Rapid Weight Loss

I am one of you !

Dieting is deprivation. Successful weight loss is more about adding new and better things to your life than taking things away.

Many of us out there in the big, wide world need to lose weight and want to lose it, and we never want to find it again. I am one of you.

Decision time !

The decision was made after Christmas 2016, to lose weight and say goodbye to the telly belly or beer barrel or Weber or balloon or whatever you would like to call it. And I have already lost almost a stone. Twelve lbs to be exact. I always round off.

Action !

So what am I doing ? Am I dieting ? Am I taking tablets which curb my appetite, am I running for an hour every day? The answer to all these questions is a big fat , NO !  Not yet. I have simply increased my activity and cut down on certain foods (haven’t needed to cut out yet) and I have also cut down on the amount of food I put on my plate at mealtimes. And I snack on fruit whereas I was previously snacking on biscuits, ham slices, cheese slices, chocolate, in fact anything I could get my hands on.

Daily Rituals !

My programme consists of a number of daily rituals (these have become habits). Things that are non negotiable

  • Came across a book by Stephen Guise about using “mini habits” (rituals) to lose weight. I did a review on this book so please pop to the Review Page of my site and take a look. You too might find it very interesting.    

When I made the decision to flatten my tummy in January of 2017, I basically cut down on the volume of food I was eating at mealtimes and also on the naughty snacky foods mentioned above. I also walked a lot and am still walking flat-out. Spend a lot of time with my tummy trimmer. (My BB as I refer to it.) Also on my Review Page.

This strategy has definitely made a big difference during these first five+ months. And now besides continuing with my earlier programme I have  added Stephen’s little book of wisdom to my journey. I would strongly encourage you to take a look.

May I invite you to pop in at any time for a chat.

Your friend,


9 thoughts on “Rapid Weight Loss

  1. It’s amazing how such small things, when done routinely, can have such an impact in our lives. I’m a big believer in this principle, not just for dieting, but exercise, finance, spirituality, virtual every facet of self improvement.

    I like that you were able to get results without totally cutting out everything that you love. Just the small acts of portion control, and becoming more active are all the coarse corrections we need, rather than trying to overhaul your life which usually ends in giving up.

    1. Hi Dustin, good to hear from you. “Look after the pennies and the pounds will grow,” might not be a suitable comment when dealing with weight loss   🙂    , but you know what I’m trying to say. Doing small things and doing them regularly and often, add up to big results.

      It feels so good to have less weight to carry around. Think of 500g being a container of butter. If we are 10kgs over weight it means that we are carrying 20 of these around with us every single day. What would that be doing to our knees and ankles ?   🙁

      Thanks you for reading my review, Dustin, and for all you had to say in your comments.

      I wish you all the best, my friend.

  2. Hi Roy,

    My problem is eating period. A lot of times I forget to eat and when I do it’s whatever I can get my hands on (usually junk food) and that’s not good. Eating in the morning has never been something I enjoy because it tends to make me sick, however something I should probably do more of.

    Exercise is the one thing I need to do more of but it’s tough because of my back problems. I have 3 ruptures in my lower back and arthritis. I do have a small belly I’d love to get rid of without having to do the diet thing. Do you have any suggestions to get me on the right track?

    1. Hi again, Deborah. Really appreciate you taking the time to make contact.

      You already know where you are and where you want to go and to a certain extent, what’s stopping you.

      Too much junk food. Not having breakfast. Forgetting to eat. A bit more exercise possibly. 

      Let’s start with exercise which in my opinion is not as important as the fuel we take in but still. We need to stay active, strong and supple. But we must be very careful with exercise as it can often do more harm than good. Gentle exercise where we don’t feel pain is the answer. Walking is great ! Don’t have to walk miles and miles. Get yourself a good pair of trainers and just walk whenever you can. How far you want to walk is up to you, but make it easy. But make yourself walk 50 paces per day. Or walk on the spot for 50 paces. Just walk around the house for 50 paces. That should be non-negotiable. And on some days you might want to go further, depending on how you feel. But you must walk those 50 paces every single day. A small habit and not at all difficult. Do it Deborah and see how you go !

      With food, always carry an apple or a banana with you. Or any fruit you might enjoy and a bottle of water. Either In the car or in your handbag. When you crave that junk food first eat a piece of fruit and have some water. And then if you still crave the junk food, have it, but don’t gorge yourself. Eat the fruit even if you know you would rather have the junk food. We just need to work at changing our lifestyle habits. If we keep doing the same things we have always done, we will keep getting the same results. Lifestyle and weight loss go hand in hand. 

      My partner has arthritis in her hands and it’s darn painful. She eats lots of fruit and vegetables and drinks stacks of water. She also keeps herself very active and we do a lot of walking.

      It’s our health we are talking about here. When I was carrying all that weight I had a lot of pain in my knees and since losing much of that weight, the pain has disappeared.

      Hope this helps. Always remember with whatever you decide to do in life:

      “IF  IT’S  TO  BE,  THEN  IT’S  UP  TO  ME”.

      That book I bought has given me a number of strategies which I am starting to weave into my lifestyle !


    2. Hi Deborah, have you made any tiny changes to your daily routine yet ? Small, slow, careful steps.
      Little daily habits, and I mean little !

  3. Yeah, losing belly fat isn’t easy and many people make the mistake of just increasing the exercise intensity. While it does help, being on calorie deficit definitely helped me shape myself to someone I wanted.

    If you serious about losing fat, make sure to invest some time and money on it. Won’t regret!

    1. Hi Alex, good to hear from you.

      80% – diet (noun) – our food intake

      20% – exercise –  gentle & careful

      We need to invest in ourselves, agreed !

  4. Many people go through that stage when they end up with a little belly fat and it’s good to know that there are websites out there like yours that can help people lose that unwanted fat. It’s all about dieting and maintaining the things that you eat and if a lot of people come to your page, they can learn a thing or two on what they need to do in order to lose that belly fat. Keep pushing this site and I see great success on your page Roy.

    1. Hi Martin and thank you so much for visiting and for the encouragement. I believe in ” A Strong Mind in a Strong Body.” Our minds give us the blueprint and our bodies provide the action required to develop that blueprint. One of the greatest investments we can make is to invest in ourselves – Mind, Body & Spirit. Go well new friend and I hope we will meet again in the future.

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