to  this  wonderful  place.  When  you  make  a  friend,  a  family  member,  a  student,  your  dog,  or your  cat, happy,  that’s joy  right  there. How  many  other  ways  can  you  think  of? Be creative  and  go  for  it !!


Another way to  feel  good  is  to  lose  a  little  weight.  You  will  feel good  when  your  old clothes  fit  you again.  You  will  feel  good  when  folk  comment  on  how  good  you  look.

Keep  it  simple.

  1.  Cut back  on  sugars  and  starches.
  2. Cut  down  on  the  amount  of  food  you  eat at  mealtimes.
  3. Cut  out  snacking  unless  it’s  a  healthy  snack.
  4. Exercise .  As  simple  as  walking. Anything that will get you off your bum a lot more.
  5. Don’t make excuses.
  6. Have stick-ability !

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16 thoughts on “Weight Loss#where-to-start

  1. Great article and very good tips. Everything in here is something anybody could start doing today easily to improve their life. I recently cut soda out of my diet and started drinking only water instead. The exercise part is very important even if you aren’t working out, just staying active and mobile can make a difference.

  2. Awesome article and a much needed reminder. I enjoy your take on achieving these emotional places and calling them “magic moments.”
    I agree, when I am in any of these positive places it truly is magical.
    Thank you for your advice on how to reach these places as well. It’s easy for me to get caught up in the daily grind and get funky when things aren’t adding up for me. Your simple suggestion gives all us the control back to experience magic moments at any given time.
    Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the visit, Steph. Pleased that you enjoyed the read.

      Go and gather up those daily magic moments and store them away in a safe place.

      All the very best.


  3. I love your list of things to do to get going and get healthy. I totally know what you mean when you say to have stick-ability. I decided just yesterday to walk in the morning at a brisk pace with my dogs for a half an hour. Today I just don’t feel so hot, so guess what, day 2 and I already did not do the walk. I am thinking that it might make me feel better. I know my dogs would love it. Heck, I might have to head out now!

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom,

      You need a mini habit 🙂  Instead of saying that you are going to get up the next day and walk the dogs for 30 minutes, cut down on the time to say 15 minutes. Get yourself a 15 minute route mapped and go for it. You can gradually build up to 30 minutes. 30 minutes straight off is quite  daunting, 15 minutes is easy. But then you have to do that 15 min walk – non negotiable.

      I wanted to start jogging again. We have a 50m driveway so on the first day I went out and jogged 10 lengths of the drive. Could just about walk the next day. Was too far, too fast, too soon. This was just over two months ago. I left the jogging for a few days until I felt fresh again, but then did just one length.This was the start of my mini-habit. After two weeks I decided that I would increase it to two lengths and have increased it by one length every two weeks ever since. Am up to 4 lengths as we speak. 

      Jog on a Mon, Wed and Fri of each week and  have not missed a run since I started. Sometimes it feels too easy but for now I want to stick with the small increments.

      Matt’s Mom, we need to exercise. 🙂


  4. Hi there. I was reading your article about loosing weight and I just wanted to drop you a quick comment to first of all say thanks and also to ask a question.

    I started trying to loose weight some time ago and I’m finding it quite difficult. I work 12 hour shifts in a job where I am sat down most of the time.

    I have cut out most sugars and I hardly have any snacks at all. I like the occasional drink of wine on my days off and I guess it could be that that is holding me back. I know that I should do more exercise but I find walking really boring.

    Do you have any suggestions that could work for me?

    1. Hi Andrew, good to hear from you.

      Yes, that is a long shift , especially as you say that you have to sit for most of that time. There must however, be short breaks in between, no? It is during these breaks where you could maybe do something – stretches, running on the spot, press-ups etc. Just need to find a little space to do the exercises. Where there is a will there is a way my friend.

      You have already cut out most sugars and snacks and an occasional drink is absolutely fine. Now that’s a major change right there. How long have you given yourself so far? It also depends on how much excess weight you are carrying? Maybe you simply need to tone the core?

      My own sons say that they are overweight which I disagree with. They’re young guys of 38, 36 and 34 and okay could possibly lose one or two kilos, but they’re are not overweight. They simply need to focus on the core. Strengthen and tighten.

      The trick is to be doing exercise on the move, Andrew. Fit them in around your day. Ten minutes here and ten minutes there. Walk the stairs and stay away from lifts. get an exercise bike and ride it in front of the telly or when the weather’s miserable. Put on some music and dance or march around the room at home. There is so much one can do.

      Check out this website:


      You are well on your way to losing weight, my friend. You have taken your power back over the snacking and sweet stuff which is hugely commendable. Don’t get despondent because the weight isn’t falling off of you. Make a plan and try and decide the next change in lifestyle.

      Hope to hear from you again. Keep well. Never too far, too fast , too soon.




  5. Hi Roy,

    A somewhat unusual approach to the topic of losing weight. Shedded pounds certainly bring joy. I agree with your simple suggestions. I’d add a couple more things.

    First, general. Cut down on ALL unnatural additives, conventionally prepared / packaged foods, GMO foods – there are so many bad things that it’s easy to get lost. My suggestion is to shop in natural / organic stores – this way you are safe. Yes, it will be heavier on your wallet. The way out of this – buy less, but it will be real food!

    Now specific. First of all, you want to shed weight not because magazines make you do it but because nature originally made you slim and beautiful. Second, make 50% of your calories come from fresh produce.Then, replace all oils with raw coconut oil as it speeds up metabolism, gives energy, and curbs appetite (never heat it). Also, eat resistant starch foods like soaked oatmeal, flax, green bananas and plantains, cooled steamed potatoes – they fill you up for HOURS. And finally, find a workout that fits well with your heart – in other words – you must enjoy doing it!

    I follow the above guidelines myself and personally know people who benefited from them.

    Success and serenity too all !

    1. Very good advice for us all, Margarita ! Thank you for taking the time and making the effort. Let’s hope many folk will read what you have had to say and will take action.


  6. Hi,

    you have some good motivation here! It´s crazy how hard it can be for us to feel good, isn´t it.

    We have so much and we´re still always looking for so much more. I think a good start for a happy life is to appreciate what we already have and to be ourselves! 🙂

    From there on it´s getting easier and we become more happy and make everyone around us more happy, too!

    Be nice out there! 🙂

  7. I must admit when I first started reading your article, I asked myself; “what does all this have to do with weight loss?”

    But then after reading the whole post, I noticed that I actually felt more motivated. I liked it, simple yet inspirational. And you did give some good tips at the end.

  8. Hi Roy.

    Some nice tips here! I have reduced the amount I eat at mealtime, cut out snacks (well… for the most part) and switched away from soft drinks to water and occasionally juice. I know juice has sugar too, but I need some flavour now and then…

    What really helped me lose some weight was getting pretty sick a few weeks back and not eating! Unfortunately, that’s not a long term solution.

    I have been hearing a lot about intermittent fasting lately. What are your thoughts on that?

    1. Am a big fan of Intermittent Fasting or rather my take on it. I mix it up. Don’t often go with the flow. For example, I’ve heard folk say that we shouldn’t skip breakfast. I often don’t have anything to eat early in the morning as I’m not hungry. Never eat if I am not hungry unless I know I have an exercise session coming. If no exercise I might just grab a piece of fruit kind of mid-morning. This is one of my takes on Intermittent Fasting.

      I am a bit of a snacker and find that I snack too much between lunch and dinner. There are days where I just cut out this afternoon snacking completely. Another of my takes on I.F.

      Something I can’t do (because I don’t want to) is to not eat from sunrise to sunset for a long period of time. Have done so for a day at a time but not for longer than that. And then I don’t eat big before sunrise or after sunset. Try very hard not to break my normal eating routine after an I.F.

      It’s more a case of giving my stomach a time to rest. Others have different takes on I.F of course but this is how I want to see it, and it works for me.


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