MY  WAY  !

You  came  to  this  page  because  you  have  a  need  for  some  advice,  right ? So  short  and  sharp  this  is  how  I’m  getting  rid  of  that  flab  which  is  covering  my  abs.  (and  we  all have  abs  under  there).


What  you  can’t  see  you  can’t  hit.  You  have  two  arrows  to  shoot :

a)  Strike  that  “fat  balloon”  covering  your  abs  and  deflate  it.  (how  and  what  we  eat)

b)  Tone  and  strengthen  the  abs  so  that  they  are  firm  and  ripped  when  they  are  exposed.  (exercise)


You  must  have  a  plan.  Fail  to  plan  and  you  plan  to  fail . The  plan  needs  to  be  properly executed !  No  messing  about ! Be serious  about  what  you  set  out  to  achieve.

Now  there’s  the  quick  way  and  there’s  the  not  so  quick  way.  I’ve  used  them  both  and  to  be  absolutely  honest,  I  prefer  the  not  so  quick  way  which  I’ll get  to  later.

You  are  here  for  the  quick  way.

How  and  what  we  eat

  • eat  small  helpings  –  don’t  want  your  tummy  swollen
  • eat light  –  salads + fish
  • tiny  portions  of  potato and teeny portions of bread
  • drink water
  • brush teeth
  • eliminate/cut down drastically on sugary food
  • know what you are going to eat the next day before you sleep at night
  • change your mind set when temptation rears its horrible head

It’s  not  for  me  to  tell  you  when  and  what  you  are  going  to  eat  each  day. You  must  draw  up  your  own  eating program . The  one  doing  the  work  is  doing  the  learning.  It’s  your  mind. Tell me  and  I  might  succeed, show  me  and  I  might  succeed, involve  me  and  I will succeed. It has to come from you my friend.

Now  work  on the system of two days on and one day off. So two steps forward and one step backwards. You have drawn up your program, give it hell for two days and then weigh in when you rise and shine on the third day. The third day is your rest day but for goodness sake don’t go on a food binge. Just eat normally on this day. And then you give it hell again from the morning of the fourth day.

Monday &  Tuesday         –   give  it  hell.

Wednesday                          –  early  morning weigh in     –  normal  eating

Friday  &  Saturday            –   give it hell

Sunday                                  –   early  morning  weigh  in    –  normal  eating


  • Running  &  Walking     (be  careful – build  up  very  slowly)
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Skipping

Whatever  floats  your  boat !

We are all at different levels when it comes to exercise, but in order to release those ab muscles, eating and exercise must go hand in glove. And your posture. Aerobic exercise like the above are very important weight loss tools but we have to be careful and remember where we are at as regards our own fitness levels. Running for example. Anything is better than nothing, even if you just run 10m a day to start. I’m serious. ANYTHING is better than nothing.

And then our program must include some core strengthening exercises. Again, be careful. DON’T overdo it ! Enjoyment comes first !! My best core exercise is something I do throughout the day, when I remember, and that’s to tense my tummy muscles. When I’m sitting, standing or lying down, I concentrate on keeping my tummy muscles tensed to the count of 20. Think of it, do a “tenser” to the count of twenty. Might do another count or another two or three, or might just do the one and stop. And when I think of it next, off I go again. Am also constantly aware of my posture when sitting and standing. Too easy to push the tummy out, especially when we are standing. And to slouch when we are sitting.

So find one or two or three or four good tummy exercises off Google or wherever and make sure you do these on every day of the week. PLANKS are great !

And  how  long  should  I  continue with it all ?

Give it a go for two weeks and you will see the difference. The result might inspire you to keep going. It has done so for me on many occasions during the time I have been here on planet Earth.  Go for it as they say in the classics.

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Now  this  is  what  I  mentioned  earlier  in  my  article  –  the slower way to losing weight and exposing those  Abs.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

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  1. This is a very imformative article that i took away a great deal from. After just visiting my folks back home i really put on a tonne of weight. I forgot my dad likes to pile that food on the plate, and since i havenet eaten home cooking in a while i was doing 2nds and 3rds, but alas now its time for damage control so this was a great read.

    1. Ha ha, folks love to pile the plate. Want to see their boy happy and smiling. Way to a man’s love is through his stomach and an army marches on its stomach etc . And when it’s good, wholesome home cooking . . .

      But with all the eating of all the big meals come the consequences hey Chris. Hope you will implement some of what you read on my website. Don’t want to carry that added weight around for too long.

      All the best,


  2. I like your information on fast weight loss. You refreshed my memory on brushing your teeth, that is very helpful. After your teeth are clean and refreshed, you don’t want to lose that freshness. Also enjoyed the list of things to do to keep on track. Love the exercise “tenser”. Very helpful article for anyone who wants to lose weight and tone up. Thank you, Deanna

    1. The brushing of the teeth is one of those strategies that works very well, Deanna. Feeling peckish? Out with the toothbrush & paste. Takes away the juices and clears the mind. We need a list (flashing light) to keep us on track. Need to visit that list often. And the tenser is the best. No equipment required, no venue required, no specific time of the day required, no special clothing required etc etc. Can engage whenever and wherever. Thank you for the visit and for your positive comments, Deanna. Appreciated.

  3. This article was very informative in a unique way. I like the no nonsense approach!

    Getting rid of that last belly fat has been a long process still in play. Your concept of two days on… one day off reminded of my weight lifting strategy. It works! Why I haven’t tried on belly fat eludes me.

    You have paved the path for success. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

    How did you formalize this method?

    1. Hi Robert, pleased to meet you, and I thank you for your kind words.

      Pleased to have triggered your memory re the two days on – one day off strategy. It does work ! We both know that we can’t train hard every day without a rest day in which to recuperate. If we do, burnout will occur. And body/mind/soul burnout. After all, they’re all linked. Like driving a motor car or flying a plane, and not refueling. We know what will happen. Our bodies behave in the same way.

      Not too sure re your question, Robert. Should we formalize it? People are at so many different levels regarding their fitness and training, although I once came across a little book. It wasn’t even a cm thick. This book had a list of exercises which started with beginners – exercises ranged from 1-5 re sets. The intermediate – again from 1-5. Then top level – again 1-5. So it was progressive, which I thought was excellent. Used it big-time in my younger days.

      Hope to meet up with you again soon , my friend.

      Please visit my little “shop” again soon.


  4. This is probably one of the more colorful “how to lose belly fat” articles that I’ve ever read. The phrase “strike that fat balloon” alone is epic and amusing. I will never forget. I also like how you not only inform belly-fat loss hopefuls of what they need to do in the way of eating right and exercise, but you motivate them and remind them that they are the only ones who can make their goals happen. “My Way!” is the best way 🙂

    1. Thank you for visiting my little weight loss “shop”, Wendi.

      Thank you for the kind words of encouragement. Makes me want to keep writing.

      You are welcome to pop in at any time.



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