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Since January 2017 my weight has been steadily dropping on the scale. But it hasn’t always been the case. It started picking up gradually in my early thirties.

When I was young:

Up until then I had been playing a lot of sport. Mainly rugby and football, but I also swam a lot and enjoyed my road running. It was back when I was just 23 that I qualified as a Physical Education teacher, so I was very fit and really into my sport.

Little Ones

My sons were born when I was in my early 30’s and I chose to give a lot more of my time to them. My own sport took a backseat. The lbs started to take hold and where I was just 150lbs in my prime, I now fluctuated between 163lbs and 176lbs .

Up and Down, Down and up

This continued until late into my 50’s. I’d run for a few weeks and lose a few lbs, and then I’d get lazy, and the lbs would come rushing back, and bring a few of their friends back with them ! In my early 60’s my weight leapt to 180lbs, and with my 65 birthday looming it peaked at 190lbs. And just to say that my height is 5’7″.

Beware !!

I was dangerously overweight and needed to trim down. There are so many serious negatives related to being overweight the major one being poor health. I had a telly belly for goodness sake! Something we laughed about back when we were young men training to become physical education teachers and our lecturer had said, “Guys, telly belly is a killer.” We never thought in our wildest dreams that any of us could ever develop a telly belly. We were too fit, too active.

Decision Time ! It’s Now or Never !

So I made the decision after Christmas 2016 to lose some weight and took immediate action . By adjusting my lifestyle a little here and there, I was able to lose 9lbs in the first 4 months of 2017 and the numbers on the dial continue to drop slowly but surely as planned. I have a wonky knee which I know is directly related to being overweight. Whenever I lose weight, the knee problem disappears. So right now, I can’t run. And at my age I can’t start training like a professional athlete. Would do myself more harm than good. The beauty is, we don’t have to. There are so many things we can do to stay active. Basic exercise activities which we can weave into our busy lives whether we are children, young adults, middle-aged or mature like me (Ha ha!). We don’t need to run! Of course, if you enjoy running that would be a bonus.

A Positive, powerful mind-set

I have now managed to instill a positive mindset . Finally !! I  have  life and exercise rituals in place which will enable me to reach the weight loss goal I have set myself and for me , that is simply to look good and feel good.  Short, enjoyable, daily exercise rituals have become a part of my daily life. Nothing too strenuous. Activity during the day and restful sleep at night.

My new friend

And after 20 weeks living and enjoying my new life exercise routine, I’ve decided to step up and purchase an aid which will help me target my abs. Have used one of these before but it was made from an inferior metal and it snapped. Could have had something to do with my weight at the time 🙂  . This latest one is inexpensive but of good quality. Have reviewed it so if you are interested in knowing more about it, just pop across to my Review Page. Just two words: “It works.”


12 thoughts on “Exercises

  1. Hello, Roy, congratulations on your decisions to take care of yourself.
    I did not catch why you gained why you gained some pounds? Did you eat junk food or you were a couch potato or both? Sorry for expressions but most of people fall in traps of comfort food and to the lures of TV programs.
    It is nothing wrong with it just we do not know limits.
    I am glad that you reverse you weight to the good and you can enjoy life educating others how to avoid temptation skipping exercises and the right nutrition.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, good to hear from you. Thank you for the congratulations, it’s a great feeling to make a powerful decision and then to take immediate action. Am loving my daily rituals especially now that they have become a habit and a normal part of my day.

      You asked how I gained the weight? Bottom line really is that I ate too much but didn’t move very much. Biscuits (by the “ton”) and too much volume were the main culprits. Snacked on biscuits throughout the day. 12 a day was the average.

      Chat again soon hopefully, Nemira.

      Be healthy, be happy, be safe.


  2. Happy for your success, stick with it I know you will reach your weight goals if you stay positive and stick to your plan.

    what do you think about protein powder for working out and losing weight, I have lost over 12 pounds since using pea protein. Still got some ways to go, but this has helped me more than anything else I have tried….what about those meal replacment products are they safe?

  3. Hi Jeffrey,
    Pea Protein and meal replacement products definitely work and of course they are very useful when it comes to weight loss. What is important is they must be a good brand of product. There are too many fakes out there so we need to be very careful.

    I personally am not into anything but good food and exercise at the moment . My philosophy is to eat , drink and exercise in moderation. And we need to find our own balance when it comes to moderation. We are not all the same.

    Also, re Pea Protein and replacement products, I might also introduce them in the future, am not sure right now. What I am sure of is that I would probably include them just a couple of times during my week and would certainly not go overboard.

    So that’s my take, Jeffrey, for what it’s worth.

    Do you use food replacement products ? Would like to hear what you think.

    I always think of my old man. Once saw a photo of him whilst he was serving in the army in the desert in Egypt. Had his shirt off and looked fit and trim. He later told me that 80% of his liquid intake had been water and that he had eaten good wholesome food 90% of the time. He was a keen rugby player and another thing of interest was that he exercised whenever he thought about it. If he was sitting down in the shade and the thought came to him, he would get up and do ten pressups, or he would do tummy tenses to the count of 20 etc etc. Didn’t have to go to the gym and just use his environment in a creative way. Fantastic. And do you know, he was like that all through his life even when the war ended and he became a civilian. Saw him at it at home all the time. Never changed that mindset. And he was as fit as a fiddle right up until the day he died when he was in his late 70’s.

  4. Well done Roy on losing the pounds. Up till recently I’ve never had a problem eating what I want and staying thin, although I knew I was never doing myself any favours eating all that chocolate! Middle-age-spread I think that’s what they call what I’m getting now lol It’ll be good to see what I can take from your site to help me ‘lose a bit’. Cheers, Del.

  5. Hi Roy, thanks for creating this interesting website. Yes, we all come to an age where we need to watch our weight if we want to continue living a healthy life. I look forward to reading more of your great articles and suggestions.

    Best wishes,


  6. Very impressive website you have Roy,

    I like how your website has a friendly feeling to it, knowing you are like myself and have extra belly fat makes me feel I am not alone. I am looking forward to reading more posts from you soon, thank you for such a nice friendly website.


  7. Congratulations on losing that stubborn belly fat, I too have that fat around my waist and it is really difficult to get rid of those last pounds.
    How exactly did you lose that weight, did you do any specific exercises or follow any specific diet as well, do tell more in detail!

    1. Hi Shrey, good to hear from you.

       Let’s start with exercise. Walking has been the major part of my daily exercise programme. I try to walk briskly for at least an hour a day. This time is broken up depending on the time I have available during the day. I also have my ab roller which you have probably already seen on my webpage. It is a great piece of equipment and I love it. Work with it as often as I can. A few minutes here and a few minutes there. I also stay as active as I can and try to move as much as possible when and if this is possible and all through the day am very conscious of always tensing my abs and sitting up straight instead of slouching. So that is all I have been doing on the exercise front thus far.

      Food-wise ! I don’t believe in strict diets and eat what I like really, but I don’t binge the way I once did. Am training my mind to only eat when I feel hungry and to know the difference between hunger and temptation. I eat a lot of salads and vegetables and when I say a lot I don’t mean that I sit down to a meal with mountains of fruit and vegetables in front of me, I mean that I eat them often. My go-to snack is grated carrot+pineapple. But, Shrey, what has worked over these last few months is actually just eating less on my plate and less sugar. Love my sugar !! But also know that it is my enemy. I could eat a chocolate bar every single day of my life, and was doing so last year. Now I’m down to what amounts to one small block (square) of Cadburys chocolate per day. The key though is to cut down and not to cut out. Fill your mind with things other than food. Last year my main thought in my head throughout the day, was food. What ‘s for breakfast, what’s for lunch, what’s for dinner, what’s for morning tea, what’s for afternoon tea, I feel like that chocolate or ice-cream that I am picturing in my mind, and so it went from day to day. Now I make a conscious effort to change that “slide” that enters my mind and I think of my ab roller, or a nice bottle of water, or my carrot/pineapple snack or the book that I’m reading, or gardening or whatever. And that to have a fat belly is dangerous to our well-being. That thought is a great weapon against eating too much too often. We should know our bodies and know when we are hungry and when we are just being tempted. If it’s to be then it’s up to me !

      Hope this helps just a little, Shrey. If you have anymore questions, just “shout” and I will be more than willing to help where I can.




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