Simple Diet Plan#mine

Keep it simple and you’ll keep it going ! Too many folk go overboard when it comes to eating. Here’s my simple , healthy daily diet (noun) .

WAKE UP  – tea ( my choice of tea and how I want it – with/without sugar, with/without milk,  green/pink/red ). Or I might even choose to have hot water with a slice of lemon, or a small glass of Ribena.

BREAKFAST –  a slice of toast of my choice sliced in half. One half has butter, sliced tomato and an egg of my choice. Salted. A dribble of Ketchup. The other half has butter with honey or marmite or jam or whatever. And thereafter a small-ish bowl of fruit which is a choice from  kiwifruit, apple, blueberries, grapes, orange, banana or strawberries, but usually some kind of combination. And a scoop or two of yogurt to top it off.

LUNCH – Lunch is a large plate of salad – lettuce, tomato, broccoli, grapes, avocado, green and red peppers, is the usual combination. Then add some form of sliced extras like beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, fish – actually whatever is left over from the previous night’s dinner. My way is to take a knife and slice all the above up (salad +) into tiny pieces which I then eat using just a fork.

DINNER – This is always a cooked plate of food. Meat/fish, potatoes of the night (new/mashed/roasted etc), peas, broccoli, corn, French beans. Am careful not to pile too much food on the plate. The stomach has a slow reaction time and needs time to decide just when it has accepted enough food for its person. Often we don’t give it time and over-feed it to a point where it is at maximum expansion. We eat like we are not going to have another meal for a week. Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful. Chew the food so that the taste buds can get to work leading to  an enjoyable eating experience. Often we break the connection between the stomach and the brain because we are talking too much at table or watching telly whilst eating. How can this bring enjoyment of taste to a meal. It becomes a case of just shoveling in the food and then realising , “Oh, there’s no more food on my plate.”

DAILY  EXTRAS – Have stopped drinking any form of liquid with my meals as I believe that drinking liquid together with  food actually dilutes our stomach’s digestive juices preventing the food from being properly digested. But I do have a coffee during mid-morning. Usually a one-shot Latte with sugar – down to two small teaspoonfuls of sugar these days. Might eat a piece of fruit if I’m feeling peckish.

Have a cup of tea at 3pm every day. Again it is my choice as to whether I fancy red, green, ginger, without milk or sugar, or ordinary tea with just milk but no sugar. A malt or ginger biscuit would accompany my cuppa. That biscuit is eaten very slowly I might add. Savored.

Eat an apple after Dinner whilst watching telly but nothing else. This is the last thing I eat or drink. Nothing enters the mouth after 8.30pm. Wish this could be earlier but that is out of my hands.

I do snack on a piece of chocolate every day but that would be a max of two squares and it would be Black Chocolate. The strength choice ranges between 85% and 99% Cocoa content. Black Chocolate is an acquired taste but once you have acquired the taste, it’s scrummy !! I hated it for years and years. Didn’t want to go anywhere near it. And now I love it and it’s good for me too !!!

So for what it’s worth, this is my daily diet (Noun) at the moment. Am a creature of habit so it doesn’t change much from week to week except when we go out to eat which is every Thursday evening. This is the evening when we tend to spoil ourselves just a little.




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  1. Wow, great article! I love that you say we must savor our food because often we are so busy and we do just shovel it in! I also enjoyed that you give detailed instructions and keep it simple. Simplification helps a lot because we want everything done for us, normally. And you also give us a choice of indulgence with the chocolate! yummy! Keep up the great work! You could also add a cheat sheet for your simple diet plan!

  2. I love the simplicity of the diet. I am curious how it has been going for you with this diet. Have you been able to lose weight with it? I never thought about not drinking liquids when I eat, but come to think of it, I generally do not drink anything when I am eating. I do a lot of snacking on frozen fruit, seems to be my biggest snack of late. I had never heard of the term black chocolate, does that mean anything over 88% cocoa? I know that dark chocolate is good for you, and I buy them by the bar and limit myself to one square a day 🙂

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom, thank you for your thoughts and experiences.

      This meal plan went into action at the start of the month (Oct), so nearly a month now, and it suits me down to the ground. Am very comfortable with it and that’s because it is so flexible. 

      Eggs for breakfast (choice), and toast (choice), fruit (choice).  

      Lunch salads (choice), lean meat or fish (choice)

      Dinner – meat (choice), vegetables (choice)

      Have lost just over 2kg so far this month so am happy with the choices made. And I’m eating slowly and enjoying my food.

      Re the Black chocolate. I think you’re right, it’s Dark chocolate. I’m trying out the 99% Cocoa slab this week. It’s the Lindt chocolate and they have Dark-Noir on the packaging. Not that I can speak much French, but Noir means black in French and that threw me there  🙂

      All the best,


  3. I totally agree that keeping a diet plan simple is the way to go. Like you said, so many people try to complicate it and fail. I like the idea of no food or drink after a certain time, for me, this is 7pm. Dark chocolate, yummy. I, just like you, used to hate it. It is definitely an acquired taste, especially the higher cocoa content. Now I can’t eat any other form of chocolate, it just tastes too sugary. I still haven’t acquired a taste for tea, but that may come someday. Great post, I really think you have some great points here.

    1. Hello Steve and Kris,

      Was good to hear from you. Simple is power  ie 11-12 hour fast after dinner, simple and practical healthy diets and dark chocolate over milk chocolate. Three powerful ways to well-being !

      Pleased you enjoyed the article. Thanks for having a read.

      roy              or   

  4. I agree to stop drinking liquid with your meals. I think it’s better to actually wash down your meal with the liquid after you’ve completed the meal. Also if you have no juice or liquid, you can eat a juicy fruit afterwards as a good substitute. Apples, oranges, watermelons, and grapes-for instance can be great to bite on after dinner if you have nothing to wash it down with.

  5. Nice simple and straightforward eating schedule. Lunch is a great idea to use some of those leftovers from dinner, mixed up in a salad..nice touch. Its simple but has an elegance to it. Any plans in the future for a simple recipe e-book, that’s something people would be interested in

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