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A Stranger’s Just A Friend You Do Not Know

Hello my friend,   🙂  I am losing weight slowly but surely, but it sometimes feels as though I am taking two steps forward and one step back as I travel along this road. Well, at least I’m moving forward. Could be stationary or moving backwards  🙁

What Natural Weight Loss Means To Me

Of one thing I am very sure  though and this is that I will lose the weight naturally. I’m not going to put anything into my body which isn’t natural. I’ve chosen this path for myself. You might disagree but do you know what, I don’t care. I’m losing weight for me and I’m doing it my way.

So no pills of any shape or form for me. I’m going to get into shape in the way our ancestors did.

How Did Our Early Ancestors Stay In Shape?
A Native American Image, but if we look back in time, all of our ancestors were hunter-gatherers !

They were hunters and gatherers so they walked, ran, jumped and climbed a lot of the time. Nature provided them with healthy food and their lifestyles with the exercise. They drank lots of delicious chemical free water from the lakes and streams which also provided them with fish. They spent all of their time in the fresh air and for entertainment they would dance and sing and tell stories and laugh. They lived in harmony with nature !

So What’s Changed ?

Well, the world has changed and we are no longer hunters and gatherers are we , as much as some of us would like to be. Well, maybe we are still hunters and gatherers but not in the same way. Nature still provides us with our food but now we don’t have to go out into the bush and hunt for it. We hunt for it in the supermarket. We don’t have to go out and gather fruit and vegetables. We don’t have to go out and collect the water for washing, cooking and drinking. We don’t dance and sing around the fire every night, we dance at clubs, parties and weddings, and in our homes. We don’t have the peace and quiet and the pitch darkness when we sleep. Just the stars and moon up above in a balck sky. This is the problem, in those days the people needed to use their bodies in order to survive whilst today we don’t have to.


So  How  Does  One  Get  Into  Shape  The  Way  Our  Early  Ancestors Did ?


Their lifestyle was a very physical one and as we can’t live as they did we need to find a way to adapt our way of life so that we can become more physical.

So we can’t run around in the bush hunting animals, but we can still run, and many of us do, which is great ! We can still walk . We can still climb (mountains/climbing walls, rope, jungle gyms etc) We can still eat fruit and vegetables, and animals if we want. We can become more physical. Instead of riding a horse we can ride a bicycle. Many of us have made this adjustment.

And if you think about it. We fish, we canoe, we camp out in tents we ride horses etc. But we don’t have to do it to survive. Or do we !!?


My Thoughts (09-11- 2017)

I woke at 5.00 am (usually rise and shine at 6a.m) yesterday and found myself at the kitchen table . It was still dark outside but I was up as I woke early and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind got to thinking and so I took a sheet of A3 paper (it was actually the back of last months calendar) and a pencil . Made a few notes. This is what I wrote:

A goal to lose a further 5kgs by Christmas ( a big ask) and to work harder at flattening my tummy and strengthening my core. Follow  my  progress:

Weigh in:

13 Nov.                     85.2  kg                187.8   lbs                   13. 416703 stone

23 Nov                      84.2  kg                185.6   lbs                   13. 259230 stone

30 Nov                   _____  kg                _____  lbs                _____  stone   _____  lbs

07 Nov                   _____  kg                _____  lbs                _____  stone   _____  lbs

14 Dec                   _____  kg                 _____  lbs                _____  stone  _____  lbs

21 Dec                   _____  kg                 _____  lbs                _____  stone  _____  lbs





06:00 –  12.30

Spiritual Time, Plank Exercises, March to one track, Dance alone to one track, 30 min walk (at least).

13.30 – 19:00

Brisk 10 min walk (at least), 50m jog building up by 50m every week, Cycle Ride (stationary bike), Plank Exercises, March to one track, dance alone to one track. ( two tracks each come December)

20.00 – 21.30

Spiritual Time



Simply to be sensible about my eating . They say we must think before we ink, well we must also think before we eat.


Danger  Times  for  me – when I need to be very alert !

must fight temptation  –  the  temptation  to  snack  and  the  temptation  to  just  sit.


15:30  –  19:00                20:00  –  21:30



12 thoughts on “Natural Weight Loss

  1. This a great article about your experiences with weight loss so far. I agree with you 100% about losing weight the natural way, without the aid of harmful medications or invasive surgeries and procedures. The natural way is the best and safest way.

    Losing 5 kgs in a span of about 4-5 weeks is a little much though. Weight loss that is too rapid can lead to gallstones! May I ask how tall you are? Your height would give a better idea on what your healthy weight range would be.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      Thank you for visiting. Always good to hear the thoughts and opinions of others.

      You taught me something which I didn’t know  ie  that rapid weight loss can cause gallstones. I’m 169cm tall but my goal is not to lose weight rapidly. It depends on how much flab one is carrying don’t you think. People who are well above their ideal weight and know why they are there should lose weight more quickly don’t you think?

      I am not doing anything to extremes. Simply cutting back on certain foods and doing a bit more exercise. This seems to be doing the trick. If I do lose the weight by Christmas, well good, and if I don’t lose as much as I would like, that’s also good. Will then keep going. Never too far, too fast, too soon.

      All the best Andrea.

  2. I know it’s not easy to lose weight – I needed over a year to go back to the weight I’ve had before pregnancy.
    You’re saying you have got a tough time during the day at certain hour as it’s hard to fight temptation to snack.
    “Think before you eat” – I couldn’t agree more. But there’s more to this. “Think before you buy!”. If you don’t have a junk food at home there’s no risk you’ll end up eating it 🙂

    1. Hi Gosia,

      Good to hear from you. Love your last sentence !

      It’s tough though when there are two of you under the same roof and one is snacking flat-out. Suppose the next best thing is for the snacker to put their snacks into a cupboard ,padlock it and then tie the key around their neck 🙂

  3. It is interesting to think about our lifestyles compared to that of our ancestors. We are much more sedentary now. I like your idea, though, of working physical activities into my day. Do you have tips for those of us who work full time and may not be able to get a mid-morning walk in? The most challenging part between managing a career and family obligations is finding the time to exercise. Thanks for any advice you can provide.

    1. Hi Laura,

      I agree, it is a huge challenge to find time to exercise when we have so many daily commitments, but it can be done. I believe in “exercise on the move.” It requires us to be quite creative and each of us needs to do this for ourselves as we all have different lifestyles.

      Take a look at this page from my website. It might just trigger something:


      you might not need to lose weight, Laura,  but you might find the concept of exercise on the move interesting.

      All the best.

  4. I am loving every inch of your website! everything that I’ve learnt over the last 3 years about weightless and a healthy mindset is here in your website. This is right up my alley. I love when you said something along the lines of “Tell me and we might succeed, show us and I might succeed, involve us and I will succeed.” It’s the truth for any learning..if you are not implementing what you just learnt then you will be stuck in the cycle of “I can’t do it”
    I always tell people now ‘if you say you CANT then you WONT.’ it’s easy as that. and my step dad used to say to me “If you don’t have a plan, you’re planning to fail” as a young teen I had no clue what that ment, but as an adult it makes complete sense because what we do TODAY, plans and prepares for what IS in a month or years time.
    Keep up the amazing and positive content towards a healthier mind, body, and spirit

    1. Hi Genna,

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my website and thank you for your wisdom and thoughts. I so enjoyed hearing what you had to say today. 

  5. I’m glad to hear you’re working hard on your goals and not letting outside factors distract you. It’s very easy to go off track sometimes. Even if you feel some days aren’t a perfect line towards your goals, I’ve come to learn that it’s like that with just about anything we truly want to go after and achieve. I also try to eat as naturally as possible. I’m a health freak, and stick to a routine with exercise and eating. It’s not a diet for me, but a lifestyle. And it seems that’s what it’s becoming for you too. Congrats!

    1. Hi Paul. Oh yes, very easy to go off course, we all do. The important thing is to get the wheels back on the track and the mind going in the right direction as quickly as possible after this happens. I have what you might call a punishment regime. If I eat four blocks of chocolate instead of my daily allowance of two, then I have to take myself off and do 50 press ups. I struggle to do 10 so fifty is tough for me, very tough. The punishment always fits the crime.

      Well done on creating a healthy lifestyle, Paul. Keep it up my friend.

      Thanks for the encouragement. Something we all need, whether we are 4 or 94 years of age.

  6. This is a great article. I read many articles on losing weight but your is so natural…shows the thing so easy to do. I like it in your way..natural…easy….
    I would love to have the lifestyle our ancestors had but..I know is not possible so as you say we try to adapt.There is a small problem in this process, we can’t east so healthy as they did and for sure nothing is like in them days.
    Thanks for your nice post, so positive, so …encouraging. Reading it I miss nature:))
    Christmas is coming maybe I don’t have enough time but the important is to change the lifestyle and slowly I will see results:)

    1. Hi Cristina. Good to hear your thoughts.

      You’re right when you say that we can’t live the life that our ancestors lived, we live in a different world today. But we can learn from them. They were physically active and we can also be active but in different ways. We can’t really go out and get our meals from the bush as they did – berries and fruit from the trees, honey from the bees and meat from wild animals. Others do this for us today We can go to the supermarket and hunt for the freshest berries, fruit, honey and meat that we can find.

      But the bottom line is that they were more physical than many/most of us are today. They were up and about during their days and not in an office. This is where we have to be creative with our time. Need to come up with ways to exercise. For example, I don’t ride a horse but I do ride my stationary exercise bike every day, and not just once a day. Walk whenever we can. Walk the stairs – excellent exercise. Swim if this is possible – exercises every muscle in the body. Look at Tarzan’s body 🙂  What about hiking the public footpaths around your neighborhood ?

      No, Cristina, we can’t go back to the lifestyle of our ancestors but we can learn from them and get physical.

      We just need to use our imagination and be creative with our lifestyles.

      Always say to yourself: “If it’s to be then it’s up to me.”  Where the head goes, the body follows ! 

      All the very best.

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