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So  You  Nourish  Your  Body , So  You  Nourish  Your  Mind (clean  live  foods)


A  poor  diet

Has  a  pronounced  effect  on  your  life.  It  is  one  of  the  main  sources  of  discontent. It drains your mental  health and  physical  energy.  It  affects  your  moods  and  it  hampers  clarity  of  mind. “So  you  nourish your  body,  so  you nourish  your  mind.”

Low  Octane  Fuel

Have  you  ever  heard  the  term  “run down” ?  Most  people  think  that  there  minds  and  bodies  get  run  down  by the  stresses  and  strains  of  work  and  because  they  are  getting  older.  I  believe  that  much  of  our  lethargy  is due  to  the  low-octane  fuel  we  pump  into  our  bodies.

Live  Foods

In  order  to  stay  youthful  and  bright  we  must  pump  Live  Foods  into  our  bodies.  What  are  Live  Foods  you might  ask.  Live foods  are  created  through  the  natural  interaction  of  the  sun,  air,  soil  and  water.  What  I’m  talking  about  here  is  a  vegetarian  diet.  Fill  your  plates  with  fresh  vegetables,  fruits  and  grains  and  you  might  just  live  forever. I  read  once  about  a  group  of  people  living  on  Okinawa,  a  tiny  island  in  the  East  China  Sea.  Researchers  were  flocking  to  the  island  because  they  are  fascinated  by  the  fact  that  it  holds  the  largest  concentration  of  centenarians  in  the  world.  What  have  they  learned?  That  a  vegetarian  diet  is  one  of  their  main  longevity  secrets.

Some  may  question  whether  this  diet  is  healthy  and  whether  it  would  give  you  much  strength.  My  answer  to that  would  be that  this  is  the  diet  that  nature  intended.  It  is  alive ,  vital  and  supremely  healthy.  I  refer  you back  to  the  folk  who  live  on  Okinawa.  And  as  to  the  concern  about  strength,  the  most  powerful  animals  on the  planet  ranging  from  gorillas  to  elephant,  are  vegetarians.

Nothing  to  Extremes

Base  your  wisdom  on  the  ageless  principle  that  one  must  live  a  life  of  moderation  and  do  nothing  to  extremes.  So  if  you  like  meat,  you  can  certainly  keep  eating  it.  I’d  suggest  though  that  you  cut  back  on  the  amount  of  red  meat  that  you  eat.  It  is  really  hard  to  digest  and  since  your  digestive  system  is  one  of  the  most  energy-consuming  processes  of  your  entire  body,  valuable  energy  reserves  are  needlessly  depleted  by  this  foodstuff.  Just  compare  how  you  feel  after  eating  a  steak  with  your  energy  levels  after  eating  a  salad.  If  you  don’t  want  to  become  a  strict  vegetarian,  at  least  start  having  salad  with  every  meal  and  fruit  for  dessert.  Even  this  will make  a  huge  difference  to  the  quality  of  your  physical  life.

Just a simple little article which I hope was of some value to you.

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4 thoughts on “Nourishing

  1. This is awesome. I have begun to change my eating habits with focusing on living foods. Vegetables and meats. I have been on a journey of weight loss but didn’t want to JUST lose weight. I wanted to improve my health while I was losing weight. I approve of this article!

    1. Hi Austin,

      Thank you for your thoughts and experiences on the “nourishing” article. You have the combination spot on ie. healthy weight loss. Changing of our lifestyle which includes what we eat , what we do to exercise our bodies, and what we think, is crucial.

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Good to hear from you.


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