Walking, A Daily MUST !

WALKING  is  a  great  way  to  lose  weight.

As with any exercise, we should be careful and ensure that our blood pressure is fine. See my Review:


Walking is one of my daily rituals, and I mean extra walking, not the everyday walking which we all have to do each day, although I believe that too is important. To walk when we can should be the choice every time. And to always choose the stairs !

Early in the morning

I love to rise by 5.30 a.m at the latest each and every morning, especially during the summer months. Put out my walking clothes the night before and in 5 minutes I’m out the door. I combine my early morning walk with my prayer time and usually aim to be home around six a.m. It wasn’t easy to introduce this ritual into my day but I persevered and now I don’t even give it a second thought. Like brushing my teeth, it’s become part of everyday life.

End of the day

I walk as much as I can during the day depending on my commitments, and again pull on the trainers at the end of the day. Have a flexible approach to this walking and do as much as time allows.


It’s so easy to find excuses, isn’t it. “We have a baby you know. No time for walking!” Could you put the little one in the buggy and take him or her with you on your walk? “It’s too cold to go for a walk.” Do you know that it’s good to exercise in the cold? “It’s raining out there.” Would a waterproof solve the problem? There’s always a way guys, but only if you are serious about losing weight.


It doesn’t matter how big you are. There is no reason to be embarrassed. People respect those who are trying to do something positive about losing weight and looking after their health. And quite honestly, who cares. I know I don’t. I’ve heard it said that it tells us a lot about the character of people who try to belittle others. Get out there and do something for your own well-being guys !


Walking is an inexpensive way of losing the weight. You don’t need expensive kit and equipment. A decent pair of trainers is the only outlay really something I have only recently invested in. Before that I wore an old pair of trainers that had seen better days. Also just wore clothes that I would usually wear when going out to the shop or whatever. A windbreaker/waterproof is good but we usually have one of them in the cupboards anyway.

I believe that we should all be walking at least 10,000 steps a day. Not climbing 10,000 steps, make sure you hear me, but walking them. We can’t walk and count our steps all day long so I suggest you get yourself a little Pedometer (step counter) which you can attach to yourself and which will do the counting for you. The most accurate ones are those which we can attach to our wrists. They are more pricey than the ones which you attach to your shoe or to your belt, as they have all sorts of other information on them like heart rates and calories used etc etc. But we don’t actually have to be exact here. So maybe the shoe Pedometer counts 30 steps less, is that an absolute catastrophe !? We sort that by just making sure that instead of stopping at 10,000 steps, we push it to 10,500.    🙂

3DFitBud Simple Step Counter Walking 3D Pedometer with Lanyard, A420S (Black)

The  3DFitBud  is  my  favorite.  


I have recently decided to test out my wonky knee. Am convinced that when we are carrying too much extra weight that it affects out joints. So what I’m doing is walking twenty paces and then jogging ten for part of my walks. And it’s working.

A few thoughts from me. Would love to hear from all of you out there.