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A  teaspoon  of  honey  contains  23  calories  and  6g  of  sugar,  compared  with  a  teaspoon  of  sugar,  which  contains  16  calories  and  4g  of  sugar  –  although  honey  is  sweeter  so  you  need  to  add  less  to  get  a  sweet  taste.

Is  honey  healthier  than  sugar  ?

Honey  provides  some  nutrients  you  don’t  find  in  sugar,  such  as  B  Vitamins,  but  in very  small amounts  so  you  shouldn’t  think  of  it  as  a  “healthy”  choice  for  this  reason.  Similarly,  honey  is  a  natural  product  but  so  is  sugar,  which  is  made  by  refining  sugar  beets  and  sugar  cane,  and  “natural”  isn’t  always  synonymous  with  healthy.

The  suggested  health  benefits  of  consuming  honey  over  refined  sugar  relate  to  its  medicinal  properties,  which  have  been  documented  since  ancient  times.  For  example,  it  has  been  used  for  centuries  as  an  effective  remedy  for  wounds,  burns  and  ulcers  because  of  its  antibacterial  and  anti-inflammatory  properties.

Is  honey  good  for  our  health ?

Manuka  and  other  honeys  have  also  been  shown  to  possess  antimicrobial  and  antiviral  properties which  had  led  to  the  suggestion  that  they  can  boost  the  immune  system  and  help  to  protect  against  common  ailments  such  as  colds  and  flu.

But    studies  in  humans  investigating  many  of  the  claimed  health  effects  of  honey  are  limited.  Some  studies  have  shown  that  honey  can  help  alleviate  sore  throats  and  coughs,  particularly  among  children,  but  there  is  little  scientific  evidence  that  honey  will prevent  colds  or  other  respiratory  infections  or  allergies.

Can  honey  help  with  seasonal  allergies ?

Some  people  take  honey  in  the  belief  it  will build  up  tolerance  to  pollen  and  help  with  seasonal  allergies,  although  again  there is very  little  scientific  evidence  to  support  this.

So, honey  or  sugar  with  our  meals ?

A  little  bit  of  honey  won’t  do  you  any  harm,  but you  should  remember  that it  provides added  sugar  and  calories  to  your  diet.


”  Everything    in    moderation  “

Would  love  to  hear  any  other  views  on  the  topic.

Thanks for reading this.

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2 thoughts on “HONEY v SUGAR

  1. I love honey and put it on my cereal every morning.
    I used to just have sugar on there untill I read something very similar to what you have here, but you have much more detail about the differences between sugar and honey than the last post i read so well done on knowing what you are talking about

    1. Thanks for reading my article and for your comments, Matthew. I think I would still go for honey over sugar simply because it is made by a wonderful little creature of nature. Yes, if we are a calorie counter, then we would need to be careful that we slot it in carefully to our daily calorie balance. I love the African story of the Honey-guide (bird) leading the tribal people to the honey (which is a true story) and then they rob the bees of some of their honey, leave some on a rock for the honey-guide (or he wont guide them again evidently) and the rest with the bees. 

      Honey somehow does sound a lot more of a natural product than refined sugar. Less of a process !

      So, I’d also choose honey given the choice, Matthew.

      Keep well.


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