Cravings – Lack Of Certain Nutrients ?

Lack of Nutrients

Food cravings attack at any time of the day and our body may crave for different type of food each time. It’s easy to want to enjoy foods that are sweet, fatty, salty and/or flavorful. Craving for certain type of food may be the sign of lack of nutrients. Our body may actually be missing certain essential minerals and vitamins. The chart below shows what our body truly needs when we crave for certain food.

















So now we have to dDecide on how and where each of us fits in. What nutrients are we possibly be missing in our diets, remembering that our foods which we buy in the shops today are not rich in nutrients. We would have to eat tons to get the nutrients we need on a daily basis.

Supplements might be the answer, but they have to be quality supplements. The quality ones are the ones that are absorbed into the body whilst the others just pass through and only a small % is actually absorbed.

I’m one of those folk who don’t like taking pills or drinking milkshakes, but sometimes it’s necessary. My suggestion is to have a qualified health specialist do a few tests to determine what our body needs. The above table is purely a guide. If we are craving burgers every day then yes, maybe we need iron and vitamin B. My mother use to eat ice from the freezer. Ate a few blocks every night. And the doctor found that her blood was lacking in Iron. They put her on a course of supplements for two weeks and after that the ice-craving was no longer.

So, if you are having strong cravings, this table might be useful. Just a case of saying to the doctor or nutritionist that maybe you are craving chocolate and a friend thought that you might be lacking in Magnesium.

Anyhow, just thought the table might be an interesting read and who knows, it could prove useful.




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