Standing Punching Bags

Add  This  To  Your  Exercise  Regime


Now here  is  a  piece  of  equipment  which  will  really  add  substance  to  your  exercise  regime.

A  quality,  inexpensive  standing  punching  bag. (click to purchase) Everlast  is  a  company  well  known  for  their quality boxing  equipment  and  clothing.  There  are  obviously  many  standing  punch  bags  and  hanging  punch  bags  on  the  market.

Why  have  I  chosen  this  particular  bag  ?

Everlast Omniflex Free Standing Heavy Bag 

I  like  the  way  it  is  constructed – a tough punching bag mounted on an adjustable ,strong, metal pylon. And I prefer a free standing punching bag. It can be placed inside and outside of the home and can be moved around. To mount a bag inside the home is a major mission and once erected, well that’s where it stays. Not easy to find a suitable spot for it either.

I prefer the half-bag to the full bag. Just want to punch it. Don’t need to throw high shots and low shots. Just want to hit the bag and get the blood flowing. And the fact that you can adjust the height is fantastic.

First prize is to either have a room tucked away somewhere in the house, a garage (motor car), or a spot out in the garden where you can place the punch bag.

A huge plus for having your own punch bag is that you can use it whenever you like. You can exercise no matter what the weather or time of day.  And  you’ve got it for life. You can pass it down to your kids too !


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7 thoughts on “Standing Punching Bags

  1. This is pretty cool – I can see this being used by the whole family.

    For the adults for a bit of exercise or venting and the kids will just have hours of fun in the garage punching at something. Brilliant!

    You might have just solved one of my Christmas present dilemmas! Thank you!

    1. Thank you for your thoughts, SJ. It’s a great way to exercise.  Have the music going whilst you throw those punches. And the nice thing about it is that it moves when you punch it. I once had a heavy punch bag filled with sand. Was like punching a tree. No, this bag is a lot of fun ! Merry Christmas !

  2. hi. i like the idea of the standing punching bag, it is fun and will burn good calories for sure. i am trying to lose weight and i hate going to the gym, and this standing punching bag looks to work both ways, to exercise and get some steam off. i tried the link but it does not open. i think it needs fixing.

    1. Fadi, thank you very much for letting me know about the link. Will see to it right away.

      Any practical piece of exercise equipment which can be used at home must be an asset. And a punch bag really gives one a good workout.

  3. Hi Roy,
    Great article and recommendation on the punching bag. I have a heavy bag in my basement I purchased about 10 years ago. Everyone once in a while I blow the dust off of it and get a good work out in. I should do it more, it’s always a great workout.
    I’m going to look into the bag you recommended, I could certainly use some options to my workout and would love to try this. Thanks for posting – Mat A.

    1. Hello Mat A ,

      Was good to hear your thoughts and experiences.  Fatal mistake that we make with a punchbag is that we try to punch it too hard. The workout comes from the movement around and the rapid light punching of the bag where you throw one , two, three, four punches over a very short time. Also when we vary the punches eg throw a left hook off a straight left. Jab, jab, jab, jab with the left and then throw in a right hook. Punchbag work is great exercise and some boxes would do a 30 min session on it in one shot. Works all parts of the body : calves, thighs, hips, core, chest, upper and lower arms, back and neck. We just need to remember to not make the fatal mistake of trying to hit the bag too hard.

      I prefer the standing punchbag, especially this one which is just that little bit lighter and more portable.

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