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See  losing weight as an investment in yourself.

If you ask most people what their most important investment is it is doubtful that many will respond that it is their health. In fact the way most people spend their time and money it would be difficult to make a case that health is even in the average person’s top ten. But your body should be your most important investment because if your body fails you and you die then none of your other investments make a bit of difference. An Eastern spiritual healer accurately said  that most people today spend their health to get money and then spend all their money attempting to restore their lost health.

Your health is precious and should be your top and should be your top investment, and one of the best ways to improve your overall health is by losing excess weight. So many of the common health problems like    high blood pressure,   heart disease,   high cholesterol,   arthritis,   diabetes, depression   etc are closely linked to being overweight.

Not only do such ailments cost you a lot of money but they drastically reduce your quality of life and ultimately shorten your life.

Start looking at losing weight as your most important investment and you will have a lot more motivation to do whatever is necessary to see that it is ultimately your most successful investment.

Have small, achievable, daily goals initially.



We need to build up momentum before we go for the big goals. We need to get a few wins under our belt, then take that momentum and go and make it happen. Motivation is the result of momentum. So is confidence.

Your goal is to lose 40lbs. That’s a big goal ! Turn it into a small goal eg.  ‘eat one healthy breakfast this week.’ Note, this is not breaking your large goal into smaller steps – you are making a smaller goal. It doesn’t even matter if they’re unrelated to your big goal/dream – it’s just a start to knocking down goals.

The reasoning behind this is quite simple. You need momentum , and nothing builds momentum like getting a few wins under your belt. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about thinking big and having big dreams, but also understand the need for momentum and confidence.

The purpose of these smaller goals is not to get you closer to your goal, but to develop the skill of belief. The belief that you can accomplish goals – not steps.


1.  Identify the goal you want to accomplish

2.  Boil it down to a smaller goal – one that you can accomplish within a week.

3.  Take action and accomplish it.

4.  Choose another small goal.

5.  Get it done

6.  Do this until you’ve got 3-5 completed goals under your belt. Each of which is a little bigger than the one before it.

7.  Go after your big goal ! 


Tell your body that it’s not hungry but just bored.

It is difficult sometimes to tell the difference between emotional hunger and physical hunger. Below are a few tips to help you distinguish between them:


Hunger cycles peak about every 90 mins. Try to pass through the next cycle and eat every three or four hours.


A grumbling stomach is usually the strongest indication that you are really hungry, but it might not appear right away. Tune into your stomach and pay attention to any sensations there, like emptiness, mild nausea or rumbling. If you have eaten recently, be sure it’s not just your tummy digesting food.


Physical hunger comes on gradually, whilst emotional hunger is sudden.


Do you feel weak or shaky or fatigued? This is usually a sign that your body needs some fuel.


If you aren’t sure whether  you are really hungry, just wait a little while. Find something else to distract you and then check in with yourself a little later. Your body will let you know.


A craving means you want a particular taste! Ask yourself what it is you want. True hunger can be satisfied with any food. If only a particular food will do, you’re not really hungry.


At times, for lack of anything better to do, some people snack. This is usually due to a craving, rather than hunger. When you find yourself wandering for food, try to do something that’s not food-related to hold your attention.


Thirst can be mistaken for hunger. Drink a glass of water then wait a few minutes and see if the desire to eat subsides.


Being tired can create a sensation in or around your midsection, which can be mistaken for hunger. If it’s late, go to bed.


About Roy





Sometimes we have to press the re-set button, just to bring us back a step to allow us to stop for a few minutes in order to regroup.

I’ve just done this and have taken myself out of my daily program. Like sitting on a cloud looking down at myself on the ground. This is what I see.

06:00  Waking up early for some quiet time(spiritual)    —  plank and trimmer exercises  —  50 step run at least (mini habit)  —  grapefruit+honey+apple cider vinegar beverage  —  some reading  —  shower.

07:30  Breakfast –  chosen from the following: one egg (done according to what I feel), two slices of toast with honey or marmite, sausage, fish, sliced orange, sliced apple, a banana, sliced lemon, green/redbush tea.

This is pretty much my routine 7 days of the week


Then this is what I try very hard to include during the days when I have commitments:


Lunches:    chosen from the following:  fish,   sausage, sardines on toast, chicken, one slice of bread with marmite or honey, stacks and stacks of salad – lettuce, tomato, avocado, grapes, peppers, cucumber, baked beans.

Suppers:  chosen from the following: fish, steak, meat balls, chicken, lamb, broccoli, potato, green French beans, green Runner beans, green garden peas.


grape fruit + apple cider + honey     beverage before bed

This is the skeleton of what’s happening at the moment. There are moments when things change like if we go out to dinner and I have a burger or a pizza or some other junk food. The key is though that I don’t do that very often !!!!






8 thoughts on “Lose Weight#investment

  1. This is great information. I never thought about setting a large goal and then setting a very straight forward tiny goal before. I like your idea that momentum matters. This is a very simple and powerful technique. Thank you for sharing it. It also never occurred to me that hungry and tired could get confused as well. Thank you for sharing it.

    1. Hi, thanks for visiting my little “store” and I’m pleased you had a learning experience.

      The whole thing about us going after our goals is to build momentum. Momentum then builds confidence and drive. In the sporting world it can be likened to a pro tennis player playing in a tournament. The Federers and Nadals play the first round and hopefully win their match, and then the second round and so on. As they win each round it builds their confidence going forward in the tournament and prepares them mentally and physically for the finals. They need to get successes under their belts before they attempt the big one.

      With us we would set smaller goals which we know we will achieve ie we will have control , unlike the tennis players who could be beaten in the first round by a rank outsider. When we set our lead up goals we know we will achieve them. We will win those first rounds. Think of someone training for a marathon. They don’t just pitch on the day and hope that they will complete the distance. No, they start by completing shorter distances and slowly build towards the marathon. These guys build momentum.

      Again, thanks for visiting. Please do call again. I enjoy sharing the ideas, opinions and experiences of others.




      Our “store” is not just about weight loss, you will find that it’s actually all about health. A healthy mind in a healthy body.

  2. Great post, I truly like the idea of breaking up goals into bite size pieces. This way you can get results quickly which provides the motivation to continue to more goals. I think your daily routine is awesome. This allows you to start the day of the right way and stay possitive all day long. Keep up the great writing.

    1. Hi Ralph 

      Thank you for your thoughts on my webpage.

      It’s vital to get the day off to a good start. The challenging part is keeping it good and that’s where we need to have  strategies in place to help us.

      Just eating sensibly and doing a little exercise can go a long way to increasing energy levels, both mind energy and physical energy.

      Keep well and hope to hear from you again soon.


  3. Just the thing I need to hear………but you forgot the one thing that hinders momentum – “PROCRASTINATION”. It’s the devil that makes you put it off doing it!
    At least in my case. Anyway, thank for being the voice on my right spurring me on with wise advice.

    1. Spot on, Roldan, PROCRASTINATION is certainly the enemy when it comes to trying to build momentum ! I believe that once we make a decision we should immediately take some action to start the momentum. Thereafter it’s a case of “just getting on with it.”

      We can learn from each other. Today you brought that shadowy enemy of mine back into focus.

      All the best.

  4. One very important thing in life is goal setting. With that in mind I can achieve so much, and starting tomorrow I’m going to stop this nibbling on snacks after dinner.
    I really like the way you set out your meals. Easy to follow. I’m very impressed and going to try it out!
    Thanks for great advice.

    1. Hi E,
      Good to hear from you. Today is the day you stop eating those snacks after dinner or maybe you should rather just cut back on them. I find that when I try and cut them out completely my body reacts aggressively and after a couple of days I’ve again got a handful of biscuits. Best to start slowly. Halve what you have been snacking on maybe. Another strategy which I use is to choose a healthier option like a fruit rather than the sugary biscuit.

      You’ve made your decision and it’s important to act on it immediately, which is your intention. Proud of you. It’s not easy to change your lifestyle but I can see that you are determined to do so.

      Keep it simple and keep in touch my friend.

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