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The  Story  about  Turmeric +
only £ 29.99 for one years supply

When our passions in life revolve around being active, looking after ourselves becomes vitally important. Here is a story of how a horse-rider and fitness enthusiast came to discover the power of turmeric +

I have been riding horses for many years and have just recently found that my joints are not quite what they use to be. I consider myself to be fit and active but these little joint niggles do occur every once in a while and they can spoil our fun.My little voice told me that my body was lacking something but that it was up to me to find out what that something was. So along with my husband who is a bio chemist and has a good understanding of how the body functions, I thought I’d start out by searching the joint health ranges at various supplement companies .

It was this research that lead me to Turmeric+, a supplement developed by  Future You, based in Cambridge in the UK.

Now there are numerous published studies which demonstrate the benefits of  turmeric but the challenge I faced was deciding on the best way to incorporate it into my diet. Research shows that we need to consume it daily to really reap the benefits. And the second challenge was how to ensure that I absorbed enough into my body.


The component of turmeric that is known to be beneficial is  curcumin  however this only accounts for 3% of standard turmeric powder. This is why I to try Turmeric+. It only contains the curcumin from turmeric, a fact that is supported by more clinical studies than any other turmeric supplement. The curcumin in Turmeric+ is combined with soy lecithin. It is this patented combination that allows the curcumin to be absorbed by the body. Studies have shown that the formulation is 30 times more absorbable than standard turmeric. It has twenty-eight published clinical studies demonstrating its effects.

It was the study at the Olympic Research Centre in Barcelona that really caught my eye. Knowing it was used by international elite athletes made me think it must be able to benefit me too.

I have been using Turmeric+ for a year now and find it to be a real winner. I love the product and have told many of my friends about it.When you discover something this good, you need to share the benefits.


only £ 29.99 for one years supply

Take one tablet per day in the evening with or without food

No known issues taking this product with alcohol

Gluten free

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Not suitable for those with an allergy to soy

It has been reported that turmeric may interact with anticoagulant medicines (blood thinners). If you are currently using anticoagulants, please consult your doctor before taking any turmeric product



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  1. Hi, thanks for a very helpful review. I have previously checked Turmeric and it seems it has good reviews in general. I am an active person and I know some people as well who can benefit from its effects. I just need to check locally if it is acceptable to ship it to my country as some restrictions might apply. Thank you again.

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