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1.The Third and Sometimes Forgotten Aspect  regarding Looking Good.

2.The Wisest Person I Have Ever Met In My Life, A Third Grade Drop-Out (Feel Good)

3. My Week ( follow my progress – I promise not to bore you  🙂 )



Everyone  interested  in  weight  loss  focuses  on  what  they  take  into  their  bodies  and  exercise.  Those two  are  non-negotiable.  But, there  is  another  aspect  we  must  be  sure  to  work  on  –  posture. 

It’s  all  very  well  losing  the  weight  but  we  will struggle  to  lose  that  telly  belly  without  working  on  our  posture.  So  what  am  I  talking  about ?

Awareness  is  the  key.  We  must  be  aware  of  how  we  sit,  for  a  start. Do  we  “slop” down  on  the couch  with  our  telly  belly  in  super  relaxed  mode,  or  do  we  focus  on  keeping  it  flexed  and  firm ?  I  know  we  can’t  do  this  all  of  the  time  because  the  telly  takes  our  focus,  but  we  can  flex  and  tighten  every  time  we  think  about  it,  can’t  we ?

And  what  about  when  we  sit  on  a  chair  ?  Do  we  sit  with  a  curved  spine, again  with  our  telly  belly  super  relaxed ?  We  might  even  be  “loading”  it  if  we  are  sitting  eating  a  meal  or  drinking  a  coffee  or  a  beer. We  need  to  be  aware  of  our  posture  whenever  we  are  sitting.  Keep  that  telly  belly  firm !

And  when  we  stand ?  Do  we  stand  with  our  telly  belly  pushed  out?  I  often  catch  myself  doing  this.  Let’s  be  aware  and  always  stand  with  our  telly  belly  pulled  in.

The  more  we  become  aware  of  and  respond/react  to  how  we  lie  down,  sit  and  stand,  the more  our  posture  will  improve  and  the  sooner  the  telly  belly  will  “deflate.”


I  am  working  hard  at  being  aware  of  how  I  carry  my  body  and  just  wanted  to  share  my  thinking  with  anyone  who  like  me,  is  trying  to  lose  weight  and  the  telly  belly  especially.

Be  healthy,  be  happy  and  be  safe.


This is a very inspiring, feel good speech which I’d like to share with you. We want to feel good and look good, that’s what my website is all about. Get the mind right and the body will follow. Take a listen. It will just take a few minutes of your time and will be worth every minute I can assure you:


3.  My  Week

Thursday  11th January 2018

Christmas has come and gone, New Years Eve has come and gone, four days of chest infection has come and gone. Weighed in at 85.3 kgs in my underjocks first thing this morning. Am not yet ready for exercise. Have targeted Sat. for my return to action. It is going to be a case of not too far, too fast, too soon. See you all on Thursday 18th January 2018. Will see if I am any closer to my targets.

Short Term:         18th January 2018              83kgs

Medium Term:    15th February 2018            80kgs

Long Term:          19 April 2018                     75kgs

So after weighing I needed a plan to reduce my flab by 5 punnets (500g each) of margarine/spread by 18 Feb. Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Cut down drastically on the biscuits, drink more water, eat less at mealtimes, cut down drastically on volume of food at mealtimes, walk at least 30 minutes a day, step counter must register at least 10,000 steps per day, dance to at least 4 tracks a day, ride my stationary bike to at least 2 tracks a day, try and do plank exercises during the day, cut down drastically on bread, cut down drastically on food intake. 

Well, today is Tuesday 16/01/2018 and I haven’t implemented any of the above – oh, I have walked a little.

However, I had one half of a pawpaw with lemon juice this morning for breakfast and that is all. Also had hot water with lemon juice when I woke. Felt a little week at around 10am so ate an apple. Feeling good.


Thursday  18th February 2018






8 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Hi Roy.

    I don’t think we give enough attention to our posture these days. I’m afraid I am guilty of not being aware of my belly. Especially when I sit down. I relax. I am not in the habit of flexing my stomach muscles; but thanks to your post; I will become more aware.

    I really need to lose off of my stomach. It is my problem area. It is unhealthy to have your excess fat end up on your belly; but that is what is happening with me; and I don’t like it (at all).

    Thanks for making me aware of my posture and making me realize that I must be more aware of tightening my stomach muscles frequently.


    1. Hello Jeannie,

      That belly fat creeps up and takes hold very quickly hey ! And it’s not a quick process to get rid of it either. Takes constant awareness and action. 

      Had a karate instructor at one time in my life and I remember him saying that ten minutes never went by without him tightening his stomach muscles.

      Continual and never-ending improvement.

      Stickability will be key if you are serious about firming up in the mid-section, Jeannie. I wish you the best with your efforts.

      Let me know how it goes.


  2. thanks for the post Roy!

    i once watched a movie with Richard Gere and Jennifer Lopez called Shall We Dance. in the movie, the main character played by Richard Gere found out that a positive side effect of the taking up dancing lessons was that his posture improved dramatically! so this is something that you and your readers may consider taking up as well.

    all the best,


    1. Hi Jerry, what a great idea ! Would love to learn how to dance! Dance around my study every morning. It’s one of my short daily rituals. It’s not pretty to look at but at least it’s movement. Usually plug in to Utube on my iphone and dance to one track. Sometimes this becomes two.

      Good to hear from you.


  3. What a unique topic, not just about losing weight, but about how we carry ourselves in all that we do. Good posture is so important. It keeps out bodies aligned as well as our organs in the places they should be, not scrunched up against each other. Just a simple act or keeping your head up and shoulder straight can contribute to awareness, which also affects all aspects of our lives, including what we eat and how we burn it off.

  4. Thanks for the advice on losing belly fat. I have been getting backache and a bigger belly since turning 40 and had never even considered how I sit could effect my six pack abs. I will follow your advice and think about how I am sitting from now on.

    1. Hi “Angleblade,
      Posture is major and the sooner we become aware of it, the better. Mom always said, “Put your shoulders back,” and she was right. Consistency is required though. Needs to become a habit, a thought that triggers reaction on an hourly or 30 minute basis. Need to sit so that our abs are tight, need to walk with tight abs and need to stand with tight abs. Use them or lose them !! I call them lazy abs and they are lazy because we don’t “ignite” them. We stand with protruding bellies, even folk who don’t yet have a belly. They will have one soon though, if they continue to stand in this way. We need to be consistently aware of our core. Unused muscles turn flabby, and so do our minds by the way.

      I wish you tight abs, my friend.

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