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Foods  For  Moods

Would like to share just a few thoughts on “fuel intake.” That’s what food is, right, fuel for our bodies. There are different kinds of fuel out there in our physical world – fuels that power aircraft, our motor vehicles, submarines etc etc. We even talk about spiritual “fuel”. They are all different. The same applies to the food we eat. Foods that build our muscles, foods that make us fat, foods that help us to slim down, foods that give us energy, foods that make us feel lethargic etc etc.

In my own personal world I’m after those foods which will help me slim down. Because that is what I want for me right now. And you wouldn’t have popped in here now if it wasn’t what you were after too. We all want to look good and feel good, right?

Lead  Me  Not  Into  Temptation

Well, I believe that losing weight is 80% “fuel intake” and 20% exercise. “Abs are made in the kitchen” This is what I have experienced over the years. I have been the original yo-yo man regarding my weight, for too long. Have tried so many diets. They have never worked for me in the long run. You can’t deny your body, it’s as simple as that. Cannot say that I am no longer going to eat chocolate. Shucks, you can’t have a life without chocolate! What do the first three letters in the word DIEt spell ? Diet (Verb)   Diet  (Noun)  –  very different.  Verb – not eating certain foods. Noun – the foods we ingest each day without eliminating certain foods !

Listen  To  Your  Body

Your body will tell you when it’s hungry just as it tells you when you are thirsty. “Hush body, you’re not hungry you’re just bored!” My friend, it’s all in the mind. Your thoughts about food. Thoughts are powerful ! Control your mind or it will control you. Eat when you are hungry, but eat slowly in order to give your tummy time to decide when it has had enough and not too much. I’ve heard it said that if your mind tells you that you are hungry, hold back for 30 minutes. If you are still hungry, then you are hungry, and if not, then it was just a craving/temptation !

Back  To  Nature

Eat fruit and vegetables to your hearts content. Eat them as nibbles when you are peckish and with all your meals if you want, but watch out for the bread, dairy and sugar. Eat them, of course, but control and regulate your intake. Try not to eat dinner after 8pm and try to eat smaller portions if possible.

Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. Great advice. I’m still working hard on the pauper bit.

Anything new takes a while to get used too. Small steps but don’t give up. Make it enjoyable and it will last. Took me years to realize this. You are what you eat !

Mindset  Is  Key

Eat them. Love them.

Be strong and make it work. “If it’s to be then it’s up to me”.

Cut down big-time !




Let’s rid our blood of too much sugar (poison)

I do have those moments when I cheat. But each time I have done so I have said to myself, “You’re only cheating yourself pal, nobody else,” and these moments are becoming fewer and fewer.  The guilt that I feel is my punishment. This is working for me right now. And I will adjust when/if it no longer works. Bought a book which has helped and is helping me with strategies I can use to cut down on sugar. (see the header menu of my website http://www.loseweightwithroy.com

Something else of interest:

Think about this; Very often we are unconscious when we are eating.

What on earth am I talking about now ??

Well, maybe we are reading and eating or watching telly and eating, or talking on the phone even, and eating, or we’re stressed at work and are eating at our desks.  We can go on and on. The point is that we are not thinking about what’s going into our mouths or often, how much is going into our mouths ! And we are probably eating too fast and not chewing our food properly or possibly even not tasting and enjoying it.

We gain weight unconsciously ! What do you think of that ? 

A w a r e n e s s      is  the  key.


I am a huge fan of protein rich biltong. An excellent snack for weight loss. 

The best beef treated with herbs and spices and dried by the wind.





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8 thoughts on “Fuel

  1. Hi dear
    Loosing fat is a daily battle and needs lot of work and patience. Eating less fat food is the main goal and doing some exercise daily, without forcing 10 minutes exercises daily before living your bed or bedroom will really help. I always make sure to eat fruits and vegetable everyday to get maximum fibers to help with the digestion. As you said never eat after 8pm. Loosing fat naturally is the best!

    1. Hello Adyn,

      Good to hear from you. Losing fat does need work + patience. You are so right. And determination ! Eating less food – agree ! Need to make what you do a daily ritual and you have got to enjoy the ritual otherwise it will never be permanent. Has got to become like brushing our teeth. All depends on whether the WHY is strong enough. Why do we want to slim down. Mine is obviously to look good and feel better, but it’s also a health thing hey, Adyn. We don’t want any of those diseases related to being too fat.

      Keep well and keep a healthy state of mind.


  2. I am in total agreement with you on the idea that weightless is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I have struggled for years and only this year, after changing my diet up have I ever had any success. I have been doing a ketogenic diet, but it is SO restrictive! What are your thoughts on the Weston A. Price diet? I like what I read, but am looking for other opinions.

    1. Hi Kelly, thanks for taking the time to read my website. I’m not into dieting at all. Tried a couple in my day and they didn’t work . Did well in the short term but was never able to go for any decent length of time, and I always went back to my old ways and packed it all back again, and a little more each time. So simply by cutting down and adding a few rituals to my days, I have been able to lose much of the flab.

      But this continues for a while (different for all of us) before it begins to plateau and the stubborn fat hangs on tighter. I have almost reached this stage I think so am looking for a little “helper”. 

      Job description of the little “helper”.     –     natural  not  chemical



      And that’s why I’m thrilled with this book. Took a chance, but had the feeling that Stephen and I were on the same wave length, and as it panned out, we are ! 

      But I tell you what, Kelly, I’ll do a little research on the Western A. Price diet and will get back to you with my humble opinion.

      Keep well my friend.


  3. I have three kids. they are all fully active and doing a lot of sports. however only after I changed their diet and chosen the right things for them to eat I saw the change coming and from three bears they became healthy looking kids. Once I saw that happening I did the same with myself and I must say that I never felt better.

    1. Hi Manor,

      Ha ha, love that comparison, Three Bears to 3 healthy kids. Well done you ! The key is knowing what foods the “engine” responds to best.

      All the best,


  4. Hello there,

    It is true that losing weight can be an overwhelming taks sometimes.
    It is related to many sacrifices and wise choices that are needed to be done.
    Often, people tend to procrastinate everything and losing weight falls into that category.
    I agree with what you say, that abs are made in the kitchen.
    The diet is as important as the gym activity.

    1. Asen, thanks for visiting my “shop.” Good to meet you.

      I don’t think that losing weight should be at all overwhelming. We should not have that emotion. To be overwhelmed is an extremely powerful emotion ! That’s why I am not a fan of dieting for weight loss, not in the long-term. You may need to lose weight quickly in order to fit into a wedding dress, but a quick dieting experience like that is very difficult to sustain, and I believe that it can’t be good for one if it lasts longer than a couple of weeks.

      Losing weight should be an enjoyable experience and it should not require big sacrifices. Wise choices yes, but not the stress and strain of having to cut out the foods you enjoy. Procrastination is one of the great “enemies”, I agree with you big-time on that. My answer to anything we want or have to do is, just get on with it !

      Asen, take a look at the Review area of my website. There’s a book “on the shelf” there which I call my weight loss “bible”. This book forms the basis of all my weight loss thinking and action. Would like you to take a look and to please tell me what you think. Would love to hear your thoughts.

      You are so right when you say that diet (noun) is as important as gym activity. I would go as far as to say that it’s even more important.

      Thanks for popping in, Asen. Hope we meet again soon. Thanks for your thoughts and opinions. Respect what you say.



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