Just Do It !



Just do it. Isn’t that the Nike’s slogan? You know something, I agree with that. Let me try and explain why using my own style here.


I’m going to focus mainly on weight loss. Isn’t focus a lovely word? Can see what we are talking about magnified under a magnifying glass.




Now let’s see ourselves as overweight. We feel sluggish and slow moving. You know those 500g tubs of butter/margarine we buy. Have you ever thought that if you are 5kg overweight, then you are carrying ten of those tubs around with you. Ten my friend ! I’m still at least 8 kg over my ideal weight (what I think is going to be my ideal weight. Need to look good naked in front of the mirror and need to feel good in my clothes before it will be time to go into maintenance mode.) So I’m carrying around sixteen of those tubs with me every day. Man alive ! I’ve never said that I had a god-like body Have always said that I’m on my way to having one 🙂 Just kidding. We’ll see what we see come 26 December 2017.

We have moments, those of us who are not lean and mean, where we think of making some changes (like losing some weight.) We say we are going to exercise and eat healthy. We do it for a week (if we last that long) and then we quit. The reasons vary; there is always an excuse. Or we decide to start a program but can’t do it. We feel lethargic, unmotivated and out of shape. The idea of exercise repulses us. And it’s not the first time because this entire process has happened before.

It was just after Christmas of 2016 when this whole process arrived once again at my “front door.” I have lost weight before but have never been able to keep it off. I made a decision and took immediate action. To-date I have lost “10 of those tubs of margarine.” And I’m still extremely determined to keep it off and drop still further down the scale, slowly and carefully. This time it has been a lifestyle change.

the driving force

If I can do it you can too ! Remember I’m the man whose weight has been up and down for as long as I can remember but this has been by far the longest time that I have stuck with my goal and the first attempt I have made to change my lifestyle. So what has changed? What has suddenly stimulated me to lose this weight ? I’ll tell you. I don’t want to get ill ! Have been lucky enough to stay fit and healthy but the penny has finally dropped that extra flab causes bad health, and I want to stay healthy. So that’s what’s been the difference this time around. And let me tell you it’s a powerful reason !! The driving force !


Think of your health my friend . Lose that extra flab. Just Do It !

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