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” Causing  a  feeling  of  happiness and well-being “

Ultimate  Goal

Happiness and  well-being   is   such  an   important   part  of   our   lives.  It  is  the  ultimate  goal. There  are  so  many  ways  to  feel  good and  so  find  happiness.  Losing  weight  and  being  at  your  ideal  weight  (for  you),  is  definitely  one  way  to  feel  good  both  physically and mentally.


Think  about  it. Participating  in  activities.  It  might  be  a  walk  for  charity with friends/family  or  taking  the  dog  for  a  walk  or  playing  with  the  kids  in  the  garden  or  going  to  the  beach  or  sitting  in  an  aircraft or  lying  on  the  floor,  or  whatever. You  do  feel  better  about  yourself  when  you  are  at  your  ideal  weight.  And  then  there  are  all  the  positive comments  you  receive. “Man, but  you  are  looking  good” –  to  hear  that  is  such  a  boost !!

other  feel  good  activities ?

There  are  many  activities  which  make  us  feel  good.  Doing  something  nice  for  another  human  being  makes  us  feel  good;  reading  a  feel  good  book  or  watching  a  feel  good  movie; achieving  our  goals;  getting  selected  for  the  team;  diving  into  the  cool  water  of  a  swimming  pool  on  a  blistering  hot  day; praying,  doing  yoga,   and  so  on  and  so  on.  I think  you  get  it.  But  you  know,  those  are  only  temporary, being  at  your  ideal  weight  is  more  permanent.  Mind  and  body.

And  when  I  say  more  permanent  I  mean  that  it  lasts  24/7. You might  watch  that  feel  good  movie  and  feel  good  for  an  hour or two  after  the  movie, but  that  feeling  will  slowly  drain  away. Those feelings  of  looking  good  are  with  us  wherever  we go  and  whatever  we  are  doing,  making  us  feel  good  about  ourselves  .  And  it  will  lead  to  us  having   greater  confidence  and  better  self-esteem  –  all  feel  good.


So  losing  extra  flab  is  the  foundation  on  which  we  build  a  happy,  feel  good  lifestyle.  Fueling  our  weight  loss  is  of  course    how  and  what  we  eat. There  are  certain  foods  that  are  feel  good  foods  but  which  only  last  for  a brief  moment  or  two  (like a feel good movie) before  they  lower that  feel  good  feeling –  I’m  thinking  of  ice-cream,  cream  doughnuts,  chocolate.  And  then  you  get  the  delicious  fruits  and  vegetables  and  thirst quenching water  which  drive  the  feel  good  feeling. Eating  naturally  and  healthily  are  key, powerful  ingredients  which strengthen that foundation  on  which  we  want  to  build  a  happy,  feel  good  lifestyle.  Another  powerful  ingredient  would  be  exercise.

Those are some of my thoughts  on  feeling  good.  Hope that you enjoyed reading the article and it would be great if you can take just a little something from it which you can include which can further improve your life.

It is hoped that my website might be even more beneficial.

BE   HEALTHY          BE  HAPPY          BE  SAFE





4 thoughts on “FEEL GOOD

  1. Yes, I know that feeling good, leads to a better day, a better outlook, and things just go better for me when I am feeling good. So I always strive to get up in the morning with a positive attitude and try not to sweat the little things. I know that life is too short. I also recently began a daily routine of working out and eating better. I just know that this has also made a HUGE improvement on how I feel and look. Great ideas for sure!

    1. Hi Matt’s Mom, good to hear your thoughts and experiences. You have a super outlook on life! Love that saying you have: “Try not to sweat the small things.” Daily exercise and sensible eating DOES make a massive difference to how we feel about ourselves, couldn’t agree with you more. And “It’s all in the mind.” Need to wake in the morning, click the thumb and the middle finger together and zone in on enjoying what you want to do that day and trying to enjoy what you have to do.

      Keep up the good work and eliminate those negative thoughts. Have you tried The Slide Changing Technique?


  2. I definitely agree that certain foods can improve your sense of long-term well-being.

    Along with the fruits and veggies, however, I would add meat. Good quality beef, for instance, along with other meats, has been proven to create that feeling of well-being.

    If I remember correctly, certain dairy products, particularly hard cheeses such as mature cheddar, have also been linked with that sense of well-being. And let’s not forget dark chocolate!

    1. Hi Al, good to hear from you, and thanks for your thoughts.

      So you reckon that mature cheddar cheese and dark chocolate can give you that feel good feeling ? Is that because they are enjoyable to eat like ice-cream, or is it that feeling of having eaten something that is good for one? I’ve heard that dark chocolate is far healthier to eat than milk chocolate.

      A good quality beef is rich in proteins and gives one a feeling of strength. I believe it is a favourite meal of boxers after they have been weighed in for the last time before a fight ?

      Have you ever had a weight problem, Al ? Have you ever experienced that feeling of losing weight? 

      Thanks for making contact and I hope we speak again soon.


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