Tips To Lose Belly Fat


How  are  you  doing  it ?

I love the above image, don’t you? My wife doesn’t.  But then I reckon it’s like Marmite, you either love it or you hate it? What is Marmite I hear a few ask ! Well, it’s a yeast extract spread fortified with B vitamins. 100% vegetarian. I love it on my toast in the morning.

Anyhow, back to the belly fat question. Let’s take a look at the challenge from a practical perspective/angle. We have to change. Keep doing the same things every day and we have no chance of losing that belly.

Food intake – solids & liquids

A.   We  need  to  eat  smaller  amounts. Can’t fill the belly to bursting, ever ! Whether that be with liquid or solids. We must stop eating when we have had sufficient.

B.  We need to eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. We can’t shovel the food in ! Food needs time to reach the stomach and to tantalize our taste buds. If we just keep shoveling, not only will we not be able to taste the food and enjoy it, but our tummy/belly will not have time to tell us that it has crossed the hunger threshold and will just keep expanding like a balloon until we feel stuffed and possibly even ill. Fat as a tick !

C.  Eating less but more often is something I’m going to try. We are unique individuals and so this would differ. I’m looking at a good breakfast – an egg (in whatever form), one slice of toast (I love my white toast), and some fruit. That will take me through to around 11.15am which is when I’ll have a coffee (Latte with 2 small sugars) and then lunch at 1pm which will be a salad and cold fish or chicken. 3pm is the next time the tummy starts talking to me and I’ll have a cup of tea (milk but no sugar) and a single biscuit. We eat dinner late (i’d like to eat around 6pm but . . .) so I’ll have a banana or apple around 5-ish, which will last until 8pm when dinner is served. Dinner is meat and vegetables and it is here when the wheels often come off ie. I eat too much. So the focus is now on a much smaller plate of food . 2/3 of the volume of food which I have been eating.

D.  Sweet  foods  (and I have a sweet tooth second to none) will be drastically cut. One small bar of chocolate every Friday (not in the evening) will become the norm. One slice of bread/toast (for breakfast) will also become the norm. Bread is a big belly builder.




People get bored or emotional and then they look for something to eat ! Have seen this with myself, other adults, and children. A sure way to expand that belly . Keep the mind occupied with good, positive, active thoughts. Don’t give in to those thoughts that tell you that you’re hungry when you aren’t. It’s a weakness in character. Get a few strategies to fight snacking ! You’ll find them in a book entitled Mini Habits For Weight Loss. I work with this book and can recommend it big-time.


The food we eat gets absorbed into our blood and the blood transports it throughout our bodies. We don’t call it a bloodstream for nothing. The blood needs to flow freely through our bodies and it’s exercise that gets it moving freely. Need to get the heart pumping strongly. We need to exercise carefully and like anything else in life, we mustn’t overdo it. Too many of us think that we must run hundreds of kilometers, or run 100m, 200m and 400 m sprints. Leave that for the professional athletes guys. Us everyday folk just need to MOVE and not lie around and stagnate. We need to be active. Sure and if you enjoy running then go for it but you don’t have to run far in order to stay in shape. Do the exercise you enjoy.

What do I do? I love walking, so I try and walk for 30 mins a day at the very least. Also have a stepper and aim for between 10000 and 20000 steps a day. Also have an ab trimmer which I use, and an exercise bike. Plank exercises are also an important part of my exercise programme.

You might enjoy swimming or cycling or dancing or gyming or a combination of these. It might be something altogether different, like sky-diving. Or maybe you just enjoy working out at home. Put on some music and dance by yourself or march to some marching music. My wife loves Pilates and friends of ours enjoy yoga. Anything that gets the heart pumping is good exercise. And then of course there are strength exercises, stretching exercises, aerobic exercises etc.

It’s exciting to create ones own personal exercise programme as it is with a personal diet programme. Just remember to take care when doing exercise. Don’t overdo it and execute the exercises correctly. And keep it all simple and achievable. Don’t try and do too much. Needs to become a part of your lifestyle, so if it takes too much of your time or is hectically strenuous, it won’t last !! And make sure that there is consistency !

Posture is also extremely important !

Set yourself a personal goal or goals, and go for it. Tell others what you intend to do ! This will help to keep you focused.

Do it for you !

And, remember that it’s no good knowing how to do something, or what to do, you have to DO !


P.S   Tummy  tenses  are  the  main  weapon  against  belly  flab. Whenever you think about it, make sure you tense your tummy. It doesn’t matter where you are. Over a short period of time you will notice a difference. Focus on the core !!


2 thoughts on “Tips To Lose Belly Fat

  1. You’ve nailed it perfectly here, Roy. There is no other basic formula to reducing it fat and weight except than the powerful combo of eat right and exercise. Personally, i can attest that i started to feel bloated and gain a few pounds of i didn’t hit the gym in the past week. In the end, it depends on our discipline and strength of character to pull this through.


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