Focus on exercise not floor pain !






*  Many colours to choose from   *  Extra  Thick  *  Free Yoga Guide to a flat tummy  *  Non – Slip  *  Hand Washable (soap)  *  100% Money Back Guarantee  *  Fairly  Priced @ £ 20.00.


Have been using a beach towel when exercising on my BB6000 (see lower down the page for review) and decided that I needed a good quality mat to make my tummy trimmer exercises even more enjoyable. Did my research and found that the above mat  was the best value for money. Luxury !!    🙂

Am now able to focus 100% on my trimmer  (BB6000) and the floor is now soft and inviting !!

Your friend,


If you do buy one, I’d love to know what you think.

# Breaking News

Such a useful “friend” to have. I’ve been spending brief 1-2 min sessions tension holding exercises and my tum-tum is really tightening. Tension holding exercises are when you hold a position where your abs are tensed. Hold for as long as you want. 

  • Hint :  When exercising with your AB6000 be aware of your abs at all times. Work everything through the abs. Be careful though of performing any exercise where a ridge forms up the centre of the abs. Don’t want to build a ridge of muscle up your set of abs.

And we all have abs ! They are just covered by a layer of flab.








             Knowledge  is  Power





I came across this book on the internet this afternoon and  have purchased it .  Why so ? Well, Stephen Guise (author/publisher) appears to be a man of my own heart in that he believes in forming good habits (rituals) in order to lose weight.


He believes as I do, that we must control the brain or it will control us.

I also believe that by reading his book, Stephen will strengthen and add to the techniques which I am already practising.

Am all for learning and improving. Knowledge is power !

Your friend,


Have my book !  

The first thing I learn after just 5 mins with my book this pm is:

  • Small Habits = Big Results. 
  • That a one push-up daily habit got him up and running
  • Being overweight is not a crime. It doesn’t lower your value as a human being. Weight , however, can affect your health. It can affect your ability to do and/or enjoy activities. It can affect your self-esteem. It can affect nearly all aspects of your life.
  •  If you want to lose weight, do it for yourself, don’t do it because you’re “supposed to be thinner.” You must want to lose weight so that you can play with the kids without getting winded, you can look in the mirror and feel good about what you see, you want to live a long and healthy life or you want to improve your overall quality of life or look good in spandex. These are all fine reasons to lose weight as long as they come from you. 

Stephen’s   book   is   divided   into   2   parts:

Part 1

1. The  Unhappy  Marriage  of  Weight  Loss  and  Dieting: Dieting  and  Smoothie  Cleanses  Are  Effective  For  Weight  Gain.    Wait …  What ?

2. Brain  Change  Before  Body  Change.

3. Weight  Loss  Speed :  Beware  the  Counterattack.

4. Everyone’s  Wrong :  Weight  Loss  Is  Not  About  Carbs,  Fat,  or  Calories.


Part 2

  1. General  Strategy:  Look,  If  it  Were  Intuitive (instinctive),  We’d  All  Be  Slender  Billionaires.
  2. Food  Strategy:  Here’s  a  List  of  Foods  to  Eat  and  Avoid.  Just  Kidding.  Let’s  Do  Something  Smarter.
  3. Fitness  Strategy:  Let’s  Make  it  Fun.
  4. Mini  Habit  Plans:  Everyone  Laughs  until  They  Experience  the  Results.
  5. Situational  Strategies:  Rules  Can  Be  Broken,  Strategies  Are  Forever.
  6. Conclusion:  You’ve  Tried  Dieting  Many  Times,  Try  This  Once.

I  am  enjoying this book  very  much  and  know  that it’s  going  to  assist  me  with my  weight  loss  journey.


Another  interesting thing which I’ve been reminded of in the book:

Every person has a diet (noun), but it’s only if you are trying to lose weight that you diet (verb).  


Why it’s a terrible idea to forbid junk food.

Why eating fruit is essential to losing weight (for lots of reasons).

How the body’s change process mirrors that of the brain,and why that is great news for losing weight.


This  book  has  me  hooked !!About Roy


In his book, Stephen lists  7  possible strategies you could use to, individually or in combination, to stop drinking soda, and I’d like to share these with you.

  1.  Stop drinking soda (direct resistance)
  2. Limit soda consumption and pare down until eliminated   (“weaning off”)
  3. Stop buying soda  (starve the source)
  4. Create a consequence for drinking soda  (negative reinforcement)
  5. Choose a comparably enjoyable replacement drink and make it readily available.  (substitution)
  6. Delay drinking soda for 10 mins. (establish control, reduce temptation, and wait out craving)
  7. Require yourself to drink a full glass of water before every soda (healthy obstacle and semi substitute)

Isn’t that refreshing ! You’re not trapped into trying and failing with the same one every time. In theory, any of them could work. In practice, some of them will work better, and some will depend on the person.

More   from   the    book :

Situational   Strategies:   

  •  Temptation   Strategy     :    Mini  Routines
  • Grocery   Store   Strategy   :   Healthy  Swap
  • Home   Eating   Strategy
  • Snacking   Strategy
  • Eating   Out   Strategy
  • Peer   Pressure   Strategy
  • Parties   and   Holidays   Strategy

Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab Trimmer

My new friend. For the BB6000 to be affective, we must use it whenever we walk past it, even if the session is just for 1 minute.



It’s  Time

The time has come for me to start targeting my belly fat. Overall weight loss is going well but now the belly needs more firming up. Special attention !!


Why the BB 6000 ?

There are many exercises which target the abdominals but we need to be careful as we can damage other areas of our bodies whilst executing, the neck in particular. Most abdominal exercises require us to be in the horizontal position on our backs and when we lift up our upper torso to tense the abs, the neck takes a hammering.  The BB 6000 is the answer. It takes all the tension off the neck and places it squarely on the abs. It is a well made piece of equipment with a firmly constructed headrest. It is inexpensive but not something which is going to fall apart after a few months. Am loving it !

As a younger man I had an ab trimmer and it worked great until it’s inferior metal piping snapped.

I’d very much advise that you get yourself a BB6000. They are real little beauties !!  

I usually place a small towel on the cushion, especially when I’m perspiring and then I don’t have a fancy gym mat so simply use a towel to lie on. Works perfectly. Another advantage is that the BB6000 is portable so you can do your exercises inside the house or even out on the lawn if you want.

It comes with a chart showing a few exercises which you can perform using the BB and if you are like me you will devise others of your own. *Just remember that too many straight forward crunches (sit-ups) are not advised as they build a ridge along the belly. Mix them up !

One of your daily rituals

You wont regret purchasing one of these “boys”, and if you do decide to , I wish you all the fun and enjoyment which will go with the success it will bring you. Introduce it as one of your daily rituals and adapt it to your daily life.

And as often as possible

It is my “go to” friend. I visit often for short spurts of just a couple of minutes.

How long before I’ll notice that my abs and core are strengthening?

Your belly will start showing signs of tightening in just one week. Stickability is the key.

All the best.

Love your BB6000.

Your friend,




 This  is  a  beverage  which  has  been  recommended  to  me  by  a  friend  and  is  something  I  am  going  to  try.  It  is  evidently  a great  aid  to  losing  belly  fat  and  is  healthy  and  safe  to  drink.

1  cup of grapefruit, orange or pineapple juice.

1  teaspoon of  honey.

2  teaspoons  of  Bragg, organic, raw, unfiltered , apple                                       cider  vinegar.

I’m  going for this particular cider as my farmer friend, Syd. , uses it and believes it is a good quality cider. And if it’s working for him then why shouldn’t it work for me. Syd and I have been friends for many years and I trust what he says 100%. I believe that we can learn from the experience of others. We don’t have to experience everything ourselves in order to learn.

  *    Breaking News : Have my Bragg, grapefruit juice and honey. Will keep you informed as to my weightloss progress. Am confident that it will just be another little weapon which I can use against the unwanted flab.




Reviewing products/services


The Question

There are thousands of products/services which claim to help us lose weight and make us slim and trim. Which of them actually work is the billion dollar question. It takes time and sometimes money, much of it wasted, to find the answer to this question.

The Answer

It is my intention to find those that work and then review them on this page from time to time. Also if you find a good product/service, please would you be so kind as to let me have some feedback and I’ll review it on this page so that others can benefit from it too. Would really appreciate that. Just leave it below.

The Goal

To look good and to feel good

” I’m  into the process of losing belly fat “

52 thoughts on “THE SHOP

  1. Good Afternoon,

    For the BB600 Ab Trimmer, does this have better metal piping so it does not snap? I seem to have a tendency to break things. Does it come with recommended exercises you can do? Or do you have a few recommendations?

    The book seems interested, I would be happy to know what your final thoughts were!

    1. Good afternoon. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods. The sun is shining here so we are all smiles  🙂

      My new BB6000 is made of a much stronger piping, yes, and it does come with recommended exercises which are very helpful. I tend to rotate my exercises quite often as I don’t want my mind to go into automatic mode and to start thinking that the exercises are too easy, if you know what I mean. Like to keep it guessing. The key when you start using the BB is to not try to progress too far, too fast, too soon. This I believe should be our approach to all forms of exercise. Do not believe in the no pain, no gain theory. I enjoy my exercises. I talk to my BB and I also talk to my belly fat. Anyone watching me would think that I’ve really lost it. But I find it helps and if it helps, use the talk. I am very happy with my purchase and would confidently recommend it to anybody looking for that extra help with chasing away the belly fat. I chose the BB6000 as it was recommended to me by a colleague who has been using one for close on two years now. 

      Once the book arrives and I have had some quality time to study it, I’ll be doing a review on my thoughts.

      Keep well Teachexplorerun. That “name” says so much about you. 

      Kind Regards,


  2. Hi Roy
    Lookin good mate and so good to see your so fit. Straight away I am interested in the advice you offer. I’ve been an exercise freak all my life.being born in the great southern land Australia..we are kindred foes bro haha.footy swimming are all I know but I need some specific abdomen workout stuff..thanks for the advice

    1. Hi Paul,

      You’re welcome my friend. “It’s no good knowing what to do, we must execute” – said by the great Bruce Lee of Enter The Dragon fame.

      Yes, we are indeed kindred foes 🙂  My son and his family live in Brisbane. Loves it there. I haven’t been, but one of these days. Got to see the grand-kids sometime.

      Keep well, Paul, and just remember, “If it’s to be, then it’s up to me.”

      Your new friend,


  3. Hey Roy!

    I actualy tried this little guy once when I was going to the gym, at least it was something very similar.

    And I gotta say it really did the trick. It’s something very easy to use and it gives quick results.

    I also vouch for combining it with some cardio and not eating too much junk food. That would be my perfect scenario 😉

    Thanks for the review! Very helpful stuff!

    1. Hi Israel, good to hear from you. I love this “little guy” as you call it. Draws me like a magnet. Find myself enjoying it at least 5 times a day. I know it has been said that we should never become addicted to anything but if I were to become addicted to my BB, I can’t see a problem there. Keep well, Israel.


  4. Hello Roy,

    Just like with everything else in life, the key to success is small habits. They’re like a snowball effect. It’s like basketball players when they practice their free throws; first they start off with 10, then they gradually build up to a hundred until they can do it in their sleep.

    Losing weight is a difficult thing to do for many people because they feel to realize that it’s not a bout crash dieting… it’s about developing healthy habits.

    I’m gonna have to check out this book.

    Thanks for the recommendation Roy,

    1. Hi Diana,

      I agree with you 100%. Would highly recommend this book. I’ve now read the first 30 pages and I tell you, it’s an eye opener !He has been talking about Motivation and Will Power – mighty interesting ! Will start Chapter three later today. It’s title is Weight Loss Speed. Can’t wait to read what he has to say. Everything he has said thus far makes absolute sense ! !

      Again, thanks for the contact, Diana, and if you do buy the book, please let me know what you think.

      Kindest Regards,


  5. Thank You

    The book you shared today sound like one which we all should read for motivation and good advice for our weight management goals.

    Weight management is setting a routine to be successful & eating snacks in moderation which are high in sugar and sodium works for me.

    I like your website and your tips, be sure I will be back to read more of your helpful articles.

    1. Thanks Jeff, for visiting my site and for the positive comments. What works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all hey? Many factors come into play when one is wanting to get rid of unwanted flab. Your build is one factor. Some folk who are big, strong and muscular are sometimes said to be  overweight, which is nonsense.

      Age is another factor. That adaptation period we all have to make from when we are young to when we are not so young, is a grey area.  It creeps up on us. And again we are all different. 

      How active we are, is another factor.

      We are all unique and must do what works for us as individuals.

      Keep well, Jeff. I’m sure we’ll meet many time in the community.


  6. Hi Roy,

    Thanks for the reviews, especially on the book. I will be very interested in seeing further comments from you the content. I could not agree more that it is the mind that is the key to not only weight loss but everything we do. With the western world becoming more obese one has to understand “why” we are gaining before the problem can be solved long term. Keep the excellent review coming. – Mark

    1. Hi Mark, good to hear from you and thanks for taking the time to look at my review. Am really enjoying the book. I love books that are full of wisdom as this one is. It’s the type of book that you can dip in and out of. As with all books that I read, I read them in short, concentrated daily burst. What do they say: Some books need to be nibbled, others need to be chewed, and yet others need to be digested. This one includes all three of those. 

      Keep well and hopefully we’ll see more of each other out there in the community.


  7. Does the trimmer work? I had a similar one called ab king pro and it was really difficult to do exercises on it. Although it looked similar performing exercises on a daily basis on it caused pain!

    How long will it take before I start seeing any difference in my body after using the trimmer?

    1. Hi Shrey, thanks for popping in again. Good to hear from you.

      I love my trimmer. Very comfortable to exercise on. I work on a shower towel which I place on the floor to lie on and have a small cushion which I place on the headrest (although the BB6000 has a comfortable enough headrest) and then I,m away in seconds.

      You asked how long it would take before you saw a difference in your abs? Now that depends how often you use it and how long you exercise for. On average, my friend (BB6000) and I work out together twice a day and for 2 mins each time. Now that’s on average. My mini habit (have to habit) is to exercise on the BB twice a day for 2 mins. But it depends, often I do more. It depends on how much time I have each day. When I started using the BB6000, I felt a difference in my abs after the first day. There was a definite tightening after just the two sessions. I still have quite a bit of flab to move but I can honestly say the AB6000 is helping me. Exercises are done slowly and carefully. Never push hard. Gentle exercise is key. Don’t ever want to feel pain. The BB6000 is a gentle “soul” .   🙂  

      If you are looking for something that will melt the flab away quickly, the BB6000 is not for you, Shrey. It will slowly and gently tighten/tone , work away the flab and strengthen your core.

      Hope this helps.

      Keep well and keep active.


  8. Hi there,
    I had had to take a moment to tell you… I’m a health coach and preach this all the time! Nothing will change until we change our habits. Or what we do with our 24 hours in the day. Good habits equal good health, bad habits equal poor health. When I see people change their habits, I know their consciousness is changing too. Keep up the good work with your website!

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for popping in and for the encouragement. It is true hey, if we keep doing the same things the same way, we’ll keep getting the same results. Look forward to learning from you.

      Kindest regards,


  9. Great post. I’m always trying to find ways to lose a couple of inches here and there around my waist. The book sounds like a good read and I will be purchasing a copy.

    The BB6000 looks like a good piece of equipment. I used to have something similar but it broke.

    1. Hello Harjit, good to hear from you. Yes, those inches around the waist need to be removed . A slim waste and strong core just makes us look and feel better. My partner was reading one of her novels and came across a description of one of the author’s characters. Went like this: ” He has long, dark hair tied back in a pony tail, and a stomach that has wriggled over his belt to give itself a bit more room.” Funny, as long it’s not us whom he is describing 🙂

      The book which I mentioned in my post is an excellent book. I’m really into it. It has very useful and powerful weight loss strategies which I’ve started putting into practice and what Steve says is so easy to understand and makes complete sense. A great buy as a weight loss tool/guide. And I use my BB6000 as often as I can during the week (short bursts) and more often over weekends when I have more time (also short bursts). A comfortable piece of equipment which for me, has it’s own personality. We talk flat out during my burst sessions.

      keep well Harjit and happy weight loss.

  10. Hi, Roy,

    Losing weight is definitely something that can be challenging for practically all individuals, especially if doing so will lead to a much better quality of life.

    The book that you reviewed written by Stephen Guise definitely appears to have high value, as well as potentially produce positive results for the individual who truly is looking to lose weight.

    One of the premises that you mentioned about this book as created by Stephen Guise is that being overweight is not a crime. Quite often people who carry too much weight on their frames are looked down upon by society, thus creating an inferiority complex in that individual.

    I also liked what Guise had to say regarding eliminating certain foods/drinks, (soda emphasized in your review) from a person’s habits. He presented several options, instead of just one. Much like a person who needs to quit smoking tobacco for his/her health presenting just one option would not work for everyone.

    Quitting drinking soda cold turkey would not be something everyone could successfully achieve, so Guise presented 7 different options; one of which should work for everyone.

    It’s too bad that the piece of abdominal equipment that you promoted, the BB6000 AB trimmer machine could not be shipped to the U.S. from what I read. I’m sure that there are a lot of people in this country who could benefit from using this machine, particularly as the price listed, (in Euros) is quite reasonable converting it to US dollars.


    1. Hi Jeff,

      Good to hear from you my friend and thank you for your interest.

      Was just mentioning something to another one of my friends which is interesting: A tub of butter weighs 500g here in the UK. If we were to be 10kgs over weight, it would mean that we’d be carrying 20 of them around with us every day. What would that be doing to our knees and ankles? We know what our knees feel like when we carry a bucket of water (1L of water = 1 Kg).

      So extra weight has got to be adding stress and strain on our bodies.

      Thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts and comments. Thank you.

      All the best my friend.


  11. Stephen’s book sounds wonderful. and the part about soda is my downfall. My husband and I spend most of our time in a Rv due to his line of work. His love is Pepsi and yes because of this, I drink it all of the time. It’s just so easy to grab a can and crack it open. I’ve actually shied away from my coffee because of this.

    I like water but not a steady diet of it. Do you have some suggestions as to what else I could use in place of soda? Thanks in advance and I await your answer.

    1. Hi Deborah and thanks for the contact. We need to make the easy, harder, and the harder a little easier ! We all crave the canned drinks, yes, because they are so easy to grab and crack open as you say. So we need to change our behaviour when those cravings occur and make it a little more difficult for us to grab and crack. My strategy for many cravings is that I have to drink a large bottle of water first, before I crack open a can. And if I then still crave what’s in the can, I can have it. So I’ve made the easy (drinking a can of Pepsi) just that little more difficultand the difficult (drinking water) a little easier. I have been doing this for about a month now and it has worked 50% of the time. I aim to stick with the strategy as I want that 50% to become at least 90%. Give it a go and let me know how you get on. Remember it will be strange at first (anything new is) and people might make silly comments, but stick to your guns and show them what it will do for you. A can of Pepsi has 7 teaspoons full of sugar in it hey Deborah. And you’re not aiming to give up your Pepsi, just to cut down ! And Diet Pepsi is packed full of chemicals ! Go for it Deborah, do it for you !!


  12. Hello Roy. This is a great review for the bodhivana mat. I definitely learned a lot about this product and I commend you for a great review. You have a wonderful site and I wish you the very best. I will definitely be a returning customer and reader. Keep up the good work!


    1. Hello Shawn and thanks for the compliment. Yes, the Bodhivana has been a great buy. A pleasure to lie on it in comfort whilst exercising with my BB6000.

       Look forward to communicating with you.


  13. I once used a towel before I got my exercise mat. What a pain that was. It kept moving on me and didn’t offer much of anything. In fact, I through it off to the side during an exercise class and worked out directly on the floor.

    When I bought my exercise mat, it made a world of a difference. It was easier to do the routines because it was more comfortable.

    As a side note, my son went on a campout recently. He was advised to take a pad at the last minute. Not having enough time to buy a pad, he took my exercise mat. From now on, we’re getting exercise mats for camping!

    I’m curious about the Body Sculpture BB6000 Ab Trimmer. Does it come with instructions or a video to use it properly? The chart it comes with may be enough. I just want to make sure to use it properly.

    1. Good to hear from you, Becky. The exercise mat does make a world of difference, hey ! Mine is extra thick and is perfect for floor exercises. Never thought of it as a camping mat, but what an excellent idea !

      The BB6000 comes with a set of exercises which in my opinion is more than enough as a guide. I have also created exercises of my own and this I’ve done by feel  ie. I’ll try out something and see which ab muscles are tightening and relaxing, and if it feels right, then I add it to my “collection.” Just be very gentle with yourself. I don’t believe in the no pain no gain theory. I feel every exercise and enjoy it, and I never over-do it. Never too far, too fast, too soon is my motto. Small tiny daily improvements is what I look for. Short sessions too. I sometimes do 10 sessions a day on my BB and sometimes just 2 or 3 a day, but a session never lasts longer than three minutes. Breathing is important – exhale when you exert and inhale when you relax eg sit-up.

      Also, don’t do too many forward sit-ups (crunches). These can cause a ridge to develop and you don’t want that. Again I say, losing the telly belly is 80% ‘fuel’ intake and 20% exercise. The BB is firming the various ab muscles under the flab. The flab is removed by eating sensibly.

      I’ve had a couple of these ‘ab trimmers’ but the BB6000 has been the best of the lot – not too expensive and also at the same time, of good quality.

      Work on that core of yours, Becky. It will take time and effort but even if you lose a little and continue towards your goal, you will feel great and that’s worth gold.

      Be healthy, be happy and be safe.


  14. I like reading sites about weight loss. I like seeing all the different techniques people use to lose weight. I like how you are advertising necessary products on this page. I read a sentence that didn’t look right to me but I’m not sure.

    “I came across this book on the internet this afternoon and (a) have purchased it.” I think there should be an I there.

    Besides that one thing I really enjoyed reading through the site and seeing the different products that can help people.

    1. Thanks for the spot there, Ryan. Will correct it a.s.a.p.

      Pleased that you enjoyed reading the website and hope that it will inspire you.

  15. Hi, and thanks for the multiple exposures to the idea of losing belly fat. I’ve been involved with trying to lose weight for some time, but have never come across the very interesting mix of idea that you propose. Moving a lot more seems to be a very good thought, not just moving during exercise. I also like the concept of substituting better foods for my current choices. Looking forward to applying some of these principles, thanks!

    1. You’re welcome, Bobby. I actually think that all movement is a form of exercise. Unfortunately we can’t tell the body just where we’d like to lose weight, but we can target areas like the belly. We need to “diet” away the flab covering our abs and I use the word diet as a noun ie. what we feed ourselves and not where we starve ourselves. And then work slowly and carefully to firm the abs underneath. I swear by the AB6000 (see my review on my website) and have also icnluded  basic Plank exercises more recently. It works , Bobby !

  16. Hi!

    This is an excellent combination of items to learn about, they all revolve around the same thing.

    What caught my eye the most were the mat and the book!

    I have used mats before that, even though they were thick, they were just not comfortable, plus they do tend to slip around a bit.This looks like the answer to all of the issues I have seen in the past.

    And the book, I have read and reviewed and read and reviewed some more. It sounds like he really knows what he is talking about, and it seems like there is a wealth of information. There were a couple of things you pointed out that really caught my attention and I am very curious to know more.

    Thank you so much for all of the info you have given! 🙂 It is very helpful!

    1. Hi Miranda,

      Many thanks for visiting and being so positive.

      The mat is ultra-comfortable. Takes away all the floor pain. This mat and my ab trimmer (BB6000) are truly a perfect combination. And the book is the type of book you can read again and again, and each time to learn something new.

      Hope we can share more. Would welcome more input from you.


  17. Great site! I like it that you are approaching the issue from all different angles. You combine nutrition with specific exercises and equipment, book summary, your personal experience and experimentation with what others have suggested. You encourage curiosity, experimentation and total self responsibility and I liked that approach. Thank you.

    1. Hello Rhian. Pleased to hear that you enjoyed the site ! Have only been taking this weight loss thing seriously for the last few months (6 months) and it has now become a new way of life for me. The WHY is what is driving me. Why I don’t want to carry any unnecessary flab. And I want to go the healthy , careful , enjoyable route. 

      Thank you for your comments. Mean a lot to me.

      Hope to meet up with you again as we travel down this road to feeling and looking good.

      So many great ideas out there and experienced people whom we can learn from.

      All the best.


  18. This looks like a good book to try out. I love fitness and learning new things about how to get healthier and stay in shape. The BB6000 looks tough to work out with! Looks like it will definitely help out with abs and even arms and chest/back as well. I can see myself being sore after using this just a few times. 🙂 Thanks for the review!

    1. Hi Jessie, thanks for your comments. Pleased to hear that you like to look after yourself . Stick with this attitude and it will benefit you big-time as your life moves on. 

      The BB is my best friend. Use it all the time. What I really enjoy is that it helps with neck strain . Like the soft mat takes away the floor pain factor, so the BB takes away the neck pain factor. Allow one to focus on the core without distractions. I use many of the abdominal exercises which I see around and simply execute these exercises using my BB to support the neck. I’m at a stage of my life where I need to do all exercises very carefully. Enjoyment is key and I do short burst often rather than put myself through a killer session which would need a few hours of recovery time.

      Hope to hear more from you as you seem to be the kind of person one could learn from.

  19. The descriptive titles of chapters of part 1 and 2 of the book “Mini habits for weight loss” by Stephen is really thought provoking. I like the following ones which prepare you in the battle with weight : The Unhappy Marriage of Weight Loss and Dieting, Brain Change Before Body Change, Mini Habit Plans, Situational Strategies: Rules Can Be Broken, Strategies Are Forever. I think I will try the kindle version.

    1. This is truly a great book. I refer to it constantly. 

      If you do decide to purchase a copy, please let me know what you think. 

  20. The BB6000 sounds like a miracle come true. Are used to do a lot of sit ups and crunches. You are right because those exercises really hurts my neck a lot. This little “machine” seems to solve most of that problem and allow us to work squarely on our abdominal without tensing the muscles that pulls on the vertebra of our neck. The piping breaking sounds like a big concern to me. Is there anything I can do to stabilize it?

    1. Hi WB, good to hear from you. I love my BB6000 ! A good quality piece of equipment. Allows me to focus on working my abs.  It wasn’t the BB6000 which had the inferior piping, it was a cheaper ab trimmer which I bought previously. No fear of that happening with the BB6000. Quality !

  21. This contained a lot of gold nuggets of informaiton on a topic that im sure lots and lots of people are wanting to know. How do you get rid of that belly!?! This is is an article worth saving. The exercise machinery and other things you recommended seem like great choices.

    1. Hi Chris, glad that you found it helpful. Makes me feel good when yo say, “This article is worth saving.” The BB6000 is a great “friend” and we meet regularly during each day and the wonderful mat was a great buy. Eliminated floor pain completely. The book is my “bible.” Am always dipping in and out of it. Learn something new which can be applied, every time I go to it, which is often.

      Thank you for visiting and for your comments. Hope we meet again.

  22. Lots of really interesting ways to lose weight and become fit, and to stay that way,

    Many recommended equipment aids to assist in getting results and keeping it,

    I especially am intrigued in the apple cider, as this is not the 1st I have heard of it’s almost magical properties,

    I like the review section as it seems the author has direct experience with the products listed in the reviews.

    A very useful website and certainly worth a few visits in the future.

    1. Hi Gary, thank you for visiting my “shop”. Pleased that you found it interesting. Yes, I love my little ab trimmer with its soft floor map. Train with them whenever I walk passed them. What did you think of the book? Now that’s my “bible” as it were. Always in and out of it. It’s the way to go for permanent weight loss, no question about it.

      The apple cider beverage works. I drink a glass last thing at night and first thing in the morning. It’s quite strong so recently I have been drinking it on every alternate day. It works and I certainly recommend it. Must tie it in with your daily exercise and nutrition.

      I do have direct experience with most of the products I promote. With those where I don’t I’m a great believer in learning from the experience of others and so I check out a bunch of reviews on the product and then format my own opinion from what I’ve read. Also go to friends and family who might have info for me.

      Once again, Gary, thanks for the visit and your positive comments. Hope to see you in the “shop” again sometime soon.

      All the very best,


  23. Hi Roy,

    Glad to see you’re spreading the good word about avoiding soft drinks. I’d also like to mention that fruit juice is as bad if not worse than soft drinks. Why? Because people assume it’s healthy and often drink more of it. Fruit juice is sometimes sweeter than soft drinks. People assume because it’s made of fruit (sometimes) that it’s good for them. I especially hate to see that people put so much in smoothies.


    1. Hi Darren,
      I agree 100% with you. Freshly squeezed fruit juice is great but I hesitate to drink anything out of a boxed, canned or bottled container.
      Thanks for visiting, Darren. Sorry that I took so long to reply to you.
      Enjoy your weekend.

  24. The Mini Habits book is a keeper, Roy. Thanks for sharing it.

    I’m in the beginning stages of a new health regimen, and these bite-sized tips are perfect. Most diet books are overwhelming, but Mini Habits makes each step seem very achievable. I’m already working on my one pushup a day…

    If you have any other tips for a slacker that’s just resuming a healthy lifestyle, I’d love to hear them.

    Meanwhile, thank you so much for posting this info. It’s been a huge help.


    1. Thanks for visiting my little “shop” time and so pleased you found something which will be of use to you. Exercise should be enjoyable and to be enjoyable, I like it to be achievable. Bite-size is definitely the way to go. One of my bite-sized habits that I have just started is to jog 50m, and at this moment that is all I’m doing. The beauty with jogging or walking is that you don’t have to move very far. Can walk/jog on the spot. Jog 50m in the back yard or in the driveway or along the road and see how long that takes, and then set that as the time for jogging/walking on the spot when you don’t fancy getting out, or if the weather is grim. And this can be adjusted as you want to. Walking stairs, walking around the garden, or running.

      The main thing is to move, Tim. It’s when we sit too much that we seize up. 

      The strategies in the book are excellent. I’m really into them big-time. And the beauty is that you can adjust and execute the strategies whichever way you want. There’s flexibility. 

      Would be keen to hear how your health regimen goes. Please keep in touch.



  25. Thanks for this review.
    I used to struggle with my weight too because it came to a point where I wasn’t as effective and as productive in my work like used to because I got so heavy. So I also tried some forms of diet.
    Most overweight people are more concerned about how they look but health should be the number 1 reason for us to keep fit. We can start with small habits such as eating less and exercising more because as you said small habit could yield big results.
    I’ll be looking into these products that you reviewed and see which one suits me best. By the way, do you recommend slimming teas or pills? What about staying away from carbs?

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for your interesting thoughts and experiences.

      The perfect body is the one that you feel happy and healthy in. Always remember that.

      I’m all for slimming teas if you mean Green Tea and Red Bush tea, Alice. Often drink these and have recently developed a taste for Ginger Tea, too. And never with refined sugar. Spoil myself with a latte coffee every now and again though, maybe twice a week, and do add a couple of tspns of sugar to that. Sometimes take my ordinary tea, which I have with milk, with a small tspn of honey. Am not a fan of pills.

      Staying away from carbs ? I don’t stay away from anything. Don’t think it’s right to deny your body. Believe that you cannot deny your body forever, at some point what you are denying yourself will come back and bite you, and then you will lose control. My philosophy is to eat anything but to control how much you eat. Your body wants chocolate give it a little chocolate, but don’t spoil it !!

      I have a great book which guides me, Alice. You might have seen it when you were reading through the products on my website. It’s a book which takes a completely different angle on weight loss and such a sensible one. This book has changed my life. Take a look: Mini Habits For Weight Loss.  I dip into it each and every day.

      Thanks again for visiting my little “shop.” Hope to see you again soon.


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