Posture and weight loss

 The Third Aspect

Everyone  interested  in  weight  loss  focuses  on  a)  what  they  take  into  their  bodies,  and  b)  exercise.

Those two  are  non-negotiable.  We all know that the absolute bottom line is to eat a little less and exercise a little more . But, there  is  another  aspect  we  must  be  sure  to  work  on  –  posture. 

It’s  all  very  well  losing  the  weight  but  we  will struggle  to  look  good  without  working  on  our  posture.

Awareness  is  the  key.



We  must  be  aware  of  how  we  sit,  for  a  start. Do  we  “slop” down  on  the couch  with  our  telly  belly  in  super  relaxed  mode,  or  do  we  focus  on  keeping  it  flexed  and  firm ?  I  know  we  can’t  do  this  all  of  the  time  because  the  telly  takes  our  focus,  but  we  can  flex  and  tighten  every  time  we  think  about  it,  can’t  we ? That’s important you know. To tense the abs whenever we think about them. Tense and hold to the count of 25, when walking, standing, lying down or sitting. Be aware of not allowing the abs to become “floppy.” The power of consistency in all we do.

And  what  about  when  we  sit  on  a  chair  ?  Do  we  sit  with  a  curved  spine, again  with  our  belly  super  relaxed ?  We  might  even  be  “loading”  it  if  we  are  sitting  eating  a  meal  or  drinking  a  coffee  or  a  beer. We  need  to  be  aware  of  our  posture  whenever  we  are  sitting.  Keep  that  belly  firm !


And  when  we  stand ?  Do  we  stand  with  our  belly  pushed  out?  I  often  catch  myself  doing  this.  Let’s  be  aware  and  always  stand  with  our belly  pulled  in.


The  more  we  become  aware  of  and  respond/react  to  how  we  lie  down,  sit  and  stand,  the more  our  posture  will  improve  and  the  sooner  the  belly  will  “deflate.”

I  am  working  hard  at  being  aware  of  how  I  carry  my  body  and  just  wanted  to  share  my  thinking  with  anyone  who  like  me,  is  trying  to  lose  weight  and  the  belly  especially.

Be  healthy,  be  happy  and  be  safe, lose that excess fat don’t slouch, chin up and tummy in (just like mom always use to say), but watch where you are walking. Don’t want to be walking nice and straight and then trip over something and fall over.  🙂

My posture is not the greatest. I’m 65 years old (chronologically) but only 35 years old (biologically) now, but they say that you are never too old to sort your posture. When my belly was at its most inflated, my posture was really poor. Have since lost 2cm around the tum-tum and can already feel that I have a much better posture.

What’s your posture like? Love to see people walking straight and confidently. It does look so impressive. Let’s all do the same. Do you have a poor posture? Please share what you are doing to correct it with us.

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2 thoughts on “Posture and weight loss

  1. Hey there Roy, great read!
    Its funny how many little thing there are that we can work on day to day to help improve our physical appearance. Posture is definitely a tough one, especially if you have developed the habit of poor posture.

    Myself, I do try to my best to keep good posture. But always catch myself sliding down into my chair or slouching over, especially when sitting for long times.


    1. Hi Mack, good to hear from you. Enjoy reading the thoughts of others.

      Somehow we have got to get the word Posture to enter our minds regularly during the day. It’s something that we need to think about all through the day and that’s not an easy thing to do.  🙂

      On average I catch myself around three times a day thinking Posture which is not nearly enough, but am working on it. Little bits of daily improvement !

      All the best, Mack, and thanks for visiting my little “shop.”


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