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Need  To  Lose  Weight  Quickly ?


 Roy,  you   always   say   that   you   are   not   a   fan   of   dieting ! 

And  that  is  spot  on  the  button,  I’m  not  a  fan  of  dieting.  BUT,  there  are folk  out  there  in  the world  who  need/want  to  lose  weight  quickly  and  safely  for  some  very valid reasons and the  program  below  is  perfect for those folk.

The   Program   is   called is a science-based 15-day weight loss program that can help people lose up to 15 pounds in 15 days. By offering genuine, fast weight loss this diet program increases motivation which helps people stick to the plan, develop new habits and maintain lifestyle changes for long term results. also offers a perfect solution for anyone looking to lose weight quickly ahead of a vacation or wedding.



Cost :    £ 35.00

Best Price : Moreniche

 comprises a series of five downloadable guides that together cover all aspects required for successful weight loss:

The Diet Guide includes 15 days of meal plans suitable for meat eaters, vegans and vegetarians, as well as fat burning strategies and simple science based nutrition and weight loss information.

The Workout Guide includes a 15 day exercise plan that can be done in the comfort of your own home, as well as strategies to double the results from workouts and achieve maximum fat burning and fast weight loss results.

An Introduction Guide develops the correct mindset for weight loss, a Supplement Guide explains beneficial supplements for weight loss, and a Maintenance Guide ensures results can be maintained long term.

Three upsell products are also offered; a pre-workout fat burner, a cleanse tea and a downloadable recipe book with additional meal ideas for after the 15 day diet plan has been completed. These beneficial extras help boost average order value, increasing potential earnings for affiliates. is available in 5 languages, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish, enabling you to target dieters worldwide. It is backed by a 75 day money back guarantee. fits perfectly with online trends for a holistic approach of healthy recipes, workouts and supplements, as well as for specific fast weight loss diet plans such as 21 day fix. This makes it a vital addition to any weight loss website.


Dieters will find out how to maximise the body’s fat burning potential by optimizing
nutrition and workouts. On top of that they get a dedicated 15-day meal plan for meat
lovers, vegetarians and vegans as well as an intensive 15-day workout plan that will
smash fat-loss plateaus, plus supplementation and maintenance advice to help them
get the most of their weight loss journey! promises fast weight loss results with up to 15 lb of body fat shed in just 15 days,
alongside diet, exercise, supplement and lifestyle advice to ensure results are
sustainable long term.

Below are the key benefits this product has to offer;
● Rapid weight loss in 15 days through 5 valuable guides
● Lose up to 15 pounds in 15 days
● Suitable for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans
● Dedicated meal and workout plan
● Step-by-step guide on how to lose weight fast
● Aids effective meal planning (meal plans provided)
● Improve the healthiness of foods kept in the house (shopping lists provided)
● Quick weight loss with a mixture of fasting and a low calorie/ low carb diet
● Reduces health risks associated with being obese or overweight comprises a series of five downloadable guides:
1. Introduction Guide which helps create the mindset for success and ensures
readers are prepared for the main 15 day plan
2. Diet Guide which includes 15 days of meal plans, suitable for meat eaters, vegans
and vegetarians, as well as fat burning strategies and simple science based
nutrition and weight loss information
3. Workout Guide which includes a 15 day exercise plan that can be done at home,
as well as strategies to double the results from workouts and achieve maximum
fat burning and fast weight loss results
4. Supplement Guide which advises on how supplements can enhance weight loss
results, when used alongside a health diet and workout plan, and covers the
benefits of each
5. Maintenance Guide which covers how to maintain results over the long term,
keep motivated and find a healthy balance of lifestyle and diet.

*** If you scroll down to the very bottom of this page you will be able to read a number of opinions, ideas and questions from ordinary everyday people regarding the above Plan.  I’d encourage you to read these as they make interesting reading and might answer any questions you might have.

Thank you for your interest in the product.

Be healthy, be happy, be safe !




54 thoughts on “Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

  1. I am actually looking at your program for my wife. And I have a few questions. If someone follows your program, what are their chances of success? Is there any one to one support offered if someone has questions as we go through the program? What are the motivational aspects of the program? I know my wife needs the motivation and this would be a great help to her. Thank you for your information and I look forward to your reply.

    Thanks again, Eric

    1. Hi Eric,

      Will get back to you a.s.a.p with answers to your questions. Thank you for your interest in the Plan Programme.

      Kind regards,


      1. Have emailed you all the information you required, Eric. Should probably have replied here so that others could also receive the info. But there we go.
        Keep well and I hope you find what you are looking for, whether it be this DI.ET or any other plan.
        We need to keep that core strong and like someone learning any new skill where it is best to start young, it is ideal to try and maintain a strong core throughout our lives.
        I had great abs and a strong core until got into my early 30’s and then I became a yo-yo where I’d focus on the core for a few months and then get lazy and then start up again. Now at the age of 65 I am convinced that I’m in complete control for the first time in 30 years. I say this because it is the first time that I am making positive and permanent changes to my lifestyle. No longer temporary but PERMANENT. And I’m enjoying every moment. Magic moments. Not only the physical, but emotionally, financially, spiritually, mentally etc (in no particular order). Have gone for the holistic approach this time !
        Wish both you and your wife health and happiness, Eric.

  2. Hi Roy!

    It is a very interesting program you got. I just wonder, do they offer a trial in the program? Because i joined on other losing weight program and i don’t feel satisfied with it. So it must be great if also got a trial. Look forward to hear from you Roy!


  3. Hey Eric!

    Very well done introduction to this weight loss program!
    Would you consider giving an example of a meal plan from the program as well as an example of a work out?

    Also, if you know anyone who has used the program, or even your self, would you be able to post before and after pictures?
    I feel like that would really engage your audience 🙂


  4. Interesting. One special key about your site is your very unique angle. You offer a perspective that is uncommon in your niche. If you magnify the viewpoint which only you could give, it would greatly enhance your content. Also, increase the amount of content you produce. Leave more meat on the bone if you will. That’s all just keep working and you’ll see your reaping.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Micah. I appreciate your suggestions and will certainly look at more production. The Telly Belly is dangerous and can seriously affect our health. Just that fact should stir us into action ! At 65 I want to be a product of the products and services I promote. An example to the young, not so young and the mature    🙂  Hope that our paths will cross again soon. 

  5. Loosing weight is something a lot of people are probably interested in. Some have and will try anything to loose weight.

    My concern is: to loose 14 pounds in 14 days, that’s a pound a day, is kind of quick. I’ve always heard that loosing weight too fast is risky and unhealthy. Also, when weight is lost at fast pace, the tendency to regain the is increased.

    I do realize nowadays most people want instant gratification, but isn’t loosing weight gradually a more healthy way to it? And, would people be more successful in keeping the weight off when it is lost gradually?

    1. Thank you for visiting my little “shop”. In any shop you will have goods which are attractive to some but not as attractive to others. Now regarding loosing weight too fast, I agree with you 100% SanShar, it isn’t wise and it might affect your health should you continue with the program over a long period of time. But this particular product-plan would happen over just two weeks and is designed for someone who wants to lose the weight quickly so that they might fit into a wedding dress or into a suit when it comes to men. It’s a quick fix. It is extremely well balanced nutritionally, so no health issues there, and has suitable exercises included together with the nutrition plan.

      I am not a fan of losing weight quickly and I’m not a fan of hectic dieting. My whole philosophy is based on losing weight slowly and not dieting. I have another product in my “shop” which I call my weight loss “bible.” You can find it under the Review section of my website and up on the header menu. I’d encourage you to take a look. This is the book that I dip in and out of every day. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, this book is invaluable. 

      But there are those who want/need to lose weight quickly and the Lose 15kg In 15 days is an excellent program for them.

      Again, thank you so much for visiting and voicing your concerns, SanShar. We need to ask these good questions if we want to learn. Please visit my little “shop” whenever you feel like it. You will be warmly welcomed.



  6. I like the fact that your plan allows people to lose weight quickly. I know that losing 15lbs is a nice change for people who are just slightly overweight, to being 15lbs lighter in two weeks is great. Now,if someone were extremely overweight or obese,could they use your plan several times with a break in between? I have a family member in mind, and this could be a healthy way for him to cut his weight dramatically in say 6 months. Would you think 2weeks on the DI.ET, then 2 weeks off, then repeat?

  7. I can see this being great for someone who is interested only in losing weight quickly. I like that people from all dietary walks (vegan, vegetarian, meat eaters) can use the program without having to worry about tweaking it too much to suit their needs.

    I’m curious, though. Is this a program that you could safely do for long stretches, or would you cap it to just the two weeks? As someone else stated, a pound a day is pretty fast (and there are people looking for that, most definitely), but if you’re losing that kind of weight for too long, I can only imagine it being detrimental.

    Do you have a program for coming down from the diet, to either help maintain the weight loss, transition you off of it safely, or both? Thanks!

    1. Hi Katie, sorry to have taken so long to respond to you. I thank you for visiting http://www.loseweightwithroy.c… and I hope that I can be of help.

      In answer to your first question. has been put together scientifically and with our health in mind. The program is very well balanced nutritionally and with an eye to exercise. Health and safety plays an important part. can be followed without concern for a longer period than 15 days. They suggest that we follow it for the fifteen days and then take a break of 7 days before starting up again. 

      Regarding your second question re a program for coming down after completing the two weeks, this I am in the process of researching and will get back to you a.s.a.p

      Keep well Katie, and enjoy your weekend.



    2. Hi again, Katie,
      Hope you received my answer to your first question re the Program , where you asked whether you could safely work through the program for long stretches ? The program is scientifically based and can be used without concern for our health for long stretches. The creators of the program do suggest though that you have a 7 day break between two week sessions.

      And that leads into your second question. If you go to my website, Katie: and find the Plan under my Review section; click on the link provided and then skip the video and scroll all the way down the page, you will find the various books. The final one of the five is the Maintainance Guide. This book is what will guide you through the 7 days between your two week sessions.

      Hope this information will help you make an informed decision one way or the other.

      If you should decide to make the purchase, please keep me informed as to your progress. Love to hear success stories.

      Be healthy, be happy, be safe.


  8. This is an interesting headline about losing 15 LB in 15 days, but does it actually work?

    I have heard that quick weight loss can be unsafe and unsustainable, do you think that this program is safe?

    Have you or someone you know tried this and what were the results?

    I am going on holiday soon and need to lose a bit of belly fat. I would be very interested if you have any more information on results.

    Thanks for showing me this product!

    1. Hi Craig, good to meet you.

      Question one :  Does it actually work ? I’ve done a lot of research on the product. It is science-based. Nutrition and exercise supplement each other perfectly. It’s safe. And reading the Reviews given by a number of folk, and chatting to those who are involved with the product, I have a very strong feeling that does deliver what it promises. I don’t want to promote something that is not delivering on its promises.. My little “shop” depends on honesty and integrity. So yes, Craig, I am 100% behind this product and believe that it will “do the trick” if correctly and energetically applied.

      Question two: At this point I do not know of anyone close to me who has actually worked with the product and I include myself. I am actually in the weight loss business. Am above my ideal weight myself (what got me into the business 7 months ago), and am working slowly but surely towards a particular goal using various strategies. I don’t need a quick weight loss spurt. I don’t need to lose weight quickly and that’s the reason for not having tried the product. But there are folks who need to lose weight quickly, for various reasons, like yourself, and I understand that. And this program seems ideal for that. A quick, healthy way of getting trimmed down. What  impresses me big-time re this Plan is that it has a 75 day money back guarantee !

      Craig, go to the link, if you haven’t already done so. You don’t need to listen to the video, just scroll down right to the bottom of the page and examine all the info given there. Also maybe read the comments from others on my webpage.

      I hope this will help you to make that informed decision one way or the other. If you do decide to try out the Program please let me know how it goes. Send me some before and after pics and I’ll put them on my site  🙂 Just kidding.

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thanks again for popping by.



  9. I love the attention grabbing graphics on the top of your page. It definitely grabs the attention of your readers.

    Your website is informative and it was effective the way you listed the benefits in detail as well as what is included in the program.

    I would love to hear more about the type of exercise program is outlined in the program. Also, if any supplements would help achieve the weight loss faster.

    Thank you for the information. Wouldn’t mind giving this a try!

    1. Hi Jodi, thanks for the kind words about my website.

      Regarding your question, did you click the link on the page? It would have taken you to a video presentation which you can skip if you want, but if you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there is a bunch of interesting information about the Plan. I’d also suggest you read the Reviews on my website page.

      Thanks for visiting my little “shop”, Jodi. Pop in again sometime. You will be warmly welcomed.



  10. I think this is an excellent program. Even though I would probably not follow this program continually to lose all my excess weight, I think a couple of 15-day sessions with a week break in between would give me a good kick start to managing my weight loss and exercise program for the long term. And, I could even go back and do a 15-day session occasionally to add another boost or two.

    I like it!

    I do have a question, though. How does this program affect people with high blood pressure or diabetes? Since I have high blood pressure, I would be understandably concerned about possible negative health outcomes.

    Thanks, for a very informative article!


    1. Good morning (U.K) Jim,

      Thank you for popping in.

      This is a good product but I don’t have an answer to your question as yet. 

      I would never pretend to know the answers when I don’t, so have contacted the folk to hear what they say and will get back to you just as soon as they get back to me.

      All the best Jim. Hopefully chat soon.



    2. Hi Jim, am back again. have an answer for you.

      You can definitely use the guides but they recommend that you consult with your doctor beforehand as he might like to tweek it here and there, possibly.

      They also said that pregnant and breastfeeding women and those under 18 years of age should avoid the plan. Or if you are currently taking a prescriptive medication or you have any pre-existing medical condition, you should consult your medical health professional before starting the Plan.

      Hope this information is helpful, Jim.

      Thanks for visiting my little “shop”.

  11. Thanks for the post Roy, the Di.Et looks like a good option with weight dropping off after 15 days. Once your in the zone with your , do you they have contact details to ask them further questions or a support group, might need it , when straying from the diet.

    1. It’s a finely tuned plan, Trevor, which will benefit anyone who needs to lose weight quickly. What I love about it is the fact that it is science-based and safe. Eating and exercise programs are what we need to have in front of us when we start a weight loss plan – fail to plan and you plan to fail. Talk is cheap and some say it’s just a case of eating less and exercising more. We over-simply so often. The truth is we don’t need to eat less but rather need to know what to eat. The same goes for exercise – we need to know what exercises are good for our bodies and which are not. Can’t just run or do crunches or pressups. Need to know before we apply ! This program gives us all that and more.

      There is a support group for the plan, Trevor, and a guide which, if it is followed, will help keep you at your new weight after the 15/15 plan has been completed. They suggest that after the two weeks you should take a week off before doing another 15 day session should that be what you wish to do.

      Hope that this information is useful. The “Reviews” below the webpage make worthwhile reading and I would strongly suggest that you read them.

      All the best, Trevor.




  12. Hi there
    Thanks for this great review and I know that this article will be well read.
    That is a great idea that you have chosen and the secret is to keep this task as manageable as possible.
    Diet, combined with motivation and disipline, will work and I see you have all three in this package.
    Thanks for the info and best wishes
    Cheers PB

    1. Hi Phil, please to hear from you.

      Yes, this is a great little package for someone who need to lose weight quickly, and there are those folk out there. It’s well planned and scientifically based and healthy/safe.

      And it’s got a 75 day money back guarantee which speaks volumes. I have been in contact with those who created the package, a number of times, and you couldn’t get a more helpful , switched on group of people. 

      Pleased that you enjoyed the article, Phil.



  13. I didn’t think that a rapid weight loss program would be ideal, but I have to admit that there are times that I do want to lose weight for a particular event or so that I can eat more on my vacation and still fit into my shorts. Your site offers some nice information. I can see some of the benefits of this program.
    Thanks for the info!

    1. Hi and thank you for visiting my little “shop” and more importantly coming up to chat with me. I too am one who prefers to take my time. Right now I’ve been going for 7 months and have lost just 8 kgs. But the key is that I have been able to maintain this steady weight loss. Am honestly not sure just where I want to be but believe that my body will tell me that. The time will come when I am happy with my weight and feel confident in my skin. Will look at myself in the mirror and say, “Yes Roy, you stay around this weight now. You are happy that you are looking good in your eyes both with clothes and without, and are also feeling good. But then my lifestyle continues to change by the month. Already have a number of strategies that I use from my book which are key to my weight loss.

      But there are those who need/want to lose weight quickly and I understand that 100% and am not against it to tell you the truth. We all have our own goals and needs. This Plan is an excellent product for these folk because it’s science based and there is no danger to ones health. Two weeks on should see a significant weight loss and with a weeks break, one can then again commit to the plan. The company selling the product is a reputable company and are so confident in their product that they are prepared to off a 75 day back guarantee. 

      Please visit again. Would love to hear what you think of the “shop” and the other products and advice which may be of interest to you and the “listeners”.

      Be healthy, be happy, be safe.


  14. This is a very interesting diet for anyone who’s trying to lose weight. I like the fact that you offer a 75-day money back guarantee. There’s a meal plan, an exercise routine, and a maintenance guide. This sounds great but I have one question, is it safe to lose that much weight in such a short period of time?

    1. My answer to your question in this case is , “absolutely!” The DI.ET is a program , a balanced scientifically organised program. It’s healthy and safe.

      There are other ways to lose weight quickly – fasting for days at a time, chewing on lettuce leaves and neglecting the other foodstuffs, various cut-out diets, simply to cut out eating . . . These are a few and there are many others like these. These kinds of methods ARE unsafe, for sure. Here you are denying your body the nutrients needed to stay healthy and strong.

      But with DI.ET, your meals are balanced. Sensible, nutritious meals. Food and liquids which will certainly not jeopardize your health. It’s a program drawn up by professional nutritionists who know what they are doing. And the company providing this product is a reputable company.

      I’m not one who needs to lose weight quickly but there are folk who need and want to lose weight quickly, and they have their reasons. I believe that if that is the case then this is an excellent package to work with.

      Many of us cut out certain foods when we want to lose weight – bread goes, potatoes go, chocolate goes, rice goes, red meat goes, green peas go, coffee goes, alcohol goes, sweet drinks go, . . . The truth is that our bodies need 90% of these and to cut them out is a shock to the system, which can cause problems with our health. Diets often give us headaches and “play” with our emotions. Make us feel weak and fatigued. Can this be good for us. Of course not. Let’s leave it to the folk who know about these things. And I think that the DI.ET folk know what they are talking about.

      I would never promote something I didn’t believe in. But let me say again, I am on my own long-term weight loss plan. I want to lose weight slowly and keep it off. I am learning and developing strategies which will help me do this, and it’s working really well. My goal is to Look Good and to Feel Good and my mirror, my body and my wife will tell me when I must go into maintenance mode. BUT, there are folk who need to lose weight quickly and safely and I believe DI.ET is right for them.

      Many thanks for your thoughts. I greatly appreciate them. Really enjoy hearing the thoughts, opinions and experiences of others.



  15. Hey Roy, so I just checked out your Lose 15 Lbs in 15 Days page and I had a few questions.

    I was wondering what exercises specifically would be included in the package?

    For me personally, I am naturally skeptical about purchasing things that I don’t understand. To lose that much weight in such a short amount of time seems like a bold statement.

    I’m also curious about what kind of diet someone would be on that caters to vegans, vegetarians, and meat eaters.

    1. Hi Dom, good to hear your thoughts on the Plan. I too am skeptical when it comes to things that I don’t understand and the only way to try to understand something is to ask questions about that something.

      To reply to your first question: Exercises vary from person to person, not all exercises apply to everyone and there are adaptations to the exercises depending on one’s level of fitness and activity levels. The guarantee for the Plan covers the complete plan and so it isn’t possible to purchase parts of the Plan.

      Your second question: There are certain parts of the #2 Diet guide that can be adapted to personal choices. There are specific meal-by-meal 15 day Plans for each:meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. All the other guides relate to workouts, supplements or general information regarding the Plan.

      Weight is lost in a natural way and there are no dangerous products and no extreme fasting.

      Hope this helps, Dom. Enjoy the rest of your day. Enjoy what you want to do and try and enjoy what you have to do. Let the emotions subside before making any serious decisions.



  16. Thanks for putting this post out there. I’m looking for comparative programs that I’ve done over the last few years but most of them have been over the course of months. Looking to use Di.ET at a way to jumpstart my overall success. Have you heard any feedback from users with regards to what foods they can eat on this plan? Also, alcohol? Do you have to totally abstain?

  17. This sounds intersting and something that definately appeals to me bcause of the timing. Im not one to be in the gym or enjoy the process of owrking out unless its a gmae or something fun, however i cna discipline myself on the diet side of things, so this was really helpful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chris, good to hear from you and pleased to hear that you found the article useful. If you want to lose weight quickly and safely then this Plan would be just right for you. Did you scroll down to the bottom of the article to read any of the reviews ? Some useful information there.

      All the best.


  18. Wow! 15 lbs in 15 days. That sounds like a miracle! Before I read your article, I would’ve never imagined it to be possible to lose so much in just about two weeks. I now feel more confident with this program and I like the wide range of languages offers, as well as their 75 day money back guarantee! I’ll have to try it out first to see how I like it!

    1. Hi Derek,

      This  is  a  great  Plan  for  someone  needing/wanting  to  lose  weight  quickly. It was put together  by  professional  nutritionists  and  is  safe  and  healthy, which  is  such  an  important  factor. Should  you  decide  to  purchase  it  please  keep  in  touch  with  me. I so  enjoy  hearing  the  thoughts ,  opinions  and  experiences  of  others.


  19. I was happy to read that the diet also has a vegan meal plan included. Usually diets have meat and vegetarian versions, but vegan one is not that common.

    Some other reviewers were concerned about how fast results the diet offers. I know quite a bit about nutrition and hot the body works. I believe it is possible to lose that amount in that time. But it’s very important to be careful with what one starts eating after the diet. Probably best not to go back to your old diet. 🙂

    So, as I looked at the sales page I was positively surprised to notice that there is a “maintenance guide” included.

    1. Hi Sanna, thank you for your thoughts, opinions and suggestions. I truly believe that would be the answer for anyone wanting/needing to lose weight quickly and healthily.

      And it’s great that a maintenance guide is included. suggests that the Plan should be followed for the two weeks and if one should then wish to continue, that a weeks break should be taken before starting off into the next two weeks. The maintenance guide would be useful during that interim period.

      All the best, Sanna.


  20. Hey Roy, since I hit 30 I really started to notice how I struggle with losing a few kilos. Even though I’m still slim, I get that sluggishness and bloated feeling even though I’m eating less calories and trying to walk as frequently as possible it doesn’t seem to work. Does you diet plan work for people who just want to lose a few kilos and maintain their weight thereafter? Or is it more for much heavier people aiming to lose quite a bit?

    Thanks so much

    1. Hi Steph, good to hear from you.

      The Plan is for all people who want to lose weight quickly and safely, and it depends on the individual as to how much weight they want/wish to lose. 15 days is the maximum length of time but not everyone will need to go the full two weeks. And then again there might be other folks who will take the weeks break and then proceed again for a further two weeks.The programme has been developed for the participant to lose just under 1kg/day so if after three days (3kg) you have hit your target you might simply leave the programme and create your own plan, or you might then make use of’s Maintenance plan.

      Remember, our perfect body is the one that we feel happy and healthy in. This is key. It’s not about how we look in the mirror, it’s not about looking skinny, it’s not about looking like anyone else.

      If you do decide to invest in yourself, Steph. , please let me know how it goes.



  21. Being newly diagnosed with diabetes and my doctor telling me I need to lose weight do you think this is a good diet for diabetics.
    Also with losing weight fast doesnt it typically come back just as fast. I ask questions because I really am looking for a good answer. i look forward to hearing your answers.

    1. Hi Dale,

      Sorry that I’ve taken so long to get back to you. Been researching your question re whether the plan is suitable for diabetics. The team have just got back to me:

      They advised that is a low fat , low carb diet but is not completely suitable for diabetics. It is safer for type 2 diabetics who control their levels with diet, however, they do advise that any diabetic wanting to use Plan should consult their doctor or health professional.

      I believe that with any diet, the fat is eventually going to return and the reason is that we just cannot deny our body certain foods for any length of time before they tell us that enough is enough. Some people are very good at making their way to a certain weight and then creating a maintenance programme which keeps them at the weight they wish to be, but most folk, like me, are rubbish at doing that.

      I follow a guy who has written a book entitled Mini Habits For Weight Loss. “Stop Dieting. Form New Habits. Change Your Lifestyle Without Suffering.” It provides strategies which I use for weight loss, Dale. Go to my website http://www.loseweightwithroy.c… or simply click on the link shown in blue at the top of this paragraph.

      Hope I have answered your questions. All the best my friend.



  22. Usually, when I read about programs promising results in 15 days, I immediately click the exit button. However, this programm seems like it’s based on things that actually work. Long term habits are what define our lives. If we can implement good eating habits into our lives we will lose weight and be healthier. I also need to lose some weight. It is not about knowing what to do, but doing it!

    1. For someone who needs/wants to lose weight quickly and safely, I believe that the Plan is a great option, John. Yes, it’s not good enough knowing what to do and how to do it, you have to go out there and actually get the action going and have the drive to keep it going on a daily basis. Thanks for you thoughts.

      Be healthy.


  23. Oh how interesting! It sounds like provides a lot of value with their downloadable guides. That’s great that they have meal plans and workout plans as those lifestyle adjustments are probably the easiest way to sustain the results and keep the weight off. However, 15 lbs in 15 days? Would that be mostly water weight? Is it healthy to lose so much so fast?

    1. Hi Kiersten, good to hear your thoughts on It is a great plan for someone wanting/needing to lose weight fairly quickly for whatever reason . My research concludes that it is a low fat and low carb eating plan which is healthy and safe. The initial period is 2 weeks but for people who wish to continue losing weight a weeks break on the holding program is suggested before taking on another two week session. The weight loss would be mainly fat.


  24. I have tried many diets in the past, but like most I find them hard to do and to stick to. I love junk food so much and can’t mentally deal living life without it.
    Is there any support for this plan after the 15 days? Even the first 15days will be a struggle for me I normally give up after a week.

    1. Hi Paul, sorry I’m so late in coming back to you.
      Have been in touch with the team and they do offer a “support” plan during and once you have completed the first 15 days. The support plan takes the form of a guide which you receive to help you maintain the weight you arrive at after the 15 day period. There is also support given throughout the 15 days. Members of the team can be contacted via e-mail and a live chat bubble.

      I was the same as you regarding junk food. Still love tucking in to a burger or pizza. Only now, I have programmed my mind to eat far less of the stuff and the driving voice has been my fear of accumulating too much flab and that this would eventually lead to my body being attacked by diseases like Diabetes and cancer. My mind-set now is “everything in moderation.” Still eat a chocolate but now only once a week whereas before it would be every single day and often more than one bar a day. It takes time and strength of mind to get to this stage and it need discipline big-time.

      We have a choice as I see it. We either eat sensibly and give ourselves a chance of being healthy, or we slaughter the junk food and give the diseases a greater chance of ravishing our bodies. This is what made me stop and think carefully.

      The professional Plan is a very good way of starting a lifestyle change. It directs our thoughts and gives us a plan regarding where to start. There is so much out there that our brain goes into information overload. This is what happened to me. Just didn’t have a clue as to how and where to start. Needed direction. This Plan gives us that direction.

      You keep well now, Paul. Remember that a diet which requires too much of you will never work in the long run. It is always the same. We start with good intentions, lose some unwanted flab and feel great. But we just cannot deny our body its needs for any length of time. We need to reach consensus with our bodies. “You used to get a burger a day, my friend,” you might say to your body, “But we are going to get ill if we continue in this way so let’s cut that down to two burgers a week.” Your body will go for that deal ! Don’t deny but just cut back, slowly but surely.

      Change your mindset too. When you feel hungry, drink water. Or brush your teeth, or do anything that will take your mind off it. You see, Paul, most times when we think we are hungry, we are simply bored or stressed out. Work out a few strategies to counteract those cravings. I have a book which I work with on a very regular basis. It’s a book of strategies + mini habits.It’s a weight loss book which teaches us how to lose weight without depriving ourselves. Click on the highlighted word and check it out.


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