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My wishes to you all: 

Be healthy, be happy and be safe everyone. Invest in all areas of your life, “Mind, Body & Soul. ”



Hi Everyone,

My name is Roy and I am a 65 year old, 170cm tall, South African male, living in England, weighing in at 84.2 kgs (185.6 Lbs). At the start of January 2017 I was topping the scales at 190Lbs+, so definitely heading in the right direction now.


Never had a problem with weight whilst living in South Africa but when I relocated to England back in March of 2012, the weight slowly started building. Friends and family joked about the “Heathrow fat injection.” My collar size jumped a couple of notches and I went from a 32″ waistline to a 34″, and should have gone to a 36″ but was too embarrassed to admit this, so suffered in silence.

I did try to lose weight and had a lot of success over the years, but didn’t have the stickability and the weight always found it’s way back. Until this year, I finally decided that enough was enough.

It’s going to be a good year

I am very proud of what I have achieved this year and wanted to share with you all, just what changed. I’m not cutting out on any of my favourite foods. Am just being more sensible. Am convinced that belly fat is life-threatening, and there are so many of you out there who like me, have wanted to lose the belly without denying yourselves the foods you enjoy, and don’t want or haven’t got the time to exercise 24/7. The first three letters in DIEt spells die, right.

My little website

Have built/am building a little website here to share with you what I did and what I am still doing, to lower my belly fat, because that’s where our fat is, not so? Guys on the tummy and face and the ladies on the bum and thighs. And it’s what we must be doing not what we should be doing. Don’t want to be shoulding all over ourselves! And, we need to be careful when losing weight. Food types and types of exercise are age related. Us more senior folk can’t use the same exercises used by younger folk. And the same goes for what we eat. It’s all relative.

N.B  I mentioned somewhere in my website that I have always been the original yo-yo man as regards my weight.

But let me say something. Since making my decision after Christmas 2016 that enough was enough, this is the longest I have gone on any previous decision. Was just touching 88kg at Christmas and am slowly feeling my way. Will know at what weight I feel good and look good. Actually, I’m not fussing  about how much weight I’m trying to lose. Lost quickly at first and then it slowed, but it doesn’t bother me that it has slowed down. As long as I’m losing a tiny amount each week and my belly is “deflating”, that’s what’s important to me. Am enjoying this lifestyle.

Learning from my book   !!!

Lying on my soft mat working with my ab trimmer

Trying to be more active in as many ways and as often as I can.

Eating intelligently.

Continually thinking of strategies which will help me improve.


It is my goal to build out my website to include many areas to both of these.

If we take Looking Good for instance. I want to build out my site so this phrase means looking good naked, looking good in the clothes we wear, looking good posture wise etc etc.

And with Feeling Good – in the clothes we wear, building self esteem, about helping others, feeling good spiritually etc etc.

I don’t want it to be just about diet and exercise, although much of the website will obviously deal with these two  because if we are happy with our weight then we will look good and feel good about ourselves and that will impact on everything else.

Please pop in to my little “shop” (website) whenever you feel like it. You will be warmly welcomed.


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2 thoughts on  Roy

  1. Hello Roy
    Thanks for letting me meet you.Im glad to know that at your age, you`ve worked at your weight and continue doing so.
    Im shorter than you im sure (165cm) and weighing in at over 85kg(last time I checked)this is a lot of weight for a woman to carry around and I find that I struggle with things like going upstairs or running to the bus( trying to is the word really)
    Like you,I have tried many times to lose weight with mixed success but reading your story really motivate me, if you can do it at your age(65 is young) then I can sure do it and stick to it.I`m 45 so it should work as I find my weight really getting in the way of my everyday life.
    Thanks for sharing Roy, you`ve really gotten me motivated.
    Cheers Roamy

    1. Hi Roamy, and thanks for your kind words. So pleased that I have got you motivated. The key is to decide that you MUST lose weight and then take some small action towards making your decision become a reality. Make a start . Remember that if we keep doing what we always have done, we’ll get the same results. We have to change our lifestyle. Lifestyle and weight loss go hand in hand. You can do it Roamy, go out there and do it for YOU ! All the best.