The Holy Spirit


A.   Introduction

B.   Joel’s  Message 

C.   A Personal Spiritual Experience




Now  my  website  is  about  what  we  can  do  to  Look Good  and  Feel Good.  It’s  not  just  all  about  the  physical  although  this is important,  but  often  we  have  to  feel  good  about  life  on  the inside  before  we  start  looking  good  on  the  outside.  And  the  opposite  of  course  is  also  true !  When  we  are  feeling  good  on  the  inside,  we  walk  more  confidently,  we  talk  more  confidently,  happiness  and positive energy  flows  from  us,  and so  on  and  so  on. It’s  our  spirit  which  is  either  happy  or  not.  I   believe  that  we  are  spiritual  beings  having  a human  experience  rather  than  human  beings  having  a  spiritual  experience. Each of us was born with an empty space inside of us and it is here where our spirit lives, and we will never be happy if we don’t have the spirit inside of us, there will always be that empty space and we can search and search for happiness by buying new cars and new houses and going on holiday, but these, although they will bring happiness for a short time will never keep us happy. We will always be searching for something. This is what I believe. I accept and respect the fact that we don’t all believe the same. That’s the beauty of life !!

We have many areas of our lives that we need to keep healthy. Mental Education, Physical Education, Emotional Education, Financial Education and on and on we go. Now I also believe that all of us need to keep our spiritual side healthy, after all  this  is  our  connection  to  The Great Spirit  who  is  down  below  and  up  above (in the words of the brilliant Country singer, Don Williams.)


We also have many people who we learn from. I have many. I take the best from everyone I come into contact with and then I adapt their ideas to my own thinking. In fact I love to learn from anyone and everyone ! It doesn’t matter who or what they are . We can also learn from rivers and mountains and animals and all things that are with us on earth.

Joel Osteen - Joel Osteen Ministries Video Online    Joel

When  we  read  something  good,  we  feel  good, so  I’d  like  to  share  something  here  which  I’m  hoping  will make  you  feel  good  after  you  have  read  it.  It’s  by  a  Christian  author, Joel Osteen.

He writes: “Is there something in your life that you would like to put a stop to today? Maybe it’s a certain behavior, addiction or bad attitude that isn’t pleasing to God. When Adam and Eve disobeyed in the garden, the first thing God did was put clothing on them. They needed to be covered. In the same way , you and I need to be covered today. What should we cover or clothe ourselves with?

When you ‘clothe yourself’ in the Lord Jesus Christ, you will be protected and able to stand strong against temptation. How do you clothe yourself with Jesus Christ? First of all, when you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, you are covered and cleansed by His blood. You are renewed. Then, just as you get dressed daily, you have to daily ‘cover’ your mind with the word of God. That means you cover every point that has access to your thoughts. Cover your ears by listening to the Word. Cover your eyes by watching only what is pleasing to the Lord. Cover your mouth by speaking the Word and encouraging those around you. As you cover yourself with Christ, you’ll be strong against temptation, you’ll walk in victory, and you’ll experience the good things He has in store for you! ”

I loved this. A good feeling kind of read.


Father, breathe your Holy Spirit into us to cleanse us, wash us and heal us.

Music makes us feel good  :   Hallelujah     (Alexandra Burke) 

                                                           Hallelujah     (The Canadian Tenors with Celine Dion)

A personal spiritual experience

I had a personal experience I’d like to share with you all which I’m hoping will make you feel good. It was almost 10 years ago now . I was in South Africa visiting family and friends when a couple took me to a school hall one evening to listen to a middle-aged lady, who was the owner of her own perfume kingdom, talk  about the Holy Spirit.

Now I have always been a believer but have never been a big church goer. In fact I can’t remember the last time that I went to church. Anyhow, I went along with my friends on this particular evening and we sat near the back of the hall and listened to this lady. Cannot for the life of me remember what she actually had to say, but that is not important right now, what is important is what happened at the end of her talk.

She invited people to come to the front of the all . They would then talk to her for a few seconds and then collapse onto the floor. I thought that this was absolute rubbish. Had seen this before and had always thought it was play-acting. Folk trying to seek attention. So when my friends started encouraging me to go forward I refused point blank. After quite a lengthy spell I did eventually make my way to the front. Agreed to go up provided that they joined me. What was I doing !!?

Anyhow, this short little lady moved towards me  and placed her head on my chest. She said something which I didn’t catch and then blew gently in my face. I couldn’t help myself. My legs gave way under me and I sank gently to the floor. And now listen to this ! As I slid gently to the floor I heard the people in the hall all burst into spontaneous applause. And when I was on the floor, someone shone a torch into my face.

I must have been down for a good few minutes and was eventually able to get back onto my feet. “What was that applause all about ?” I asked my friends. They answered that there had been no applause and that it had been so quiet that you could have heard a pin drop. “And who shone the torchlight into my face?” I asked. Their answer was that nobody had shone a torchlight into my face and that they had been standing right next to me throughout.

Now my friends, make of that what you will, but I think that I had an experience with the Holy Spirit that night. To this day I am not sure exactly why but what I do know is that I am now very close to the Father. He has opened doors in my life that I could never have imagined. He has blessed me big-time. I think about that experience every single day of my life and I’ve just decided that I am going to talk to Him about it from today during my quiet time with Him.


THE  BIBLE –  “ Life  and  Healing Water to my SOUL “

A Prayer –  Heavenly Father, thank You for Your Word which is Life and Healing Water to my Soul. I receive Your strength today and speak favour to the “mountains” in my life. Thank You for preparing a “road” of victory as I keep my focus stayed on You.”





32 thoughts on “The Holy Spirit

  1. I also believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having a spiritual experience only if more people would see life like this then they would be no need to keep searching for happiness when in fact happiness already has a space within us.

    These days our world tries to undermine the existence of God, Christ and the Holy Spirit but just because people refuse to recognise and accept this, it does not make them go away.

    God is patient and he is knocking…Let him in.


  2. The last sentence of your blog actually summarises it all well; We need the breath of the Holy Spirit to heal. cleanse and wash us. The reason why many people try to lose weight and regain it is wrapped up in this prayer. We need the power of the Holy Spirit in everything we plan to do. This is the essence of our daily walk with Him. He is our helper in all our struggles.
    Thank you for saying it so well.

  3. I got some immediate takeaways from this. Living a life immersed in materialism such that you leave no room for spirituality, will leave you barren and empty in the end.

    Also, I believe “true religion” is not a bad thing but rather “spirituality in action” as it is guided by God, Christ and the holy spirit(the trinity if you will). Otherwise the holy scriptures in the bible would just be dogmatically dead words.

    But with faith in God’s love and faith in the healing and cleansing blood of Christ those words become “living words” spiritually activated. Thus we can see much more clearly what those scriptures are telling us and how they guide us. John 1:1 explains that “living words” have been there since the beginning.

    When you mentioned the part about “clothing ourselves” i thought of these verses in addition: Ephesians 6:12-17: As it pertains to to putting on the armor of God and breastplate of righteousness.

    To your prayer at the bottom of the page, A BIG AMEN!

    1. Hi Brad, was great to hear from you and thank you for your powerful thoughts. Loved your first sentence, and exactly what I believe.

      I’m not someone who reads the Bible very often but I do enjoy reading it when given scriptural versus which pertain to what I am thinking and experiencing. Ephesians 6:12-17 was a great read and I thank you for opening my eyes to that reading.

      Go well, Brad.


  4. This is a good word brother. While I believe that accepting the Holy Spirit will do all of those things you have mentioned, the Spirit also challenges us to do the will of God. I believe that is how we can communicate with God.

    In the Bible, in the book of Acts, it describes how the Spirit came upon those who believed: first the Apostles, then later other believers who put their faith in Christ.

    The Spirit may lead you to do hard things: many of the Apostles were killed for their message and beliefs, but the Holy Spirit is there in the trouble, bringing you a quiet peace and guiding you even in the darkest hour.

    1. Hi Chadimus,

      Good to hear from you. Thank you very much for your thoughts . Will try and find the reading you mentioned in the Book of Acts.

      All the best my friend.


  5. I find your article rather interesting! I thought your website is all about losing weight so when the title of your article reads, The Holy Spirit, I was a bit confused but you explained it well in your introduction. I agree that merely working on the physical aspects of our lives is not enough to make us feel good because what is seen on the outside is a reflection of what’s on the inside. If we are healthy on the inside, that is, our mind is at peace and our heart is full of joy, it will be manifested in the way we conduct ourselves. Health in its entirety does not only include physical, social, mental and emotional well-being but it also includes having a healthy spiritual life.

    Although I am not with you on the part where you said we’re spiritual beings having a human experience, I think you made a good point when you said that happiness is not defined by the material things the world can offer and I say “Amen” to that. I’m reminded of an old country gospel song that says, ” … The world will try to satisfy the longings in your soul, you may search the whole wide world but you will never have satisfaction until you found the Lord coz only Jesus can satisfy your soul.”

    Receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of our life is the first step towards having a new life. From the moment of conversion, the Holy Spirit starts to indwell us and the fruit of the Holy Spirit mentioned in Galatians 5:22-23 will begin to manifest in our life. Jesus promised before He ascended to heaven that He will give us another counselor who will continue to remain in us and guide us to live a life that is pleasing to God (John 14:16).

    God bless!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on this post, Alice. You have put it all in a nutshell.

      Love reading spiritual quotes when they relate to what we are thinking at any particular time.

      And the words of that country gospel song are spot on the button. Would it be possible to Google the song do you think?

      Thank you.


  6. Hi Roy, thanks for sharing your thoughts in this post. I also think that we are spiritual beings and that often it makes sense to look for this spiritual side again in order to find to oneself. Being one with ourself and knowing our goals is an important step before trying to lose weight.

    1. Hi Mia, good to hear that you too think that our spiritual sides are so important. I believe big-time that all we do in our lives should be done in moderation. Have some chocolate but don’t go overboard. The little voice inside each of us will tell us when we are going overboard. I take the same view when it comes to feeding the spiritual side. 

      Was good to hear from you and hope to hear from you again in the future.


  7. This was a great read for me. I have been dealing with a lot in my life as of late. I tend to fall of track and wonder if their is even a God and if he or she or it can hear my prayers.

    This was a powerful article for me and a wake up call to just keep the faith and live life one day at a time. God has this already taken care of.

    Excellent message.

  8. That’s awesome I really didn’t know that those types of spiritual awakenings were real Iv’e seen plenty of those videos where that happens and they usually get turned into memes on Facebook. On the other hand I have experienced a spiritual awakening myself I can still remember God telling me everything in my life was perfect. Everything is perfect because God has everything planned if you judge anyone or anything you judge God. Crazy right?

    1. Hi Erik,
      I was a huge skeptic and still wonder whether some folk just go down for affect ! However, I know what happened to me was real, very real and very powerful. We work in the natural but our Heavenly Father works in the super-natural.

      You keep well now Erik.

  9. Thank you for the spiritual article about how person can live with calm and more enjoyable.

    I love the part “we are spiritual beings having a human experience rather than human beings having a spiritual experience”, a lot of people are missing the most important definition about life.
    In order to live in an strong life style, your body need energy which come directly from food. In the same time, in order to feel calm and enjoyable, your spirit need a special type of food which is coming closer to your God.

  10. You are right. We are spirits that are enjoying our time here as humans. This body is like a shell that houses our souls. It’s fairly important to recognize this instead of the other way around. The reason is because we are free and happy to begin with. We just trapped ourselves into a corner and stressed ourselves out. Instead of trying so hard to find our happiness, all we have to do is realize that we can be happy as long we are willing to forgive and forget. What do you think?

    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts and opinions. Always good to share what others think and know. We experience challengers every single day and all throughout the day. We can get trapped and feel overwhelmed during these times but if we believe and have faith we’ll be just fine. I ask our father to breathe his Holy Spirit into me every morning and to help me to be a blessing to others during the day. Also to open my eyes and ears so that I may see Him and hear Him in all I do.

      Hope we can chat again soon.

  11. Firstly, I will recommend any of Joel’s book to anyone who cares to read. I have learnt a lot from them and always listen to his audio messages every morning before i set out. I have never really had a personal encounter like yours about the Holy Spirit and I didn’t use to believe in it. I had always thought it was all an act and would open my eyes to see the artists each time I go to church. It all got to me when my best friend started speaking in tongues and rolling on the floor in the church, I almost picked him up. i was confused, I didn’t believe it and after that day, I have been searching for that same experience. Whatever happened to my friend that night, changed his life for good and also made me believe in the holy spirit.

  12. This post is very inspiring. I love the part about maybe we are spiritual being having a human experience. While many people resent being around people who they think know more than they do, I, like you enjoy being around people and things that I can learn from, we all can learn from each other.
    Although I’ve never has an experience such as the one you had, I’ve often felt the presence of God, through my faith, I often go to Him with things I cannot go to anyone else with. Yes, this article made me feel good.

    1. Get uncomfortable when folk try to convert me. When they come across all heavy.

      Respect people and  respect what they believe. Know what I believe and would never dream of trying to talk others over to my way of thinking. My spiritual beliefs. Just share !

      Many of my best earthly friends have different spiritual beliefs to what I have. We might chat about these at times but we never get heavy, and the respect is always there. And we are extremely comfortable in one another’s company. That’s why we are all friends.

      God bless, Rowena.



  13. Very interesting story about your personal experience with the Holy Spirit. I’m a believer as well, never has seen the Holy Spirit manifested in front of me or in fact in me that way.

    The way I see it, the Holy Spirit uses me whenever I, timid and shy in nature, speak in front of churches’ assembly of 300/400s of people, when I know that, on my own, I wouldn’t be able to speak to even a 100 of people, that’s how I see the Holy Spirit working in me. And seeing the impact those words have on people is invaluable.

    I’m not saying your experience wasn’t that of the Holy Spirit, I just see the Holy Spirit as a working force, a working person that empowers us to do things or reach people we wouldn’t be able to reach without Him.

  14. I love your story and experience. I can’t agree more about the importance of feeling good. We all have different desires, different wants and dreams, but when you think about it a little, we all want the same thing, we want to feel as good as we can at the moment. We want physical stuff, the cars, the houses, the yachts, the planes, etc. because we believe it will make us feel better. I am not against material stuff, because it is nice, but it is not about the stuff at all, it is about the feeling.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Fadi. You have hit the nail on the head ! Life is about emotions (feelings). We all like the toys but need to be fit and healthy in mind and body in order to be able to enjoy them.

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