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We  should  all  be  walking  at  least  10,000  steps  a  day.  Am  not  referring  here  to  walking  up  steps,  make  sure  you hear  me,  but  rather  steps  as  in  paces.  It  is  not  possible  to  walk  and  count  steps  all  day  long  and  I  have  a  quality  little  pedometer  which  I  would  like  to  recommend.  It’s  the 3DFitBud.

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With  the  above  positive  reviews  from  folk  who  have  purchased  the 3DFitBud  and  the  fact  that  these people  and  the  other  reviewers  on  the  page  which you will  see once  you  click  the link have  mostly  given  it  a  5  star  rating  (There  was  one  4.5  rating),  I  would  certainly  recommend  this  product.

Should  you  decide  to  go  ahead  and  purchase  it,  please  get  back  to  me  with  your  thoughts  and  opinions.

Happy  walking !


4 thoughts on “Best Step Counter

  1. I came across your site and I’m amazed that they is just about any gadget for everything out there on the market.
    Now, though this was more or less a post about customers reviews, It still left me wanting to know more about the gadget itself.
    With the 3DFit Bud recording all sorts of movement including breathing,I don’t think the makers have done a great job.
    So it would be nice to know more.

    1. Hi Excelle, thank you for your thoughts on the 3DFitBud. Much appreciated.

      For me, I just wanted a reliable, accurate little gadget which would count my steps, and that’s all the 3DFitBud does. It’s inexpensive and accurate and does what I need it to do. Can just pop it into my pocket or clip it on my belt. Perfect.

      There are of course many other pedometers out there ,as you mentioned, but they are obviously more expensive and record all kinds of data like pulse rates, sleep levels, calories used etc etc. Many people need and want to measure these. The 3DFitBud would not be something they would look at.

      Hope to meet you again down along the road. Be Fit and healthy.



  2. I give credit to you for this wonderful site in which visitors can find reviews about every possible gadget.
    It’s very informative and it attracts attention for more.
    After reading your review I think that 3DFit Bud is a great product which can cover different functions. That’s the best thing I like about it.
    You attracted my attention and now I’m interested to learn more about it.

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