The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (the book you will want to read over and over again)


Have  you  ever  read  a  book  that  when  after  you  have  read  it,  you  return  to  it  again  and  again ? Am  not  sure  about  you  but  there  are  books  which  I  read  and  enjoy,  but  then  they  just  gather  dust  in  the  bookshelf. Then  there  are  others  that  are  books  of  wisdom  and  need  to  be  read  again  and  again. And  when  I  say  again  and  again  I  don’t  mean  that  you  read  them  from  cover  to  cover  the  second  time  but  rather  dip  in  and  out  of  areas  of  the  book. The  kind  of  book  you  would  want  to  take  with  you  if  you  were  going   to  be  stranded  on  an  uninhabited  island  for  some  time.

The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari  is  the  story  of  Julian  Mantle,  a  superstar  lawyer  whose  out-of-balance  lifestyle  leads  him  to  an  almost  fatal  heart  attack  in  a  packed  courtroom.  His  physical  collapse  brings  on  a  spiritual  crisis  that  forces  him  to  confront  the  condition  of  his  life  and  seek  answers  to  life’s  most  important  questions.  Hoping  to  find  happiness  and  fulfillment ,  he  embarks  upon  an  extraordinary  odyssey (a long and adventurous experience)  to  an  ancient  culture,  where  he  discovers  a  powerful  system  to  release  the  potential  of  his  mind,  body  and  soul  and  learns  to  live  with  greater  passion,  purpose  and  peace. Brilliantly blending  timeless  spiritual  wisdom  of  the  East  with  cutting-edge  success  principles  of  the  West,  this  inspiring  tale  shows  you  a  step-by-step  pathway  for  living  with  greater  courage,  balance,  abundance  and  joy.

This  book  has  been  my  constant  companion  for  a  number  of  years  now  and  I  must  say  it  has  been  one  of  the  best  books  I  have  ever read,  and  am  still reading  virtually  on  a  daily  basis.

In  order  for  you  to  get  an  idea  as  to  whether  you  would  like  this  book  for  yourself,  I  am  going  to  list  a  number  of  quotes  from  the  book:

“The  real  problem  was  that  Julian  was  obsessed  with  work. He was  being  consumed  by  the  hunger  for  more: more  prestige, more glory and more money.”

“The  great  Julian  Mantle  had  been  reduced  to  a  victim  and  was  now  squirming  on  the  ground  like  a  helpless  infant,  shaking  and  shivering  and  sweating  like  a  maniac.”

“At  fifty-three  years  of  age ,  Julian  looked  as  if  he  was  in  his  late  seventies.”

“John,  on  your  deathbed  you  will  never  wish  you  had  spent  more  time  at  the  office.”

“I  was  dazzled  by  his  incredible  transformation.  Gone  was  the  ghostlike  complexion,  the  sickly  cough  and  the  lifeless  eyes  of  my  former  colleague.  Gone  was  the  elderly  appearance  and  the  morbid  expression  that  had  become  his  personal  trademark.  Instead,  the  man  in  front  of  me  appeared  to  be  in  peak  health,  his  lineless  face  glowing  radiantly.  His  eyes  were  bright ,  offering  a  window  into  his  extraordinary  vitality.  Perhaps  even  more  astounding was  the  serenity  that  Julian  exuded.  I  felt  entirely  peaceful  just  sitting  there  staring  at  him.  He  was  no  longer  the  anxious “type-A” senior  partner  of  a  leading  law  firm.  Instead,  the  man  before  me  was  a  youthful,  vital  –  and  smiling  –  model  of  change.”


Does  that  wet  your  appetite?  This  is  a  book  I  truly  recommend  if  you  are  someone  who  wants/needs  to improve himself/herself  holistically (mind, body  and  soul). A  book  of  wisdom  packed  with  tons  of  practical  rituals  and  strategies.

Happy  reading  my  friend.






7 thoughts on “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari (the book you will want to read over and over again)

  1. I have been looking for a nice book to read lately. From how you have described it it sounds quite interesting. I know it will be quite interesting and I would love to buy it. Is there anywhere other then Amazon that I can buy it from? If not that’s fine.
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Samantha,

      It is good to hear from you. I appreciate your thoughts on the book.

      As I told someone else earlier, this is a life-changing book, it truly is. It comes at weight loss from a completely different angle which makes complete sense.

      I’m sure that Mini Habits For Weight Loss can be purchased from various suppliers but I bought my copy from Amazon as this was the most practical way of doing it.

      If you do decide to purchase a copy, please keep me in the loop regarding your thoughts and progress.


      1. Hi Samantha,

        I’m terribly sorry ! Got my books mixed up there. Have two books which I read as guides on a daily basis. Mini Habits For Weight Loss is the one and then the one you were referring to, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari is the other one.

        Both are great books and obviously very different.

        Now you have two books to choose from my friend.

        I wish you enjoyable reading.


  2. Thank you for writing this post. We get busy in our lives and sometimes forget to take a step back to do something as simple as reading. Reading is a great way gain insight into a topic and this book sounds like one I should add to my library.
    I recently read a book called 7 habits of highly effective people and the book that you recommended has reminded me of it. That makes it a must read in my opinion. I will definitely be looking to add this book to my to read list.

    1. Hi Matendi , good to hear from you. It’s a great book. I’ve had my copy for years and it’s pages are dog-eared and the pages are turning yellow, I’ve read it so often.


  3. This book definitely seems like the type that I won’t be putting down anytime soon once I get my hands on it.

    It’s very captivating and promises to deliver.

    I really like stories that aims to find happiness and a perfect life after a period of a stressful life changing encounter.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Excelle, it’s a great book. Have just said to someone else who was interested in buying it that my copy is so old and so well read that it’s pages are dog-eared and turning yellow.

      It’s a book that gives us practical directions in what can sometimes seem like a chaotic world, high-powered electrical world.


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