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My goal  is  to  get  to  a  stage  where  I  feel  lighter  on  my  feet  and  have  ‘deflated’  my tummy  so  that  I  feel  more  comfortable  in  my  clothes.           

I would be over the moon if I could sculpture a body half as good as those above. Something to aim for hey guys. Aim at the bulls-eye on the dartboard and you might get close.  Correct eating, lots of activity and some daily abdominal firming exercises is what we know should be done. But it’s not simply knowing, we have to put that knowledge into action. We must DO ! And keep doing .  

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2 thoughts on “A homepage section

  1. Hey, wish you can write about this subject. I like your goal and looking forward to read more. What is your strategy towards losing weight and saying bye bye to tummy belly forever? If you can get back to me with a longer post especially on diet and exercise recommendations, I’ll be back for more.

    1. Ht, good to hear from you. My strategy to to weight loss is very simple. Nothing will happen until you can control those thoughts. They’re powerful little bundles of energy and if we don’t control them, they will control us. Many of us have been placed in the “Western weight-gain program,” which is a hugely successful weight gaining program. We just have to look around us to see just how successful it is.

      So, what I am doing is working very hard to get out of that program. Using the very useful guide-book which I bought, I am now learning to lose interest in those burgers, fries, salty foods, sugary foods, processed foods etc which I have been eating all my life. And that’s a mind game. Look, I still eat all of them but just not as often. It’s a slow process.

      So strategy No. 1   –  I use the strategies suggested my guide book to help me change the way I think about food. Too many strategies to outline them all here, HT. What is important is that my thinking is changing and with that, my approach/response to “The Western Weight-Gain Program.” I make a lot of use of the Interval Strategy which I put into action just an hour ago. I’m holidaying in Provence at the moment and it’s red hot. Desperately wanted an ice-cream. Walked down to the village bakery where they sell the ice-creams, in the boiling hot sun.20 min walk. In the back of my mind was, “Hey Roy, you drank a Coke and ate a bar of chocolate last night !” Walked down to a look-out point down the road from the shop. Spent ten minutes taking a few photographs. Walked back and passed the shop again telling myself that I’d keep the ice-cream for another day. Drank a bottle of water which I had with me, and that was that. Now I’ll have that ice-cream, but it will be very special when I do have it. If I hadn’t had the Coke + Chocolate last night, I would have had that ice-cream. Strange how quickly the longing for something can pass one by.

      Remember HT, my weight loss is a lifestyle change that I’m undertaking. It’s a work in progress and it’s something I’m enjoying very much. The belly fat is not melting off me but rather slowly disappearing. What I have been doing thus far is working. I am slowly changing my diet (noun) – I’m not dieting !! – and I’m conscious of becoming more and more active. Walking whenever I can, targeting my core with my BB6000 and concentrating on my posture. Also eat a lot of fruit and a little less volume of food at mealtimes. That’s virtually it in a nutshell for now my friend.

      Keep well and hope to stay in contact.


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