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Juicing  For  Health  &  Weight  Loss

Product  :             Bosch  MES4000GB  Juicer                                        

Price    :                 £ 75.00

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An  important  factor  when  losing  weight  is  to  limit  the  sugary  drinks  and  to eventually  replace  them  with  the  healthy  option.  I  personally  believe  that  canned,  bottled  and  “boxed”  juices  , although  healthier  than  sugary or  carbonated  drinks,  are  not  really  the  healthy  option.  The  juice  from  fresh  fruit  (or vegetables)  is pure, delicious  juice  right  out  of  nature’s  basket.   Keep  the  sugary  drinks  and  coffees  for  special  occasions !

So let’s take a look at the  Bosch MES4000GB Juicer. 

  • It’s  a  Quality  Machine.
  • Easy  to  operate.
  • Easy  to  clean.
  • Has an extremely powerful 1000w  motor.
  • An XXL filling tube.
  • A  high  performance  ceramic  blade.
  • Two  speed  settings.
  • A large  1.5 Litre  juice container.
  • And  we  can’t  over-emphasize  the  fact  that  it  is  a  Quality  Machine.  (and she’s pretty too)

The  beauty  of  a  juicer  is  that  you  don’t  have  to  drink  1.5L  in  one  shot. It  can  be  stored  in   he  refrigerator.

I prefer letting  my  juice  cool  down  a  little  before  I  drink  it ,  but  the  choice  is  of  course  yours.  I  also  keep  the  left  over  fruit  fibre  and  store  this  in  small  plastic  containers  for  snack-time.

when  do  I  drink  my  juices ?

Some  folk  set  blocks  of  time  aside  for  cleansing  the  system  or  whatever.  I  simply  drink  my  juices  when  I  feel  like a  juice.  It’s  usually  after  breakfast  and  lunch.  But  I  don’t  set  aside  days  where  I  refrain  from  eating  and  just  drink. Some  folk  do and that’s  their  choice.  I  also  use  the  juice  in  my  weight  loss  beverage  – a cup  of  juice,  a  tsp  of  honey  and  two  tsps  of  apple  cider  vinegar,  first thing when I wake in the morning  and  last  thing  before  I  go  to  bed.







12 thoughts on “Juicing Machines !

  1. This promises to be a very informative site on the health benefits of juicing. The WordPress template while clean in appearance offers some interesting visual effects as you click on links. Would like to know more about the site creator. What really made you want to lose weight and become healthier. I lost thirty pounds over a 90 period because one day I looked in the mirror and almost cried. Yes 60 + year old men do cry….. Keep the work in moving forward with your effort.

    1. Hi Steve, good to hear from you. Loved the , “Yes, 60+ year old men do cry 🙂 ”  Well done on your weight loss ! Have you managed to keep it off ? You will be able to see what really made me want to lose weight and become healthier by going to http://www.loseweightwithroy.com. Would like to keep in touch. Enjoy what you want to do today and try and enjoy what you have to do.

  2. This was a nice article. I have wanted to pursue healthier drinks for a while now but never really was sure what was a tasty option. Using a juicer is definitely a interesting prospect. Any other fruit combinations or suggestions for me? And does this mean I should stop drinking as much bottled juice?

    1. Hi Cameron, good to hear from you. Thank you for visiting my “shop.”   🙂

      For me, juicing is the best. Not a great fan of drinking juice from cartons, cans or bottles. Too many things mixed with the juice. I want my juice to be natural. “Nectar” straight from nature’s garden. I stash my juice away in a glass bottle in the fridge and drink it at the breakfast and lunch table. Transport it in a “runners” water bottle when I’m on the move. But I also have a juice whenever I feel like it. 

      Now when it comes to combinations it becomes personal. We all have our favorite blends. It might need a little experimentation in order to discover these. 

                                  orange & lime     grapefruit & lime     apple & banana     pineapple & banana

      These are four of my big favourites.

      For one week during a month I drink this beverage first thing in the morning and last thing at night:

      1 cup  of orange or grapefruit or pineapple juice  +  1 tsp honey   +  2 tsp apple cider vinegar   Is good for weight loss, especially belly fat.

      Drinking water :  I don’t drink bottled water. Wait let me qualify that; I don’t drink bottled water from the store. I drink ordinary tap water. Water is good for us Cameron and a great thirst quencher. I don’t drink water just for the sake of it or because someone has said that we should drink so many glasses each day. I drink to quench my thirst. I drink juice because it’s nutritious (fuel) and I drink water to quench my thirst.

      Hope you find some of what I have said useful and also hope that we can cross paths again in the future.



  3. Your website about juicing is very enlightening. Like you, I am on a weight loss journey and understand the effects of consuming a lot of sugary beverages.

    Thank you for giving your personal input on how you juice and when you drink it. I am inspired to use your drink recipe as well. Thank you very much for that and your inspiration.

    I wish you well on your journey – both in weight loss and your website.

  4. Hey,

    Very informative article about the juicing machine, i am thinking seriously to but one because i am in a hard diet at these days, I want to lose weight. However, is there any fruit combination that it will be benefit for me in order to enjoy my drink and in the same time not getting any fats. Believe me, and 100 CAL extra to my limit will be an issue.

    Thank you 🙂

    1. These juicing machines are fantastic. Juicing, however, shouldn’t be used as a supplement for every meal. I’m not a fan of full-on juice diets. It depends on how and when you take your meals. If you are a three meals a day person then I’d suggest that a glass of juice might be taken as part of one of those meals. But if you are a many meal person eg 6 smaller meals in place of the three larger ones, then I’d have the juice as one of those meals. You need to work out what suits you best of course.

      This also applies to blended juices. There are so many combinations with which to experiment. Orange and apple is great. Kiwi fruit, banana and orange is another. So many different blends. And then you can blend your veggies too. Broccoli is a must with all of my blends. Often blend Brocolli and apple together together with a little squeezed lemon/lime juice.

      The experimenting is the exciting part. Our tastes differ.

      Remember to make a liter or more at a time and then keep it in the fridge. Also don’t forget to clean your teeth after drinking as the acid from the fruit is not good for the enamel on your teeth.

  5. Hi Roy,
    Thanks for sharing your love and knowledge of juicing. I am a pretty natural and clean eating guy. I tend to stick to primarily a paleo diet most of the time. A few years ago I bought a juicer and enjoyed it for the most part. Well I should say I enjoyed the output but the amount of pulp created and the volume of fruit that had to go in to create it was a bit overwhelming. I like your site and suggestions and may have to give it another go. What’s your favorite?
    Mat A.

    1. Great thoughts on juicing, Mat. Agree, the input can be overwhelming. Can’t afford to live on juice. I see it as a luxury and have cut down on my consumption. Fruit juicing is expensive . I juice once a week on average which allows  me to drink a small glass of juice on a Saturday and Sunday. Really look forward to my juice drinking days. Occasionally splash out , especially during longer breaks. What I also do is I freeze the pulp into ice-cubes.

      Thank you for the kind words re my site. No favorites, Mat. Enjoyed writing all of the articles for different reasons. Feels so good to get feedback !

      Good mental and physical health my friend.




  6. Great article Roy. I had a difficult time staying healthy regarding drinks; I had a hard time just drinking water because it would be boring and tasteless.

    I’ve looked into juicing and sharing this makes me want to start juicing. I’ll comeback to your site because I want to look into this product more in depth.

    Thank you Roy so much for sharing this information! Keep sharing more on losing weight because people need your service!

    1. I love blending different fruits. Drinking apple and banana at the moment, but have many different combinations. Have been drinking a small glass of juice as part of my breakfast every morning this week. Then next week I’ll have a small glass every second morning. Can drink too much juice, but like everything else we do, nothing to extremes !

      Love my juicer and so do all the family  🙂

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