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There  are  so  many  advantages  of  home exercise. We  all  have  our  reasons  for  wanting  to  exercise  at  home  and  time  is  one  of  the  main  reasons.  There  are  of  course  many  other  reasons  which  each of  us  could  easily  work  out  for  ourselves.

Let’s  get  right  into  a  few  simple  exercises  which  we  can  do  at  home. The  way  I’d  like  to  do  this  is  by  sharing  some  of  my  home  exercises  with  you,  in  no  particular  order  of  importance.

Non Negotiable Daily Exercises

1. Marching

Get up some marching music on my iPhone and away I go. Just the one track. Number of tracks will increase as and when ready.

2. Dancing

Get up some dance music on my iPhone and dance to one track. Number of tracks will increase as an when ready.

3. Running on the spot

Run on the spot for a minute at least, varying the pace. Move the arms as well as the legs. Time will increase as and when.

4. Pressups

3 sets of ten pressups per day. Varying the position of the arms. Wide/narrow/together. To increase as and when.

5. Planks

3 forty-five minute planks  (a.m)    3  forty-five minute planks   (p.m) Time will increase as and when.

6. Holding Lunge

Hold the lunge for as long as possible. Needs to be strong and not over the knee.


Here are some other exercises to choose from:

  1. Up and down with little children. They’ll be more than willing to inject their energy into mom and dad. And you build strength, stamina and stretch those muscles and ligaments. Taking them for walks/runs in their buggies is also excellent exercise.

2. Instead of sitting on the couch to watch telly, why not rather lie on your back on the floor with a cushion behind        your head. By doing this you can control the tension of your abs. Or ride your stationary exercise bike.

3. Hanging gently from a tree in the garden or from a door frame bar attachment is excellent exercise.

4. Try and push a wall or tree over with both hands together.

5.Tensing the abs and pecs (chest muscles) whenever you think about it.

6. Gentle half-sit-ups with feet under a lounge chair.

7.  Walk the stairs  if  you  have  them  in  your  home.

8.  Dig  in  the  garden.

9.  Skipping  rope.

10. Shadow box or  erect  a  punching bag attachment, or purchase one of those punching dummies.


Be Creative

There  are  so  many  exercises  one  can  do  for  different  parts  of  your  body  without  leaving  one’s  property. You  simply  have  to  be  creative  my  friends. Just  don’t make  excuses.








8 thoughts on “Home Exercise

  1. These are some useful tips for all ages. I guess with time we do become lazy and idle with ourselves especially with so much entertainment in our homes that keep us distracted!

    I will definitely try some of these tips and maybe suggest them to my mum too! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It’s all in the mind, Teresa. Exercise is important, we all know this, but it doesn’t we don’t all need to do the same amount or kind of exercise. Professional athletes need a different intensity of exercise to us ordinary folk. Younger folk need more exercise that older folk etc. But the main thing is that we understand where we fit in. We know our own bodies better than anyone else.

      I am 65 years of age and my challenge is how to give my body the right amount of exercise. Too much exercise is harmful. I know when I have overdone it. My body informs me ! So the challenge for us all is a) realizing that exercise is a must b) knowing what exercises we each need to do and c) doing the exercise. It’s no good knowing what to do, we must do !


  2. Roy,
    Great article on ways to exercise and get active. Looks like your site in general and this page specifically is a good resource for folks who don’t hit the weights hard. I like the ease of the exercise as well as the variety. Great knowledge. I really like that you’ve got a good bunch that can be done outdoors. Thanks again for sharing some of your thoughts on exercising!

  3. Roy, I love your article on home exercise! I’m one of those people who will make up any excuse to avoid the gym, but I like staying fit. Your tips are easy, practical, well thought out and explained and just about anyone should be able to practice several of these exercises. I like how you included everyday activities like doing things with your children because not having time is often an excuse not to exercise. I’ve gotten out of my own exercise routine, but reading your article gives me plenty of ideas that I can incorporate into my daily life to get at least a little exercise in! Thanks for the great tips!

  4. Pleased that you enjoyed the read, Keli. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts and opinions.

    Remember that it’s not good enough to know, we must DO ! So said the great Bruce Lee.

    Happy exercising, Keli.

  5. This article reminded me of the other day when I played a Christmas CD and my grandson started jumping up and down, listening to Jingle Bells. I then joined in with him and we had so much fun. When there is a will, there is a way. Thanks for sharing these great ideas Roy.

    1. Hi Elma,
      Good to hear from you my friend. Thank you so much for sharing your experience re your little one. To stay fit one has to keep active. All forms of activity that include movement, are a form of exercise. Be as active as you can. I call them “activity moments”. Some of these moments last for a few seconds whilst others can last for hours.
      Keep well.

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