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We’ve got to get ourselves to love exercise, and in my opinion, the only way to fall in love with exercise is to enjoy the exercises we choose to do. We are all so different. Unique individuals at various levels of age and fitness. The young folk have a huge choice when it comes to exercise but us guys who are more mature need to be careful and selective. (although, never forget that there is a chronological age and a biological age. Some folk are 20 going on 40 but others are 40 going on 20).

I love walking. Try and walk for 30-40 mins a day (extra). And I’ve just started running, but that’s still in its infancy. Still feel very heavy on my feet. My mini habit is to run 100 steps a day. Not up a hundred steps, but rather 100 steps up and down the driveway. Sometimes it’s a little further but never less than 100 steps. Non-negotiable. That’s me. You might like to cycle or swim or play tennis or golf, or, or, or … I also do a little gardening every day when the weather allows. Love being close to nature and the bending is good for flexibility and the carrying is good for strength, as is the pushing of the wheel barrow and the digging and raking and mowing.

I have an Ab Trimmer which I “play” on a number of times each day and I also do plank exercises whenever I think about it. Might just drop down and hold for 30 s  or  I might do a series one after the other. My mini habit is 2 mins on the Trimmer (at least and non-negotiable) and 3 plank holds of 30s (at least and non-negotiable). Also have a stationary exercise bike which I ride every single day. My mini habit here is 1 minute (at least and non-negotiable). Most days these mini habits stretch out but I make absolutely sure that each mini habit is completed every day.

Tummy tenses are one of my absolute favorites. You can do them anywhere and at anytime. Again this happens on the spur of the moment. Think to myself , “Oh tummy tensing time !” And then it’s a case of tensing the abs and holding for however long you wish to hold. You can be standing in line somewhere or sitting/lying in front of the telly, or lying in bed or going for a walk. The trick is to make it a habit. Must just become one of your powerful thoughts all through the day. Probably do tummy tenses at least 25 times a day !

And then I am always very aware of my posture. Tummy must be pulled in and no slouching allowed. Again this is a thought that arrives from nowhere – “Watch your posture. You’re slouching on that chair in front of the computer or you look like a sack of potatoes lying there in front of the television. Stand up straight and pull that tummy in.” these are great times to do a set or two of tummy tenses. All these powerful little thoughts need to be focused. Done over and over again. Repetition  is  the  mother  of  skill !  Repetition creates a habit !

So these are just a few thoughts. Strong little bundles of thoughts. Positive thoughts need to be acted upon in such a way that they benefit us. When a negative thought arrives, use the  Mind  Slide  Technique  to eliminate it. Do you know what the slide technique is ?

Mind Slide Technique –                       Do you remember the old slide projectors ?

Slide Projector

You can flick from one slide to the next.  Now the  Mind Slide Technique works in the same way. As soon as a negative thought descends on you, change the slide (negative) in your mind to another slide (positive). Ensure that you focus on a positive image. Eg. A thought image of “I’m such a fat slob” appears in your minds eye – change it immediately to a thought image of you looking fit and trim. And keep going to this image or any other image that makes you feel happy and confident. Be CREATIVE here.


The two images might not even relate to each other. Your positive image might be an image of your lovely girlfriend on the beach wearing her itzi bitzi teeny weeny bikini. That would fire you up.

And if you are of the female variety, you might think of your man with his six pack abs wearing his board shorts and lying on his surfboard with the sun on his back and the salty water dripping off him. That will get rid of that negative thought !


Please don’t take offense. I’m just trying to get a technique across to you all. The important thing is that you have a powerful image to change to when the negative image enters the beautiful garden of your mind. And as a human being , we can make our own choices as to what we want those positive images to be.

Just remember that it’s the repetition which is going to make us skillful at using this Mind Slide Technique. It’s very powerful. And one last thing, when the positive image starts to lose its gloss change it for another one. There are thousands of positive images in that computer which is your mind.

I hope you have found this article useful. Would love to hear your thoughts, opinions and experiences.

Roy                                                                    Email me at:



10 thoughts on “Regular Exercise

  1. Hi, Roy.

    For years starting when I was in high school and college when on the track teams right on through my mid-30s I was a dedicated runner. I was a sprinter in high school and college who became more of a long-distance runner as I continued to age.

    I only had to give up running when, after years of repeated pounding on the pavement one of my Achilles tendons began acting up and unless I stopped it would have snapped.

    Also into bicycle riding and training beginning in college, I have continued that for decades as I’m now 60 years old and still get out there several times per week for truly hard workouts.

    Without a doubt, the benefits of running to stay in shape, helping a person’s cardiovascular system is well-known. Statistically and well proven now, many Americans are overweight to obese as they eat too much bad food choices in addition to the fact that they DON’T exercise, in some cases at all!!

    Thus your article should serve as motivation in telling the readers to get out outside, even if they need to begin by walking initially and get in needed exercise.

    The Mind-Slide technique that you mentioned in your article, with a person replacing negative thoughts swirling around inside his/her head about exercise, body frame should be replaced by positive thoughts. It is proven that negative thoughts if gone unchecked inside the human brain slowly building up, it could lead to some form of mental depression.

    Really, any type of exercise that gets the heart rate up for at least 30 – 45 minutes per day, several hours per week goes a long way towards keeping a person’s body weight down, (that along with proper nutritional habits) and a much healthier lifestyle.

    Great article sir, one which needs to be read by a great number of people who sit in their couches all day, (in front of a television) doing nothing!


    1. Hi Jeff and thanks for your thoughts, opinions and experiences and kind words. 

      We do have to keep ourselves fit, no doubt about that. We need to keep moving. We need to ingrain that into our minds from a young age, as you did. But it’s never too late to start as long as we start slowly and don’t overdo it. 

      As the Big Mac phrase goes  “Just do it !”  Just get on with it. 

      Important what you mentioned about getting the heart rate up. One of the great British leaders during the Second World War , Winston Churchill, was a cigar smoker and wasn’t in the greatest shape physically, but evidently he use to rise every morning and put on some marching music, and march around the lounge for a couple of minutes to get his heart-rate up. So although on the outside he didn’t look very fit, he knew what to do about the “pump” which is of course the most important organ. If that malfunctions then we have a problem.

      So I agree with what you say, any form of exercise that gets your heart-rate up, is good.

      What is your favorite form of exercise, Jeff ?

      Thanks for popping in.


  2. I love the comment about loving the workouts through finding workouts you like to do. I would have to say that this is one of the most crucial things in turning exercise into a habit. I think you do have to do some exercises you do not like to ensure overall results, but in the its all about making yourself feel better. Would you say that running for 15 minutes, or walking for 30 minutes is more beneficial?

    1. Hi Edmundo. Many thanks for your thoughts and opinions. Enjoy getting feedback, it’s how we learn. It is all about feeling better and we must surely feel better when we are not carrying around that excess weight. It stands to reason that if we can get rid of the flab, even if it’s just a few kgs, that we are better able to do every day things which require physical activity. And it’s better for our general health too.

      Regarding your question, Edmundo, I think it depends. For weight loss I personally think that 15 mins of running would be more beneficial. We would have to gauge it though. If we are at the beginning stages of a weight loss journey, 15 minutes might be too long and might actually do more harm than good. I think that what I’m trying to say here is that running requires far more exertion and so yes, re weight loss, would be more beneficial. Whether that be running on the spot, on a treadmill or on the road. My guess is that 15 mins of running would be equal to an hour of brisk walking.

      The way I started is that I walked for 6 months (was well over my ideal weight) just to get the legs and heart use to the movement and have now recently started ‘jogging’, but over a very short distance each day. Will do this until the end of Sept probably, and will then get out on the road or park and do the walk-run routine. Run for a certain distance/time and then walk for an equal distance/time and then repeat. Like running and walking between the lampposts along the road. 

      We’ll see how we go. Never too far, too fast, too soon.

      Keep in touch. Was good to hear from you.



  3. This is a great approach to health. I love the “day-to-day” concept. It really helps me focus on baby steps as opposed to possibly getting overwhelmed with a goal that may be too big.

    And I love your expression, “strong little bundles of thoughts.” It really helps me to visualize something strong, tight, clean, easy. I can picture it!

    In addition, I really like your concept of changing negative thoughts into positive ones by using images. We, as humans, tend to be so visual; it’s a great way to help with focus.

    1. Hi Jarrod , many thanks for your visit and for your observations and thoughts.

      Good to hear that you found the webpage useful. 

      Please visit again soon and don’t forget, it’s not enough just to know, we must apply !



  4. You’re totally right in that we need to learn to love exercise – couldn’t agree with you more. The more that exercise feels like less of a ‘chore’, the more inclined we’ll be to do it which is the first massive step.
    The second step is getting into a routine and focusing on QUALITY, not the QUANTITY of exercise we do. That definitely worked better in the long run.
    I like the slide technique at the end there, will definitely need to test that out.

    1. Hi Stephen and thanks for your visit to my page. I agree 100% re quality over quantity when it comes to exercises, but the word that really jumps out is ROUTINE. That’s what we have to get going hey ? To have a routine which becomes a habit, like brushing the teeth.

      The slide method works. Give it a go. Great technique !

      Pop in again sometime. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts.


  5. Hey Roy, hope all is well. I loved this article. The biggest thing that caught my eye was the posture. I am still very young but the main thing that I have been told to work on is my posture when I am sitting on a couch or a chair or whatever. I started working on it and you can really see how much better your body feels with better posture. Thanks for sharing Roy!

    1. Hi Rob,
      Thanks for visiting my article. Posture is an important factor hey! My folks often use to tell me to pull my shoulders back and pull the tummy in, but it seems that they were the only ones who felt comfortable telling us this. We need to to be told and if others wont tell us we need to create the habit of telling ourselves.
      Agree, our bodies do feel better with the correct posture.
      So keep at it, Rob.
      Hope to chat again soon. Keep well.

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