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I am not a doctor but I have read, as you probably have done too, that High Blood Pressure when left untreated , can damage our circulatory system and that this is a significant contributing factor to heart attack , stroke , and other health issues. Enter the Beurer BM 58 Blood Pressure Monitor , the suggested by my brother. My own brother has HBP and so I do speak with a certain amount of experience on the subject.

The scary thing about HBP is the fact that there are no obvious symptoms for High Blood Pressure. Usually we only hear this news when we go to a doctor or nurse for another reason like when we give blood. And then we might be tense just because of where we are and the reading could be inaccurate. And we can’t go running to a doctor every day to have our blood pressure checked . We need to do this ourselves. In order to do so , we need to have a reliable blood pressure monitor at home which will give us a reliable , accurate reading.

My research uncovered this quality monitor.

This  little  beauty  is  the  BEURER BM 58  blood  pressure  monitor. Most of us wouldn’t have a clue about how to switch a blood pressure monitor on, let alone understand how to operate it or even what the numbers which flash up on the screen, mean. The truth though is that this is one of the advantages of the BM 58 , and this is why I have chosen to review it. It is easy to operate . The instruction booklet which comes with the monitor is simply written and easy to understand.

Knowing the numbers:
Blood Pressure
mm Hg (upper #)
mm Hg (lower #)
Normal less than 120
and less than 80
Prehypertension 120 – 139
or 80 – 89
High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 1
140 – 159
or 90 – 99
High Blood Pressure
(Hypertension) Stage 2
160 or higher or 100 or higher
Hypertensive Crisis
(Emergency care needed)
Higher than 180
or Higher than 110

Blood pressure categories
The five blood pressure ranges as recognized by the American Heart Association are:

  • Normal blood pressure
    Congratulations on having blood pressure numbers that are within the normal (optimal) range of less than 120/80 mm Hg. Keep up the good work and stick with heart-healthy habits like following a balanced diet and getting regular exercise.
  • Prehypertension (early stage high blood pressure)
    Prehypertension is when blood pressure is consistently ranging from 120-139/80-89 mm Hg. People with prehypertension are likely to develop high blood pressure unless steps are taken to control it.
  • Hypertension Stage 1
    Hypertension Stage 1 is when blood pressure is consistently ranging from 140-159/90-99 mm Hg. At this stage of high blood pressure, doctors are likely to prescribe lifestyle changes and may consider adding blood pressure medication.
  • Hypertension Stage 2
    Hypertension Stage 2 is when blood pressure is consistently ranging at levels greater than 160/100 mm Hg. At this stage of high blood pressure, doctors are likely to prescribe a combination of blood pressure medications along with lifestyle changes.
  • Hypertensive crisis
    This is when high blood pressure requires emergency medical attention. If your blood pressure is higher than 180/110 mm Hg and you are NOT experiencing symptoms such as chest pain, shortness of breath, back pain, numbness/weakness, changes in vision or difficulty speaking, wait about five minutes and take it again. If the reading is still at or above that level, you should CALL 9-1-1 and get help immediately.

Your blood pressure numbers and what they mean 

Your blood pressure is recorded as two numbers:

  • Systolic blood pressure (the upper number) — indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls when the heart beats.
  • Diastolic blood pressure (the lower number) — indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls while the heart is resting between beats.

Which number is more important?
Typically, more attention is given to systolic blood pressure (the top number) as a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease for people over 50. In most people, systolic blood pressure rises steadily with age due to the increasing stiffness of large arteries, long-term build-up of plaque and an increased incidence of cardiac and vascular disease.

 It is important to have our Blood Pressure checked regularly and I would like to encourage you to purchase a good Blood Pressure monitor and to keep careful tabs on this important aspect of your life.

Try and avoid the following factors when measuring your blood pressure :



Measure your blood pressure at least once a week unless a doctor asks you to increase this to see if their are any fluctuations.

Measure at about the same time each day.

Be comfortable in a quiet place with a recently emptied bladder.

*  I would strongly recommend reading a few of the many comments written at the bottom of this page, where folk have given their thoughts, opinions and experiences regarding blood pressure.  Scroll right down to the bottom of the page.

Thank you all so much for the time you have spent reading this webpage. I hope you found it useful.

Beurer BM 58 Blood Pressure Monitor :  Purchase here



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  1. The beurer bm58! Sounds super cool. I can see how it would be beneficial to have regular access to one of these tools! There is a grocery store right down the street from my house that has a blood preasure monitor right next to the pharmacy. How regulary are you suggesting using one of these? And would having one in my home be better?

    1. Stress, Smoking, Cold Temperatures, Exercise, Caffeine and Certain Medicines are all factors we should try and avoid when taking our blood pressure. We should also try and measure our blood pressure at about the same time during the day. 

      In my opinion we should measure our blood pressure at least once a day. However, a doctor may want us to check our blood pressure several times during the day initially to see if it fluctuates.

      Also find a quiet place to check blood pressure. We need to hear our heartbeat. We should also make sure that we are comfortable and relaxed with a recently emptied bladder.

      Directions come with the Beurer BM58 as how exactly to use it. Simple to understand.

      All the best Dawayne,


  2. Found your article and review very interesting, I have a condition called vasovagal scycope together with sick sinus sydrome, so keeping blood pressure right can be tricky for me, many people do not as you say realise they can have problems with blood pressure and the dangers of it, as well as other risk factors it can also cause some damage to the eyes , making sure you have a good diet and checking your blood pressure is important, also it does not have to be an age thing either, even younger people can suffer from this

    1. Thank you for your visit, Katie. Am sorry to hear about your condition and I thank you for mentioning the eyes. I didn’t realize that high blood pressure affected the eyes. Thank you too for mentioning the fact that high blood pressure is not an age thing and that young folk can also suffer from it.

      So the bottom line is that we should all be monitoring our blood pressure and preferably at home. And the important thing would be to have a quality blood pressure monitor which would give us accurate readings.

      Go well, Katie. Thank you so much for sharing. Much appreciated.


  3. Blood pressure is one of those things that I never think about. I’m diabetic, so I see the doctor more regularly than the average person. And every time I go they tell me my blood pressure looks great.

    I don’t eat too terribly healthy, but I do try to get to the gym a few times a week. I don’t want to think that I’m invincible just because it’s been good every time I see the doc. What recommendations do you have to help me keep it looking good well into the future?

    1. Hi Dustin, and thanks for reading my article on Blood Pressure. You know, my belief is that what and how we eat is more important than exercise. It’s all very well going to the gym but bad eating habits could be affecting your health without you even knowing it. Gym is great but you have got to introduce healthy foods into your body. I’m certainly not saying that you must give up on the unhealthy foods altogether, far from it. I still have my hamburger and fries every now and again, or my pizza etc, but I also eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. Have grown to love salads and eat them with every lunch and often with supper. Love my juicer and drink a lot of fruit juices too. Have a BBQ a couple of times a month but whereas before we might have enjoyed a BBQ twice during a week during the Summer, we now might have one every 2 weeks. So yes, exercise is great, but in my opinion good eating habits are what we need to introduce into our lives. Have you looked at my website, Dustin. You might enjoy it . Here I explain very simply what I have done and am doing to improve my health.


      Keep exercising and get hooked on that lovely clean, healthy food my friend. I use to enjoy eating junk food, and still do, but I try and keep the junk food for special occasions.


  4. I really like your article on blood pressure. I have hypertension stage 1, and I am on medication for it. There are many people who have high blood pressure and don’t even know it. It’s good that you know the blood pressure numbers and what they mean and just having knowledge about it. I also think that it is important to have a blood pressure monitor in your home to keep a record of. This is a very important article that you wrote about.

    1. It sure is an important factor in our lives. Absolutely vital that we know whether  we have high blood pressure or not. They call it “the silent killer.” Thank you for reading my article, Brenda, and I wish you health and happiness.



  5. A clean and concise post which is rather easy for the layman to digest. I agree that it is good to invest in a quality blood pressure monitor. Faulty readings can lead to faulty perhaps fatal assumptions. There are monitors that are much cheaper but it is wise to do your due diligence/research before buying. It is not smart to be penny wise and pound foolish. I agree with you that once per week is a good enough frequency to self test your pressure unless you are having serious issues with hypertension.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting on my article on blood pressure. A quality Blood Pressure Monitor is vital and that is why I have chosen the Beurer BM58. One can be confident that the read-out from this monitor will always be accurate. And it is simple to use.

      All the best, Everton,


  6. Hi,
    Glad I found your site, this is a great article and you’re right to say we can’t run to the doctor office everyday, it’s a good point to learn how to check on our blood pressure by ourselves at home.
    My mom is not in her best shape for the moment, I go to visit her once every year, as I live far from her, I use to stay there to help my sister to take care of my mom.
    My sister and I had learned how to take care of blood pressure and blood sugar.
    BEURER BM 58 looks pretty good and easy to work with it. I might take a look at it on Amazon and on my next visit I will bring one for my mom.

    1. Thank you for visiting, Alejandra. Yes, it is vital to monitor one’s blood pressure no matter what our age. To be able to do it at home is a great advantage.

      I am sorry to hear that your mom is not well. My wife has a mom who is 95 and very frail, so I know how tough it is on family and friends. And living so far away doesn’t help either. At least you have your sister who is close by.

      I send blessings to your mother, Alejandra and strength to you and your sister.



  7. My husband suffers from high blood pressure, so we have been researching good blood pressure cuffs. Thanks the for the suggestion and information on blood pressure, as it is important to know what we are looking for when taking it.

    Is this monitor fairly easy to use? It looks like it has a lot of information on the screen and can be overwhelming. Do you know what kind of battery it takes?

    1. Hi Kimi , high blood pressure is so common these days that it seems as if every second person has it. My brother suffers from it and I can see from him that it can be easily managed. But you do need to keep a close watch on it.

      I have included some more info on the Beurer BM 58 for your interest.

      Fully-automatic measurement on the upper armExtra large, easy-to-read display, lit-up black display: 81 x 99 mmTouch-Sensor buttonsAverage of all saved maesured values and morning and evening blood pressure for the last 7 daysWith USB cable and HealthManager software download for free under: DownloadCuff holderClinically tested in accordance with ESH2 x 60 memory spacesRisk indicatorArrhythmia detection: warning in case of possible heart rhythm disturbance
      Medical product
      For upper arm circumferences 22-30 cm
      Time and date
      Automatic switch-off function
      Signaling of operating errors
      Automatic pressure preselection and deflation
      Blood pressure passport
      Battery changing indicator
      Practical storage pouch
      4 x 1.5V alkaline batteries AA included

      It looks like a complicated little monitor but as with anything which we are unfamiliar with, we will soon get the hang of it. It really is a quality little monitor. There are cheaper ones on the market but we need our blood pressure readings to be accurate and I for one would stay away from the cheaper monitors.

      Thank you for visiting my website, Kimi. I wish you and your hubby all of the very best and hope that you will visit my little shop again soon.



  8. I was looking for a blood pressure monitor for my father in law as he is having problems with high blood pressure occasionally. Your suggested BEURER BM 58 blood pressure monitor seems to be a great product and I see it is discounted now. Do you know if it is possible to light on the display to better see the numbers? The eyesight of my father in law is quite poor so I need to know if it is easy to see the numbers.

    1. Hi Arta, thank you for visiting my little “shop.” Pleased that something took your interest.

      Have researched your question on the Beurer BM 58 blood pressure monitor. The face of the monitor definitely lights up and is very clearly displayed even for someone like your father-in-law who struggles with his eyesight.

      Hope this information has been useful. This is a very good, quality monitor.

      Please feel free to call in again at any time, Arta.



  9. The BEURER BM 58 really sounds like an amazing device. I can see it would be super handy to own your own blood pressure monitor.

    As my husband has some issues with low blood pressure and the only way we can measure it would be to go to the doctor all the time.

    How easy is this machine to use?

    1. Hi Theresa.

      Thank you for popping in. Good to meet you.

      The Beurer BM 58 is a quality little machine, no doubt about that. Like anything new, we have to familiarize ourselves before we feel comfortable. Whether that’s moving into a new home, or buying our first computer or whatever. The same applies to the BM 58. 

      It isn’t difficult to operate, honestly. The directions which come with it are simple and clear .

      Hope that this is helpful.



  10. Hi Roy,
    your article is short and informative. And it is sad but true, after 50. birthday, few of us will have blood pressure numbers lower then120/80 mmHg.
    However, I could not find any information about the Beurer BM58 device on links you provided for us, so I don´t know what kind of batteries it uses or anything else. Please, give some more technical info about device. Thank you and all the best 🙂

    1. Hi Malizir,

      Thank you for visiting my webpage.

      It’s not just after 50 that the ‘enemy’ strikes my friend, it can strike the young ones as well. Most of us haven’t a clue whether we have high pressure or not, that’s the danger.

      Strange that you couldn’t find information on the links provided? Must look into that. If you scroll down the page and read through the info, you will locate which batteries the monitor uses.

      If you have any further questions, please ask, Malizir.



  11. Hi Roy,
    I have often heard about high and low blood pressure and it is interpreted by reading the 2 sets of numbers. But I never know what it meant. Am glad that you explained the exact meaning of the readings – Systolic and Diastolic blood pressure. Now I know. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Sharon, nice to meet you.

      Pleased to hear that you were able to learn something from my webpage. Do you actually have high pressure?

      The  Beurer BM58 is a great, quality blood pressure monitor.

      Look forward to meeting you again, Sharon. Pop into the “shop” again sometime.



  12. This article has been very interesting and full of useful information, I particularly took interest in the various degrees of high blood pressure.
    I suffer from anxiety and am paranoid about my blood pressure and heart rate. I currently use my Tombux fitness tracker to measure both but I don’t find the readings very consistent.
    The Buerer BM 58 isn’t very expensive and I would imagine would give much more accurate readings.

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for visiting my website . I’m pleased the Buerer BM 58 was of interest to you. It truly is a high quality little Blood Pressure Monitor which is not expensive but is very accurate.

      I’m sure there was enough information there to help you make a decision as to whether you need to purchase the monitor or not.

      Did you read the “Reviews” at the bottom of the webpage, Ken. They make interesting reading.

      Hope to meet you again in the near future.



  13. Wow, you really know what your talking about! This is like the ultimate post when it comes to BP and all the related details.

    It’s a fact that many people neglect high BP until it’s too late and have to start taking medications. And you’re right, smokers and alcoholics better take notes.

    BTW, as were mainly talking about weight loss, do you think that blood pressure can hinder one’s weight loss progress?

    1. Exercise can lower blood pressure. People who are physically active have a lower risk of getting high blood pressure than those who are inactive. Researches say that lowering blood pressure can help you lose weight successfully. Hypertension is one of the symptoms of insulin resistance,causing insulin weight gain.

      So a) we need to know whether we have high blood pressure or not b) If we have then we need to see a doctor and get advice on how to lower it to an acceptable level – medication, lose weight (exercise + healthy diet). Also remember ,Simon, we don’t necessary have to be overweight to have high blood pressure.

      Thank you for visiting my little corner of the forest and for your kind words.

      Pop in again soon.



  14. Not knowing your blood pressure and what the numbers mean can make a huge difference in someone’s life. Thank you so much for your review and taking the time to thoroughly explain the numbers.

    A few months ago, I had to purchase a blood pressure cuff and start monitoring my blood pressure myself because of a health problem I was having. It would have been very helpful to have this information back then. Thank you very much for being so thorough. It is very helpful.

    1. Knowing your blood pressure is absolutely vital ! Thank you for visiting my little “shop” and coming up to the “counter” to talk to me about your thoughts on blood pressure. Appreciate it very much.

      I actually believe that every home should have a quality blood pressure monitor. It should be a part of our home just like any of our other household appliances.

      An investment in our health.

      Again, thank you for visiting and hope to see you again very soon.


  15. I love the information you have shared on your website. You have some very interesting and important content that I couldn’t stop reading. My husband has high blood pressure (he says it’s from me) so I was really interested in all the information about diet, exercise, the reviews on the products, etc.I dig very deep to find things to work on as the comments I have gotten have helped me make my website better.
    I’m not an expert and I’m not being critical, but I try to come up with 3 suggestions, and these are my suggestions for your website:
    1. The “about you” section should only be about you (unless I’m wrong) – you have a lot of other good stuff that could be put together in another section.
    2. There’s so much white in the background – maybe more text, pictures, information in the sections – everything is very spread out.
    3. I would move your text one space or two to have it closer to your banner at the top.

    I wish you the very best of luck!


    1. Hi Jean, good to hear from you.

      Thank you so much for your suggestions. I will certainly take them on board.

      Thank you for the wishes and they come right back at you !



  16. I’m very thankful to have good blood pressure. Although, sometimes I feel as if it can get a little high at times dealing with kids all day – lol. One of these might come in handy!

    My husband does suffer from low blood pressure though and it might be good to have one on hand so he can check his when he feels faint.

    I’m glad you explained the numbers because I never really knew what they meant!

    Thanks for this!

    1. Hi Kayla, was good to hear from you. Blood Pressure is such an important aspect of our lives. As I mentioned to a customer who came in to the “shop” (my website) last week I think it was, having a quality blood pressure monitor in the home is the same as having a toaster, washing machine etc with one exception, it is an investment in our health.

      Dealing with kiddies can send your blood pressure through the roof, it honestly can. Had three sons of my own and have taught for many years in Prep Schools. The energy they expel is something else !  🙂

      Am pleased that you learnt something from reading through my webpage and can now make an informed decision as to whether your family needs a quality blood pressure monitor or not.

  17. I appreciate your information Roy. HBP runs in my family and have always been told, after routine check up, that I am not a at risk. But there are times I am curious based on stress factors. I also have sleep apnea. Recenty, I watched a documentary “What the Health” that showed how the very food we eat can cause HBP so as to not always rely on the heredity factor. I would love to check this machine out because just because I may not be at risk, it certainly isn’t harmful to own one and take preventative measures.

    1. Hi there. Thank you so much for popping in. I enjoy learning  from others. We sometimes think we know it all but what a huge mistake that is. My own brother has HBP so have learnt a lot from him. What is sleep apnea? Is that possibly something to do with screens ? Would loved to have watched that documentary. Have a feeling that there was a lot to learn there.

      The little BP monitor I am promoting is a great little quality machine and very accurate.

      Hope my webpage was useful. Please pop into my little “shop” again sometime. Would love to see you and to share a few more thoughts and experiences.



  18. Thanks for this important information. I finally understood basic things that I never quite knew. Your description was simple specific and orderly which enabled me to follow.
    You brought to my attention a device that is important to have and now that i know it I’ll probably get it at some point.
    It seems affordable for such an important task

    1. Hi Orion, thanks for visiting and pleased that you learnt something new.

      Blood is our body’s life line and my thinking is that if something is wrong with how the blood is flowing, it needs to be fixed. Like a pressure cooker on the stove where we have to watch the pressure and not allow it to get too high, the same applies to the pressure in our veins and arteries. Surely we need to watch that pressure and make sure that it doesn’t get too high. And seeing that our body doesn’t have an external built in dial that we can keep an eye on, we need a blood pressure monitor. And it needs to be a quality one, not a cheapy, not when it comes to our health.

      Hopefully you will now have the info to make an informed decision when/if you decide to purchase a monitor, Orion. Please pop in again for a visit. I enjoy listening to the ideas, opinions and experiences of others.



  19. I’m so happy I came across this review today. I was given a Microlife blood pressure monitor as a gift a few years ago but it’s very difficult to use so I don’t. I’m going to look into the one you recommend.
    I think it’s important for everyone over 50 to have one of these in their home so they can check their BP anytime they want. When we’re at the doctor’s office, we are usually in a stressful state which will make our BP reading inaccurate.

    1. Hi Karen, thank you for visiting my little “shop” (Website) and pleased that you discovered something which might be of use to you on one of the “shelves” (webpages). I enjoy folk popping in and sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions and experiences.

      Your thinking is very mature/wise and I sat up and took note when you mentioned about possibly being in a stressful state when visiting the doctor and that affecting our blood pressure reading. Never really thought of that being another good reason for having our own personal monitor in the home. And having one in the home allows us to monitor everyone’s blood pressure too.

      It isn’t a difficult little machine to use . Like anything new though, one needs to familiarize oneself with it before it will become second nature. Anything new in our lives tends to be just a little nerve-wracking, but as soon as we have spent a short while in the situation the confidence again comes bursting through.

      Keep well, Karen. Be healthy, be happy, be safe.


  20. This is a great article here, high blood pressure runs in my family. My long term goal as an adult is to prevent myself from getting high blood pressure. I always thought it would be a good idea if I could get an accurate blood pressure tester that I can use on a daily basis to monitor my blood pressure. Do you think these blood pressure testers are comparable to the blood pressure testers that the doctor uses in the hospital?

    1. Thank you so much for visiting. I really enjoy sharing the experiences of others and their ideas and opinions.

      I haven’t done any research into any of the other monitors but the Beurer BM58 was recommended and I have researched it in depth and found it to be a quality monitor which is easy to operate and very accurate. It is certainly a high end design and thus compares very favorably with those used in hospitals or in doctor’s surgeries.  

      Take care of yourself my friend. Be healthy, happy and safe.


  21. Roy,

    Thank you for the information regarding blood pressure. I never realized that it is recommended to check your blood pressure on a daily basis.

    I also like the chart you included that outlined the systolic and diastolic measurements and where your individual stats lie.

    Lastly, I thought the plug for the BEURER BM 58 was very discreet and not in your face, very nicely done.


    Christian Delzer

    1. Hi Christian

      You might only need to check your blood pressure on a daily basis once you know that you have high blood pressure. Otherwise, every week or 10 days or so. But the beauty of having your own home monitor is that you can take your blood pressure reading every day if you should want to.

      There are many monitors out there, Christian, but the Beurer BM 58 was recommended to me by a satisfied client, who happens to be my brother.

      Enjoy the rest of your day and do pop in again sometime soon.



  22. The beurer bm58 sounds great! It’s nice to know which one to purchase because doctors don’t really ever recommend a certain type so it’s hard to shop for one and understand the product. I like that you added the additional factors when checking your blood pressure. I didn’t know about these. I will make sure to tell my husband this when he checks his blood pressure at home. Thank you for your wonderful tips and insight!

    1. Hi Katie,

      Pleased that you found the article on the Beurer BM58 blood pressure monitor useful .

      Yes, one must be in a relaxed state when taking one’s blood pressure reading. One of the reasons why it’s good to have a monitor at home. A customer was saying just the other day how having our blood pressure reading taken at the hospital or doctor’s surgery could vary significantly as we are often in a tense state when visiting those places to start with.

      You are welcome to visit at any time and can be rest assured that you will be warmly welcomed.


  23. you have a great sales team I can tell.
    very professional site and very thorough information.
    I have studied diabetes for some time now because there are a lot of people I am privy with that are fighting this disease and it is seems they still can not find what the need to combat this sickness.
    I hope I can gleam from you site and products what it is I can do to help people.

    1. Hello my friend,

      Thank you for visiting my site. I welcome your thoughts on Diabetes. My partner’s late husband contracted Diabetes and she took care of him for years, so knows all about it first hand.

      It is my intention to review the disease and place it on my website soon. I am not a doctor but it might be useful for some to gain some insight from my partner’s hands on experience.



  24. This blood pressure issue is well brought to attention by your article.
    I am certainly going to bring it to the attention of those in my circle who are in my age group.
    Also as a result of your article I will likely invest in purchasing the item

    1. hi Orion

      Thank you for visiting and for your thoughts on the Blood Pressure article.

      This monitor was recommended to me by my brother who has high blood pressure. He lives and earns in the Middle East and wanted something accurate, simple to use and at the same time, didn’t cost the earth.

      Do visit again.


  25. hey whats up Roy? Ivan here, just dropping some comments on your page, I see you’re back on track as far health goes, you’re doing a good job on your website, although if I were you I wouldn’t call it little, I saw it and I’m halfway across the world, Arizona to be exact. Also what kind of workouts do you do on a daily basis? what is a good exercise for the elder community?

    1. Hi Ivan, thanks for the visit. Unbelievable that it is now so easy to communicate across the world. 

      We’ve got to get ourselves to love exercise, and in my opinion, the only way to fall in love with exercise is to enjoy the exercises we choose to do. We are all so different. Unique individuals at various levels of age and fitness. The young folk have a huge choice when it comes to exercise but us guys who are more mature need to be careful and selective. (although, never forget that there is a chronological age and a biological age. Some folk are 20 going on 40 but others are 40 going on 20).

      I love walking Ivan. Try and walk for 30-40 mins a day (extra). And I’ve just starting running, but that’s still in its infancy. Still feel very heavy on my feet. My mini habit is to run 100 steps a day. Not up a hundred steps, but rather 100 steps up and down the driveway. Sometimes it’s a little further but never less than 100 steps. Non-negotiable. That’s me. You might like to cycle or swim or play tennis or golf, or, or, or … I also do a little gardening every day when the weather allows. Love being close to nature and the bending is good for flexibility and the carrying is good for strength, as is the pushing of the wheel barrow and the digging and raking and mowing.

      I have an Ab Trimmer which I “play” on a number of times each day and I also do plank exercises whenever I think about it. Might just drop down and hold for 30 s  or  I might do a series one after the other. My mini habit is 2 mins on the Trimmer (at least and non-negotiable) and 3 plank holds of 30s (at least and non-negotiable). Also have a stationary exercise bike which I ride every single day. My mini habit here is 1 minute (at least and non-negotiable). Some days these mini habits stretch out but I make absolutely sure that each mini habit is completed every day.

      Tummy tenses are one of my absolute favorites, Ivan. You can do them anywhere and at anytime. Again this happens on the spur of the moment. Think to myself , “Oh tummy tensing time !” And then it’s a case of tensing the abs and holding for however long you wish to hold. You can be standing in line somewhere or sittng/lying in front of the telly, or lying in bed or going for a walk. The trick is to make it a habit. Must just become one of your powerful thoughts all through the day. Probably do tummy tenses at least 25 times a day !

      Was really good to hear from you, Ivan. Please pop in again in the not too distant future.


  26. Hi Roy…..
    I am a 62 years old former military man and I found your article informative. My current BP reading is 118/21 but it wasn’t always so. A few years ago, I noticed an elevated reading and quickly determined to lower it by doing more activity combined with better alimentation. The majority of people are totally unaware of the real danger of high blood pressure and are also poorly informed of the consequences that it has. Systolic pressure is the force that blood has travelling past your arteries. And the walls of the arteries are as fragile as tissue paper. So for those who suffer from hypertension (any reading above 150), this can be compared to a garden hose with the tap on maximum with the flow of water passing through a a tube lined on the inside with thin tissue paper. Can you imagine the amount of shredding this tissue paper gets? It’s exactly the same, if not worse for the arteries. They become so damaged by this rushing blood that they cannot repair themselves adequately.
    Thank you for your post.

    1. Hi Roldan, good to hear your thoughts on HBP.

      Always knew that becoming more active was a good way of lowering blood pressure, but your comment re alimentation caught my eye. Are you referring to the digestive system here ie being regular ?

      Your teaching on the consequences of having HBP is extremely useful. Would you mind if I actually added this to my review page on the Beurer BM 58 blood pressure monitor ? Think that folk need to know this !

      Can’t thank you enough for the information you have shared here Roldan.

      Keep well.

  27. Hi Roy,
    I read your article on Blood Pressure with great interest and compliment you on building a website which is so useful to the great majority of people. I expect that you are selling a few BP monitors with this site. I am fortunate and blessed to count myself be among the fit sector of the population. However, I am certainly always on the look out to find information that will ensure my fitness for years to come. Great work not only on your website but on your own development and growth. Cheers!

    1. Hi Roldan,

      Thank you for your kind words regarding my website. Am really pleased that you enjoyed your visit. Would love to have you pop in again in the not too distant future.

      Be healthy, be happy, be safe.


  28. I just read your article about blood pressure, and while I myself do not need a monitor, I did learn some valuable information from you post.
    I have a vague understanding about Hypertension, but I did not know there were stages to it.
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I leave your page having learned something new today.

    1. Hi Brendon, thanks for the visit. If you left the page having learned something new, that’s great.

      Hope to see you again sometime soon.


  29. Hi Roy, actually i liked your site although i have some reservations about crafting your posts and pages, it could be much better, you can try to change the them and to update your home page.
    You are talking about a common subject in your site, which can give you the advantage to take many many ideas from famous sites within your niche, have you tried to take a look on them?

    1. Hi Hussam,

      Thank you for thoughts regarding my website. I truly enjoy receiving opinions and suggestions from readers. All help to create a better website.

      What do actually mean when you mention “crafting” posts and pages? How can they be improved in your opinion?

      Yes, my Home Page does need updating, so will definitely take that on board. Regarding changing the theme. Am not so sure about that, but will look into it. 

      Must also do an ideas search from other sites at some time. 

      Again, thanks for your input. You have given me a few things to think about.

  30. Blood pressure is such an important subject I don’t think enough people talk about outside the doctors office. This device looks interesting. It looks high tech so it last it woul dbring some style to my desk at home lol.
    Is there any other device less expensive than this model that has the same aesthetics to it?

    1. Hi Joe, good to hear from you. They call HBP the silent killer and that’s enough to get me wide-eyed and interested. The Beurer BM58 is a quality monitor and yes it is a little beauty. Quick and easy to handle/operate and is neat and tidy.

      There are many other devices which one could purchase, Joe, but the BM 58 was recommended to me . When it comes to HBP we need readings to be accurate and this one is. Quality. There are also more expensive monitors but I like to go with something that folks trust and which is also value for money.

      I believe a blood pressure monitor belongs in all of our homes. 

      Hope to hear from you again in the near future. Keep well, Joe.


  31. Wow there’s loads of information here. I just had a physical and my results were not perfect, so I will be keeping an eye on things from here on out. Getting older will do that.

    Blood pressure is probably the best place to start and I’m not getting enough exercise. Especially cardiovascular. I think that would have many benefits for me besides lower blood pressure. I’m adding it to my list lol.

    Thanks for sharing your findings. Andy

    1. Hi Andy from a sunny, warm Buckinghamshire. Slowly moving towards Autumn so this last blast from summer is very welcome. Folks are getting the shorts on. We’ve just arrived back from Stowe Gardens. What a spot. Lovely long walk. Love nature.

      We do need to keep our bodies running smoothly. The heart is of course our “engine” and there are many ways to take care of it and keep it ticking strongly. Would certainly agree that blood pressure is a good place to start as if that’s not up to scratch, we first need to know about it, and then we need to do something about it to get it back up to speed and to keep it producing the pressure that is needed. Just remember that there are no real signs which let you know that you have HBP.

      Re cardiovascular exercises. Some folks think that we need to get out there and run and cycle and swim like crazy. Not the case. Anything that gets the heart rate up is cardiovascular, and you’ll laugh, but sex is high up on the list. No jokes. Of course if you start slowly with a little running or swimming, you might get to love it, and there you go ! It’s what “floats your boat” isn’t it. 

      I wish you well and encourage you to do at least something to get yourself into shape, Andy. Visit my website and see what I’ve been doing to get myself into shape. Am 65 and finally realised towards the end of last year that I needed to get into shape once and for all. 

      Please pop in again. Was good hearing from you.


  32. Hi Roy
    This is very helpful, I myself tend to get a rise on my BP due to stress mostly. My mother has had HBP for years and her little digital monitor just gave out (hers was a bit outdated) so this gadget just might be something to look into. As she is getting older, she will definitely need a replacement so she can keep track of her BP often.


  33. I actually do intermittent fasting and I drink coffee a lot. Coffee suppresses my appetite and recently I noticed an increase in my blood pressure. But I really want to continue intermittent fasting and do you have any suggestions for me?

    1. You must pay your doctor a visit, Furkan. That’s the first step. Get his/her advice on that. And then I’d drink a lot of water. A glass when you wake in the morning and then before you go to bed. I also try to drink a glass of water before every meal and obviously when I’m thirsty. Try and take less salt as it thickens the blood which is not good for HBP. Enjoy some regular daily exercise and plenty of delicious fruit.

      Hope this information is useful, Furkan.

  34. It is such an informative post with all the details given about blood pressure. I always use my parent’s blood pressure device to ensure that I’m fit for sports and would not have any cardiovascular problem. I didn’t even know what the 2 numbers means to me. As long as I’m in the healthy range, I didn’t bother to check it out. THanks for letting me know that it’s called Systolic and Diastolic 🙂

    1. Hi Jay,
      Good to meet you. Pleased that you learnt something from the article. Also pleased to see that you do check your blood pressure. Can’t do any harm to check it every now and again.

      Keep well my friend.

  35. Well, I don’t have much experience to share about the blood pressure.
    but I want to be honest with you and maybe you will think this is funny.
    Once a year I must do a medical check up as a mandatory from my employer, but until now, this is the first time in my life I read the explanation of how the blood pressure monitor works. Am I the only one? 🙂

    I would like to say thank you very much for posting this useful article, Roy.

    1. Hi Satria, thank you for your thoughts on blood pressure. Don’t you believe it, there are many of us out there who don’t even know about blood pressure and what an important factor it is in our lives, let alone know how to understand and read a blood pressure monitor. I was also guilty of this before I did some research into the Beurer BM 58. My brother has HBP and this is what got me interested.

      Keep a good check on your blood pressure Satria.

      Here’s to your good health.

  36. Great content Roy!

    I am lucky to be in 112/73 for my BP.
    Should probably get myself a blood pressure monitor as my dad has HBP.
    My dad recently just started exercising (jogging) and hopefully his BP will lower in time.

    Thank you once again for the content Roy!
    Really appreciate it 🙂


  37. Thank you for this interesting article, I have to say I have never really paid much attention to blood pressure, other than I know we need it to live! I rarely have my blood pressure measured for reason that I don’t go to the doctor too often, so your recommendation to check your own BP is something I will take on board, especially as I have now reached the age when this should be taken more seriously. How much do these devices cost?

    1. Absolutely vital to know whether we have high blood pressure, Amanda. Not wanting to frighten you, but they do call it “the silent killer” and that’s because folk on unaware that they have high blood pressure.

      I have had a look at the many monitors out there and they range from around £30 right through to £80 or £90 or more. The one suggested to me was the Beurer BM58 blood pressure monitor because it is easy to operate and accurate. Value for money. It costs around £50.

      High blood pressure isn’t about age, Amanda, young children can have high blood pressure.

      Thank you for your thoughts on the article.

  38. I can see the benefit if having a blood pressure monitor at home. It makes it so much easier to keep a regular check on our blood pressure. For many people going to a clinic or a pharmacy to have their blood pressure checked can be quite a chore and can take long if they are busy. This is often used as an excuse to not have the check done.
    Having this little machine at home would definitely eliminate any excuse for not having checked your blood pressure.

  39. I can see the benefit if having a blood pressure monitor at home. It makes it so much easier to keep a regular check on our blood pressure. For many people going to a clinic or a pharmacy to have their blood pressure checked can be quite a chore and can take long if they are busy. This is often used as an excuse to not have the check done.
    Having this little machine at home would definitely eliminate any excuse for not having checked your blood pressure.

  40. Hi Roy,

    This is a well-written post about hypertension. I hope it reaches as many people as possible to raise awareness about this silent killer. As you rightly mentioned above, many people do not have symptoms and in many cases, only discover they are hypertensive during a visit to their doctor (usually for an unrelated health problem).

    The Beurer BM58 is a good choice for most people who might feel challenged to manipulate a sphygmomanometer. It is automatic and has the added advantage of transferring BP readings (via a USB cable) to a PC for storage or consultation with a doctor.

    If there’s anything I can add to this article, it is that people should avoid taking their blood pressure (BP) shortly after exercising, walking around, or performing an activity that requires energy. These can all cause a person’s BP to be slightly elevated. It is best to sit down, relax for a few minutes before taking your BP. I’ve seen this in normotensive patients who presented to our center for treatment. Their complaint: they discovered they had high BP values during a random check at home. Further investigation usually revealed that they didn’t monitor their BPs under optimal conditions.

    1. Hi Princila, 

      Thank you for your positive and intelligent comments and thoughts. You are obviously someone who understands the dangers of having high blood pressure and I am grateful to you for the advice you have given regarding when one should take one’s reading.

      Thank you for taking the time and trouble to write such a detailed and informative comment. Much appreciated.


  41. Very informative post! It sounds like you’ve got all the bases covered Yes, taking your blood pressure in a quiet place with an empty bladder is a good idea!

    I also found out that you don’t want to drink an energy drink before getting your blood pressure taken. I did that once right before a health fair at my workplace. The nurse seemed a little concerned, but I knew what had happened. The next time I had it checked, it was fine. Whew!

    1. Hi Chadimus, 

      Enjoyed reading your thoughts and about your experience with the energy drink 🙂  An important bit of advice there, something many of us wouldn’t even think about.


  42. This was informative and eye opening actually. I had always thought that 120/80 is text book perfect blood pressure. But are you saying it is not? Should I be worried if my average blood pressure is say 128/ 85 or something like that? Every doctor I have seen is not concerned about my blood pressure, but now I am reading this and wondering if they could be wrong?!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Good to hear from you and thank you for your thoughts.

       I’m not a doctor and wouldn’t dream of handing out medical advice to you. My advice would be that if you think you might have hypertension or pre-hypertension, be sure to discuss your blood pressure concerns with a doctor or nurse, who can help you factor in other important information, such as other medical problems you may have. 

      All the best, Liz.


  43. I often forget how important it is to maintain a healthy blood pressure. It is something that I don’t regularly check at my age (26), but I believe that high blood pressure runs in my family. I don’t smoke or regularly eat fatty/high cholesterol foods, but I do crave salt like the dickens. I regularly exercise and try to manage my stress. I should monitor my blood pressure to see how my lifestyle may be impacting it. How often would you suggest someone of my age to check their blood pressure? Thanks!

    1. Hi Ciara, thank you for your thoughts and inquiry. You know, with your craving for salt, you might be missing certain nutrients from your diet? Take a look at the chart on Makes very interesting reading.

      I’m not a doctor but from experience, I would make sure that I have my blood pressure checked regularly, especially in the light of HBP running in the family. You seem to have a very healthy lifestyle, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but one never knows. And if you are going to invest in your own monitor, remember to purchase a good one and also to note when it is best to take our BP. But this information was in the article so you would have read all that. How often should one check one’s BP? I would say once a week, if this is at all possible, and definitely not less than once every two weeks, Ciara.

      All the very best.

  44. Hi, Roy
    I am hypertensive stage 1 patient. I was using a different brand device, which gave wrong readings, leading me to have panic attacks. After that, I stopped using such devices.
    But, your review on BEURER BM 58 and the comments tend me to buy one. It looks very handy too.
    Instead of wasting time going to doctor every time better to have one BEURER BM 58 with me.Can you please tell what will be the life of the battery? You have done a fine review.

    1. Hi Prabakaran, thank you for your kind words, thoughts, experiences and question. It is honestly a good little device the Beurer BM 58.

      Difficult to give you an accurate answer on the life of the battery as this would depend on how often you use the monitor. The rule of thumb is that if you use it 4X a month, the battery should last at least a year.

      All the best my friend,

  45. I have heard of the dangers of hypertension because they are one of the major contributions to serious cardiovascular diseases in the United States of America. Most often the major contributor to it are unhealthy eating habits like consuming junk food that contains trans fat or other carcinogenic factors, or having a stressful and restless life that constantly challenges the body in the wrong just as you mentioned. That is why for those of elderly age and at high risk for having a problem, your blood pressure monitor is a vital detector that should be kept at home. It seems very easy to use and it gives measurement accurately and quickly. I have a buddy who is in his eighties. He always skips his check on vital signs. I will recommend it to him to see if he would give your device a try.

    1. The thing with High Blood Pressure is that it can “attack” anyone. It doesn’t matter what sex you are or what colour or what your age. Young children can have HBP. Thanks for making contact my friend.   roy

  46. Hello,

    Thanks for sharing your website! The content provided is very clear and easy to navigate. I was actually doing some research on google and stumbled upon your website.

    I feel like blood pressure is not something most people think about and its a good thing to be aware of. Your website is filled with good information to better ones health.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with me and I will most definitely recommend some friends to check it out as well!

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Eric,

      High Blood Pressure is a devil of a thing and it’s true what you say, most people don’t give it a second thought.

      Personally I think every household should have a blood pressure monitor. It’s a great investment in our well-being.

      So pleased that you got something useful from the site, Eric.


  47. Thanks much for this very important info. I am now battling with prehypertension and it’s nothing to take lightly. I have had to change my diet drastically and have begun some exercise, though not consistently.

    A good BP monitor is important as I have had a few that gave me inconsistent readings.
    I must admit I do struggle with the caffeine bit but I have reduced drastically.
    The BEURER BM 58 is indeed a beauty.

    Thanks again!

    1. Hello David,

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experience. The Beurer BM 58 is a quality monitor.

      Good to hear that you are reducing the caffeine. Well done. That’s what it’s all about, there’s no need to cut it out completely!

  48. Thanks for sharing this information. I always wondered what the difference was between the top and the bottom number, now I know that the top number is more important. I have high blood pressure and I am suppose to be checking it and I don’t. I have not because the monitor that I have at home is always off. It gives a big difference in the numbers if I take my blood pressure back to back so I don’t trust it. I will look into getting the one that you recommend. I need to have something reliable.

    1. Hello Tanya, the Beurer BM 58 is a real quality little Blood Pressure Monitor. It comes well-recommended.

      You need an accurate Blood Pressure Monitor. Whichever one you decide on , just make sure that it is reliable. Don’t take a chance when it comes to H.B.P.

      All the best,


  49. Thanks for sharing this information. I always wondered what the difference was between the top and the bottom number, now I know that the top number is more important. I have high blood pressure and I am suppose to be checking it and I don’t. I have not because the monitor that I have at home is always off. It gives a big difference in the numbers if I take my blood pressure back to back so I don’t trust it. I will look into getting the one that you recommend. I need to have something reliable.

  50. Pretty simply explained and very valuable information here. Some of my elder relatives had high blood pressure and I wasn’t very familiar with the terminology. It’s not htat hard actually but it’s always good to find a good source for navigation.

    Now I know what is systolic and diastolic blood pressure is and also things like prehypertension.
    Great information and thank you very much!!

  51. Hi Roy, ha ha ha, my wife just bought me a blood pressure monitor! This is because my physician suggested I should get one to monitor by blood pressure. The doctor said that sometimes my blood pressure is high.

    Like you said, those after 50, that’ll include me, should check their blood pressure regularly. Well my last check showed 120/80, heart beats 75. Guess I’m good for now.

    I exercise 3 times a week. I think this is important to psrevent High Blood Pressure.


    1. Hi Song, good to hear from you.

      Good on you for buying a monitor. Peace of mind. Hope you bought a good quality one?

      Keep up the exercise regime now and be sensible with your diet.


      1. Hi Roy, not sure it is of good quality. It’s Omron. Seems reliable, because the reading for pulse for me is around 75, which I know and for my wife is about 65 which is her average. So I guess the blood pressure reading should be right too. Yeah, will keep exercising!


  52. Hi Roy,

    Your article above made for a very interesting read. My husband has had blood pressure issues in the past, which his doctor was quick to suggest medication for, but my husband found that walking regularly and eating celery helped to lower his BP. He actually checks his HBP every morning (lying then standing) before starting his day. Reading your article above reinforces how important checking our BP is, and I just want to say thanks for taking the time to post it and with such detail.


    1. Hi Judi, good to hear from you.

      Eating celery hey ! That I have never heard before, but hear it loud and clear now !

      Tell your hubby to keep up the good work.

  53. Hi Roy, Very interesting article on blood pressure monitoring. You certainly cover everything about blood pressure and how to improve it. So many people don’t realize how serious a problem it can be and how mush diet affects it. Americans in general have very bad diets and diet is very important and eating right will help a lot. Thanks for sharing, Deanna

    1. Extremely important to monitor our blood pressure, Deanna.

      Thank you for your thoughts and opinions. Pleased that you enjoyed the read.


  54. I enjoyed your article. I know how important it is to monitor your blood pressure. As you said, It has many negative effects on your health if left unchecked. It looks user friendly which is great because if it is to complicated, it would just sit around and not be used.

  55. “Try and avoid the following factors when measuring your blood pressure :

    This is great advice! I try to do the best I can with these as I realize their importance to my health and wellness. Stress is one that we don’t have quite as much control of, but there are techniques that help. Meditation is very helpful for me.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts. I agree with you, meditation is great for the mind and the body. Reflection time. Own time. What’s your blood pressure like? Don’t neglect it hey! Don’t have to be stressed to have high blood pressure.

      All the best, Nik.

  56. Hi Roy,

    I don’t think that I suffer from blood pressure, but my mother does. She takes medical treatment to lower her blood pressure. Also, she often goes to the doctor so that she can check the level. It would be an excellent idea to buy her the Beurer BM 58 monitor to save her time and hassles. Since I’ve never used a blood pressure monitor, I would like to know if it’s easy to use? Can my mother use it by herself?

    Thank you for this useful post!

    1. Hi Daniella, good to hear from you. Almost time for that Christmas Break hey ! I always look forward to starting a new year. Clean slate. 🙂

      Yes, the Beurer BM 58 is easy to use . Comes with simple instructions. If your mom is anything like me , we need a couple of trial sessions with anything new, and then off we go. Much easier to get use to than a mobile phone.

      Anyhow, good luck with your decision and best wishes to you and your family.


  57. hey roy,
    thanks for taking the time to write this. Often i feel alone in the diet world as if everyone around me seems to lose weight much faster than i do. I will implement and reinforce these ideas into my daily habits and hopefully my reward is as good as yours!

    1. Hi Jax, although you didn’t actually comment on the blood pressure monitor I see you must have read some of my other work on the website. Thank you for taking the time to do that. I got down to 83.2 kg on my way down to 75 kgs (where I’d like to be) but a hectic week saw me unable to exercise and eat correctly. Weight climbed up to 85 kgs. That’s a few steps back for me. Intend to be be back down to 83 kgs by the 25th Dec. which is the next day on which I way. Will have to take special care not to eat just for the sake of eating on Christmas Day and also after Christmas into early 2018. Red flags will be flying all over the show!!  🙂

  58. The article is very informative. I’ve kind of been neglecting looking into blood pressure (mostly because I’m still very young) and this post has really made me realise that it’s really important to measure it.
    I’m pretty certain that I’m in the healthy range purely (80-120 range) cause I don’t partake in any of the bad habits of smoking and not exercising but, I definitely see the benefits of having your own personal blood pressure measuring tool.
    That’s why I feel that beurer m8 blood pressure monitor is definitely a great tool to have to monitor this other important aspect of your health.
    Considering that I’m young fairly health do you still recommend that I get the product? Also if am to get the product how many times a week do you reccommend I use it?

    1. High Blood Pressure affects us all, Amhil. Children can have High Blood Pressure. Low Blood Pressure can also be a problem. My brother has HBP and he uses it at least once a week.

  59. Hello there. very interesting post and informative. I have to say that I have the opposite problem. my blood pressure usually is 60 and 90, Is it too small?
    There are many health issues we don’t pay so much attention but I think this is very important and we have to be careful because usually it doesn’t hurt and you don’t care and one day…heart attack.
    Also when your blood pressure is low it a problem I think, is it?You feel dizzy…
    Thanks for sharing a very informative article:)

    1. Hi Cristina, good to hear from you. Yes, both High and Low Blood Pressure need to be carefully watched and controlled. Both affect the blood circulatory system.

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