Loose Weight Easily

Easiest  Way  ?

Just  simply  get  up  off  your  bum  more !  Some  folk  might  not  like  the  term  bum,  well  then  what  about  bottom ?

There’s  the  easiest  way  to  lose  weight  right  there.  We  simply  sit  too  much  in  this  day  and  age.  Think  about  that.  Think  of  your  own  individual  lifestyles  and  how  you  can  be  creative  and  create  ways  of  not  sitting  so  much.

Check  us  out  here.  Sit,  sit,  sit !!

Not  good.  We  should  be  upright  more,  not  flop  down  at  every  opportunity.

“How  can  I  do  otherwise?” I hear  someone ask. “I  have  to  sit  at  my  desk  at  work?  I  have  to  sit  when  I’m  on  my  way  to  and  from  work. I  need  to  sit  in  front  of  the telly  at  night  to  rest  after  a  long  day!”

MMMMmmm… are  you  sure  that  you  have to ?

For  Your  Own  Good

Can’t  you  make  a  plan  and  be more  upstanding ?! Straighten  that  backbone.  Sure,  you  have  no  option  at  certain  times/moments  during  the  day.  Can’t  you  choose  the  stairs  more?  Be  they the  stairs  at  work  or  at  the  train  station?  Do  you  have  to  sit  glued  to  your  computer  all  through  your  working  day?  Can  you  not  get  out  and  about  and  break  up  that  continual  sitting  a  bit ?  Okay,  so  maybe  it  isn’t  easy,  but  we  don’t  want  easy.  Easy  makes  us  lazy  and  lethargic.  Be  creative  and  get  your  body  moving.  Am  only  telling  you  this  for  your  own  good.

And  When  You Get  Home  After  Work ?

What  about  when  you  get  home ?  Control the mind  and  you  control  the body ! Your  mind  tells  you  that  it’s  exhausted  from  the  days  work. “Feed  us !”  it  shouts  as  you  walk  through  the door. “And  then  lay  us  down  on  the  couch  in  front  of  the  telly.” They  all  do  this  to  us.  Make  us  feel  bad.  Worked  them  too hard  and  didn’t  feed  them  enough  during the day  and  now  we  owe  them  something.

You  Are  The  Master

You  are  the  master  of  your  self,  my  friend. They  know  nothing  about  mental  and  physical  health.  They’ll  take  you  down  if  you  allow  them  to.  Feed  them  with  spiritual  food. Get  them  on  your  side. “We  are  first  going  to  ride  the  exercise  bike  for  ten  minutes  before  we  eat.  And  then  we’re  going  to  dance  alone  around  the lounge  to  one  tune  from  my  iPhone. And  then we’re  going  to  run  on  the  spot  for  three minutes. and  then  we’re  going  to  take  a  shower.  And  then  we’ll  eat. Thereafter  you  might  get  lucky  and  we can  lie on  the couch  for a  while  and  relax.”  Be  creative !  You  might  prefer  to  get  them  out  for  some fresh  air.  A  run  or  a  cycle  ride  or  a  nice  walk.

You Owe It  To  Yourself

You  owe  it  to  yourself  to  keep  in  good  trim !  Only  you  can  do  it.  Be  strong  and  go  for  it  my  friend.  Don’t  be  dominated  by  a  weak  mind  in  a  weak  body.

Stay  standing  my  friend,  no  matter  what  life  throws  at  you.





9 thoughts on “Loose Weight Easily

  1. Hello Roy,

    I love your article. So impressive and full of valuable and practical lessons. I never thought of these practical ways as some good ways to reduce weight.

    You’re definitely right. We are the master of the body. Not the body itself. and so we need to have control over it. Just that sometimes we allow laziness to overcome us and we turn to sit at one place, especially after coming from work.

    I really like that idea of going for a bicycle ride. I think it will be the best option for me anytime I close from work and I’m surely going to do that.

    1. Stephen, good to hear your thoughts ! So pleased that you found the article useful. Laziness is such a powerful feeling when it shows its ugly head and it actually feeds on all of our minds. I enjoy the exercise bike for many reasons but one of the main ones is because it takes the body weight off of our joints. Non weight bearing exercise. Makes a change from walking or running.

  2. Reading this page made me laugh at myself because it is the exact issue I have been dealing with. I can almost hear your voice ‘sit, sit, sit’. I used to have stiffness and pains in my hip area, quads, hamstring.
    As you said it is our lifestyle that has brought on all these physical problems. I recently had to take my life in hand. because on a regular day, I am just always seated. At work, in the car, at the piano.
    So to counter that, I joined an early morning trek, followed by stretches every single day. It’s easy, free of cost and I am determined to make it my lifestyle. I have to be consistent. My quality of life demands it.

    I used to complain that I didn’t like the gym etc. but, I agree with your emphasis on just changing our daily habits to make us healthier. Now my hip muscles are so happy.

    1. Hi JJ,

      Well done on making the decision to make a change to your lifestyle. Now just make sure that the action you have chosen becomes a habit.

      All the best my friend.


  3. Hi Roy, I can totally relate to your article. My wife has been nagging – sorry, encouraging – me to get off my bum and exercise. She’s an xtend barre instructor, very discipline, very fit.

    Me? Needs a lot of work!

    So one day I bought a pair of jogging shoes and went out running. I fell into a drain and that’s it, no more jogging.

    Now, I walk. A lot. I walk until I work up some sweat. Then a nice shower. And it feels so good. At the office, I take the stairs. Yes, like you said, we have to control our mind to keep us exercising.

    Haven’t lose much weight, but maintaining though. So that’s good for me.


    1. Am always pleased to hear from folk who are exercising their minds and bodies. Sorry to hear about your accident. Jogging can be a dangerous activity 🙂 . Maybe you don’t have to lose weight, Song, maybe you just need to firm up ? Just keep up the walking my friend and maybe start adding a few planks, pres-ups and lunges. You have the perfect teacher in your wife. My wife is also very fit and into her Pilates. She’s a great example.

      Small steps. Nothing too far, too fast or too soon.


      1. Hi Roy, will take your advice to add push ups to my routine. And I’m thinking may some light weights exercises too.

        Let’s stay healthy together!


  4. Thank you for telling like it is.

    Its a hard word but it had to be said. We do spend a LOT of time sitting, some might argue its actually killing us slowly (eek).

    Yup will be getting up and about and making conscious healthy choices from now on. Thanks for the reminder!

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