Nature Can Teach Us Humans A Thing Or Two !

 Let A Tree Be Your Guide


When we look at a tree we can see the leaves, flowers and twigs which are connected to the branches which are connected to the stem and the stem is connected to the roots. The roots provide nutrients from the earth up through the stem and branches to the leaves, and the leaves turn sunlight into energy which goes through the branches down the stem and into the root. The nutrients travel around/through the tree in the form of sap.



Now a tree will grow into a healthy specimen if it is planted in good soil. Think about when a small tree is transplanted. You cant just dig a small hole, put the small tree in it and compact the soil around it. You have to dig a large hole, place the little tree into the large hole and then fill the hole with lovely rich compost and then water it. It should then grow into a big, healthy adult tree.


The same can be said of a small child. They should be correctly “planted”  if they are to grow to be strong, healthy adults. They need a strong foundation/base from which to grow. The ” planting hole” (home) should offer the right “compost” to allow them to start their lives from a position of strength. The foods (physical and mental) which they are encouraged to eat, and exercise, are important . This will be the “sap” that will flow through their bodies.

What would happen to a tree if poison were injected into its roots? The poison would travel in the sap to the rest of the tree and the tree would shrivel up and die. The same would happen to us if “poison” were injected into our “sap” (blood). So do you see how important it is that our “roots” must absorb good nutrients from the “soil” (the home ?)




And if we get these good nutrients from our roots (home-life and family), then our bodies and minds will be given a great start. They will grow strong and healthy.


We then get to our “leaves” (mind). It is here where our food is made and this mind food is made at home and also the extension  of the home – the influences of our friends, other folk who we might come into contact with face to face, or in cyberspace and life in general, away from our homes. If this environment is healthy and “unpolluted”, then our minds will become strong and  our confidence and self-esteem will grow strong. And so will the spirit.

We all have two wolves fighting in our minds every day. One is a bad wolf and the other is a good wolf. Who is the strongest? It depends upon which one we feed.

Everything in life happens twice, firstly in the mind (blue-print) and then for real. It is the mind which provides the thinking and energy whilst the body is simply just a vehicle. You could see it as the mind being the rider and the body being the horse. The body must be kept in good nick so that it can carry out the instructions of the mind.

Where do the flowers fit in ? Well I see them as seasonal. Our spirits. The tree blooms at certain times and we bloom at certain times. Trees obviously live on a different time scale to us. Our lives are a lot shorter than theirs. We are mobile and are exposed to so many more environments to what they are. But we can shine our light and influence so many more people than what they can. So we flower when we help others. I heard a story a few days ago where a young guy approached a homeless person and gave him £100. But then they followed the homeless guy. He went straight into a liquor store and came out with his bag bulging. They continued to follow him, and you know what they saw him doing? He hadn’t bought liquor at all but food, and he was going to other homeless people in the city and feeding them. Brought  tears to my eyes that did. Now there was a man who was in full bloom.

So let nature be our teacher once again. And also remember that if we are parents or have the privilege of being in a leadership position then we must see ourselves as gardeners or farmers. No matter what our age, if we are in a situation where others look to us for guidance, we must set the example, a good example.This applies equally to the little Under 10 football captain, or  the CEO of a large company or the President of a country, anybody in a position of in

Be healthy, happy and safe everyone !

Your friend,



8 thoughts on “Nature Can Teach Us Humans A Thing Or Two !

  1. Hi Roy – What a lovely way of teaching us the value of nutrition. I especially loved your good/bad wolf analogy – the one we feed gets strongest. Genius. Indeed, should we let nature be our guide, we would be better off. I am off to check out your other pages. Happy holidays!

    1. Thank you for your kind words Michelle. Pleased that you enjoyed the article. I wish you and yours a healthy, happy and safe December Break too.


  2. I truly enjoyed your article. I love how you see us as trees and flowers. I was wondering. What do you call it when children becoming rebellious? Is that when you want a tree to grow one way and they grow another? My siblings were horrible when they were kids but they grew up some great adults. That homeless guy, I saw the video too. I was teary eyed also. There are still good people out there because they were planted right, regardless if they may look like they weren’t watered regularly.

    1. Children are going to “rebel” and try their luck and we don’t want to break that spirit. Discipline is so important . They should be told right from wrong and also be able to learn from a role model. I was a school teacher for many years and still teach school on a part-time basis. Have always found that if we respect the child that they will respect us. We must not have the “Do as I say and not as I do” philosophy, but must be a good example to the youngsters by the way what we say and what we do and how we say and do it.

      Appreciate your thoughts very much.


  3. What a terrific analogy! Humans are very similar to trees in the aspect that it’s all about the roots and the nutrients provided to set the foundation for a healthy life.

    I agree with you about things happening twice in life, first mentally, then physically. The mind is what truly drives us, and a healthy mind does encourage a stronger spirit.

    I like the story at the end about the homeless man. Truly is uplifting. Thank you so much for sharing this story and providing a unique viewpoint on life. This is such an inspirational post.

    I wish you all the best in life,


  4. Interesting post. I love the analogies. the most powerful idea in your post in my opinion is the importance of feeling good. When you feel good nothing bad can happen. And good nutrition will have a profound impact on how e feel, and our ability to vibrate positively.

    Great article.

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