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Etekcity  High  Precision  Body  Weight  Scale

Looks good, is reliable, reasonably priced, quality machine, a nice large screen.

Priced at :   £ 16.55                                            

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The Etekcity High Precision Body Weight Scale is a quality piece of equipment and is value for money.

Ideally, we should weigh at the same time, on the same day of each week and on the same machine. There are scales out there which cost hundreds of £’s but I can’t fathom out why anyone would want to buy such a thing.

It’s like okay, what do I look for when I want to buy a car ? I want a car which will be reliable and economical and safe to drive on the roads, a pretty car which will be comfortable on long journeys and have enough boot space etc etc. I wouldn’t go out and buy a Ferrari right ! a) I couldn’t afford to and b) a Ferrari is not the most practical car for the normal Joe or Joanne.

So if I ask myself the same question ie. What do I look for when I want to buy a body weight scale ? I want a body weight scale to be reliable and not cost the earth and preferably to be able to read out my weight in Kg’s, Lbs and Stone. I want it to look good in my bathroom and it should have a nice large screen. So again, why would I go out and buy the “Ferrari Model?”

Just a little silly comparison on when to weigh:

When schools receive the message that the inspectors are coming, they are usually given at least a weeks warning. Then all hell breaks loose. Furious activity! And then by the time the inspectors arrive most areas of the school should be running like a well-oiled machine  🙂  Maybe, the inspectors shouldn’t give the schools any warning so that they can then see the school as it really is? I think that the inspectors do this (more time) because it is a great way of giving schools an “injection.” Method in their madness.

We can be a bit like this when it comes to weigh-in time. We set say a Thursday morning at 6am as our weigh-in day. We then eat the ice-creams and bread and cheese etc on the Fri to possibly Monday morning and then we starve ourselves from Monday to Thursday morning. 🙂 A naughty way of doing it ! And then you call it fasting  🙂    🙂   🙂

Anyhow, back to the Etekcity High Precision Body Weight Scale. I have an older version (2016) and can honestly say that I can’t have been happier with it. Reliability has been outstanding.




Eat  healthy  foods  my  friends.

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4 thoughts on “Weight Loss Scale

  1. Roy,
    Nice article on the Etekcity high precision body weight scale and the humor about when the inspectors are coming. You are right, nothing like doing a few days of fasting right before it’s time to weigh in! Haha! All kidding aside this looks like a great scale. I used to have one similar but haven’t used a scale at home for probably 5 or so years. Do you find yourself weighing yourself daily on it? I know some people can get a bit obsessive over that stuff.

    1. Hi Mat, thanks for your input. Have mastered that temptation to check the scale every day. Weigh once a week. Thursday morning first thing, and then binge over the weekend. No, only kidding !! Has become a habit to weigh every Thursday morning. Sugary food is my Achilles heel. Have a very sweet tooth. Constantly fighting the sugar. Believe that the bad bacteria in our stomachs absolutely thrive on sugar !! It feeds them big-time. This has stimulated me to pull back on my sugar intake and you know what Matt I can honestly feel the difference when I have less sugar in my bloodstream. Happy New Year. May 2018 be all that you want it to be my friend.

  2. very nice and light post. I like your sarcastic comment about how e go about losing weight, and it is true. I like what you’ve wrote in the end “NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS THIN FEELS”. So true. Its all about feeling good and being thin and feeling good with your health and clothes, is a feeling that is second to none.

    1. Fadi, spot on with life being all about feeling good in health and clothes. Mental and physical health. Not sure I used the right word in that phrase, maybe “Nothing Tastes As Good As Slim Feels” might be better. Happy New Year my friend. May 2018 be all that you want it to be.


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