Daily Exercise Tips

Daily  Exercise  Tips


Time is the most valuable commodity that we have. We have to have time for every daily activity whatever the activity might be. Whatever we want or have to do, is going to require some of our time, no matter what it is. Exercise is no exception !




So when is the best time to exercise during the day ? The answer to our question is straight forward – There is no best time-slot to exercise ! Well actually there is if we think of ourselves as unique individuals with our own unique demands on our time. We look at our daily schedule and then we slot in our time for exercise. Has to be done in that way. Slot in the exercise around our daily “have to do” schedule. It would be great if we could just exercise whenever we liked but for the most part only professional athletes get to have that privilege.

So many  finish up at work for the day and then make their way to the gym where they spend an hour or two. Our unmarried friends can afford this time. What about those who need to fetch the kids and then get home to listen to homework and  prepare supper for the family? This is important family time ! Morning time is the same.



So there is no one time-slot covers all.                     



What I am going to say here applies to all ages from when you first become interested in exercise until you are in your 80’s, or even older if you are lucky enough .

My brother and I were skyping the other day and were chatting about exercise. Evidently there’s a super fit young fella, Bruce (40+ years) on his staff. He exudes health and vitality. Before my brother had finished telling me this young fella’s secret to fitness, health and general well-being, the penny had dropped and I realized that here was someone whom we could all take a lesson from. Someone who had an exercise lifestyle.



Bruce is evidently an ambitious and extremely busy man with major constraints on his time both at work and at home. So how come Bruce looks so vibrant and alive? One of the major factors is exercise. He drinks a lot of water too and very seldom eats rubbish foods which provide no goodness for the body.

“But if he’s such a busy man when does he exercise?” I remember asking my brother.



Bruce is very different to you or me. He’s his own man. He’s married with two small children aged 2 and 4. He and his wife are both very health conscious so that helps.They eat small portions and they eat healthy . They drink stacks of water. They are early to sleep and early to rise people who believe that 5 hours of  good quality sleep is much better for us than 7 or 8 hours of broken sleep. They are quite spiritual and enjoy peace and quiet. They spend a lot of family time communicating with nature. They live in the UAE so it’s very dry so their nature is in small with lots of water-based nature.

Anyhow enough of that !  We want to know about how and when Bruce exercises !


HOW  AND  WHEN  BRUCE  EXERCISES –  lots of food for thought here

The truth is , he is constantly exercising. He doesn’t have times set aside during his day specifically for exercising. Larry says that often, he will be standing with Bruce at work and Bruce would get down and do a quick set of 10 pres-sups. Right there in his shirt and tie. Toe touching is another favorite. It is all done in a joking kind of way. It seems that Bruce does this sort of thing quite often during the day as other colleagues have mentioned it too. Pres-sups on the stairs, pres-sups with his hands on the side of the desk . . . He always takes the stairs, never the lift .

According to his wife, he is exactly the same at home. Has a heavy punchbag which he hangs from a branch of a tree. Wife says that he’s often outside in his shorts and bare top, punching the bag and skipping rope or doing pull-ups on a tree branch and perspiring like a pig, whilst his children play close by. Family have an early supper and then go for a walk after supper on most evenings of the week. The family often go down to the beach or pool for a swim in the early evenings. When the children go to bed Bruce and his wife do stretching exercises,core exercises and ride the stationary exercise bike. Not at the same time 🙂 Television plays a very small part in their lives. They do watch the nature channel as a family. Bruce is also evidently always looking to turn everyday activities into exercise. Does exercises with the shower towel. Even  washing the car is a form of exercise for him.

So that is a small snap-shot of how Bruce keeps himself looking so vibrant and alive and it’s proof that there is no such thing as not having time to exercise. That’s just an excuse we use to make us feel better for a short while.

Really a lot of food for thought there hey my friends?


What other kinds of everyday activities could we adapt so that they become a form of exercise? Please let me know your thoughts.


















7 thoughts on “Daily Exercise Tips

  1. It is true. People often take exercise to be some kind of small event in their whole life. Your buddy seems to understand that if you don’t have time to exercise, then you will have to use every spare time possible to do so. The reason is because that is how you can have a quality lifestyle that many ponders about. Instead of wasting your time out there drinking or spending hours in front of the television chewing on potato chips, be active about everything in your life and keep your body strong. This is very inspiring. Thank you. Do you follow this kind of lifestyle also?

    1. Thanks for your thoughts on this article my friend. Bruce is an inspiration isn’t he. I’d really like to meet and chat with him.
      I have a mini version of Bruce’s lifestyle going. But I do think it’s the way to go !


  2. Great site. Full of great information.
    I, myself, loves the idea of better health and fitness. What we do and eat make up who we are. And taking care of ourselves now makes tomorrow better.
    I haven’t drank soda pop in over ten years. Cutting back on just the sugar intake made me feel better and I lost a lot of extra weight for doing this.
    I believe that diets are a waste of time. They do nothing for you in the long run. Change of lifestyle works better.
    Thank you for sharing this. I found it very interested.

    1. Thank you for your kind words re the article Brenda. Enjoyed your phrase – “We are what we eat and do.” Taking care of ourselves now makes tomorrow better – great !
      Good on you for cutting out soda pop for over ten years. I still have a glass every now and then 🙂 . Cutting back on the sugar is actually key for weight loss and health. Pleased to hear you emphasize that.
      Thanks for your thoughts and opinions. Love hearing what other people are thinking.

  3. Hi Roy, I enjoyed your article on exercise. Many people say they can’t find time to exercise because we are all busy. That’s true. But Bruce’s example is great. I like the fact that he does push-ups at the office!

    Great concept: Exercise on the go! Snatch exercises whenever we can! I can relate to that.

    I stay on the 31st floor apartment. 3 times a week, when I come home, I’ll walk up instead of taking the lift. Then I I walk down again, and up again. So 62 floors, 3 times a week! And it feels great!

    My bad cholesterol is maintained and low-high. My blood pressure is stable. Gotta keep exercising! You too, Roy, good health to you!


    1. Hi Song, good to hear from you and pleased that you enjoyed the article. Loved the way you put it: “Exercise on the go!”

      You have created an excellent way of keeping yourself fit. 62 floors 3 times a week! That’s absolutely fantastic !

      Have you worked out how many actual stairs that is, Song?

      Keep stepping my friend. Can only do you a lot of good.

      1. Yes I did a Roy count the steps, is about 1000 steps one way! So one session is about 4,000 steps.

        For 2 trips, it’ll take me about 30 minutes.

        It all started last august when my neither-in-law challenged me to take the stairs. The first time I only made one trip and was completely out of breath.


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